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  1. If we are talking pre-91 and proto goa, here is a few party hits from 91 or earlier: Here are a few tracks from same time that like sundown one might call early Goa in the sense that they didn't just happen to fit in the style of music played there, but also was formed by it:
  2. I'm sure the Ionizer mix is from 91, but perhaps released 92. It was common that DJ's in goa had tracks before release, especially when it became a scene of its own around that time. For example Eat Static - Prepare your spirit was not really released until 2000, when it was some 9-10 years old
  3. Yeah, no sunrise was complete in 91/92 season without overlords-sundown, and I think it was always Ionizer remix.
  4. One can of course track back influences way back, and there are 100's of great proto-goa tracks from early 80's to early 90's, but I would say that it was the season 91/92 where Goa actually became a sound. Before that of course there was a red thread in the music for sure, but it was very much a mixture of different styles and probably over 90% of the music that was played was made by people who had never heard of the scene in Goa. I would say one important turning point was Eat Static - Prepare your spirit which Ollie Wisdom played on a party in Goa in late 91. Not only one track, but a
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