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  1. Might seem strange, but probably artist don't really have any say in this either. Distributor still have agreement claiming they have the rights for digital distribution, which artist agreed on when giving Classic Goa Trax the rights, and even if he wanted he has no power to withdraw those rights. Also artists get cease and desist letters for putting up their own music on digital channels.
  2. It is a bit shoddy of the distributor...but it is probably further down the line. For example Beatspace, which most psytrance labels use, uses Label Worx for digital distribution I think. They are big enough to have bots/lawyers writing cease and desist letters. So it is the ugly side of the music business rearing its head, and probably nothing to do with any psytrance freaks other than them having to rely in part on the music-industrial complex They will not sue you, it is not worth it for them, but they might get digital distribution channels to remove the releases since Classic Goa Trax has given them rights to handle digital distribution, and you probably cannot prove that you have such rights any more. Unfortunately it is unlikely Jos can do much about it even if he seems wiling to.
  3. Very much sounds like a scam due to the simple fact that no one would pay a lawyer to enforce rights for something that doesn't earn money. Look at bandcamp "Full Power of Goa" has 24 copies sold (possibly some of them given as promos). How many minutes of a lawyers time do you think the profit from those copies covers? And if they sue you, what are they suing for? Damages for the 7 copies you sold? Also I know how at least suntrips contract looks, and what you describe here is definitely not their style.
  4. Be careful what you wish for It might be your fault if you suffer from Spindrift overdose in the future! Apart from constant stream of new tracks there are plans to release a double album with selected old but remastered spindrift tracks that never saw a proper release. To get a taste you can check in this evening on strummerradio.com at 22:00 GMT+3, see https://www.facebook.com/Old.Dogs.woof for details. Set will contain a bunch of unreleased tracks from mid 90's and early 00's.
  5. Release is now available at our bandcamp! Been a little holdup with the digital distribution, but should be available soon at all the other usual channels for streaming/purchase. If you are a reviewer that would like to receive a copy, PM for download code.
  6. New album from Spindrift, "Planetary Relations", available for preorder now! Check out the teaser and order it on CD or download for the release 26'th of June! https://resonantearth.bandcamp.com/album/planetary-relations
  7. If we are talking pre-91 and proto goa, here is a few party hits from 91 or earlier: Here are a few tracks from same time that like sundown one might call early Goa in the sense that they didn't just happen to fit in the style of music played there, but also was formed by it:
  8. I'm sure the Ionizer mix is from 91, but perhaps released 92. It was common that DJ's in goa had tracks before release, especially when it became a scene of its own around that time. For example Eat Static - Prepare your spirit was not really released until 2000, when it was some 9-10 years old
  9. Yeah, no sunrise was complete in 91/92 season without overlords-sundown, and I think it was always Ionizer remix.
  10. One can of course track back influences way back, and there are 100's of great proto-goa tracks from early 80's to early 90's, but I would say that it was the season 91/92 where Goa actually became a sound. Before that of course there was a red thread in the music for sure, but it was very much a mixture of different styles and probably over 90% of the music that was played was made by people who had never heard of the scene in Goa. I would say one important turning point was Eat Static - Prepare your spirit which Ollie Wisdom played on a party in Goa in late 91. Not only one track, but a double cassette with a bunch of tracks in a new specialized style for that kind of parties. Of course there came many individual tracks during 91 that was made with Goa in mind. For example Ian Ion and Overlords was a very important influence on several of the early well known British producers, like TIP, which also made some of the very first goa tracks.
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