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  1. Thats Psytrance My Friend: The last one at least i would subscribe as real "P S Y T R A N C E" (sub genre wise...i am sure there are better examples out there) And thats Goa Oldschool (i remember that this track was voted here for the most Goaish Goa Trance track ever): Newschool: NOW PRACTICE UNTIL YOUR EARS ARE BLEEDING!
  2. So how can we help the Guy who made this thread?? :) "Goa Trance is not like Psytrance but Goa Trance IS Psytrance...you need more practice my beloved prince of Arkania" if we want to help him we should define what Psytrance is...then we can explain the differences i think. And if its a Daddy Term Today for all dance Trance Music then he should learn all the Dark, Forest, Proggy,Fullon stuff and compare it to Goa Trance. HAVE FUN.
  3. But how could it happened that Psytrance transformed from a sub genre in the 90s to a mother term for all psychedelic dance music? So where is this old Psytrance?? Is it a Case for Detective Conan? The tracks that i postet above arent Goa Trance for sure...maybe "Goadelic Trance" or Psytrance but not classic Goa Trance. So what happened to this dark, sexy and driving Trance sub genre? To be honest that style is my absolute favorite of all psychedelic Dance music!
  4. I would say that Trance Dance/Proto Goa has splitten up into Goa Trance and Psytrance. Back then there was Psytrance(Weird sounding metallic not Oriental Goa) and Psychedelic Techno(Dark Progressive novadays) later in 2000 morning Psy and Progressive Psytrance came in while Goa Trance stayed Goa trance. in the 90s there was real Psytrance as a sub genre of Trance Dance like Goa Trance was. ....today its a Mother term for all "Radiating Trancey Trance" out there. What would you guys call real Psytrance? (Sub genre wise) please post an example from the 90s and from now. I would go with that ones from the 90s....please enlighten me what modern P S Y T R A N C E is...i honestly dont know it because its either forest, fullon or progressive
  5. Bruuuuuuuh...please dont open this Box of War and Madness xD There is a significant difference between Goa and Psytrance. Also there were always Tracks in between of them...somewhere here i tried once to create and suggest the term "Goadelic Trance" but i was beaten up verbaly so hard that i had to cry in the shower for one week. And what is P S Y T R A N C E? Tsotsie mentioned Fullon, hitech/Darkpsy and progressive Psytrance already while talking about Psytrance. Goa Trance is Goa trance since 1994 until now. it sounds almost the same since its birth. The Term Psytrance is wishi washi af!
  6. Anton Wilson = The New Prometheus Dodson = basically everything...he releases all of his books in german first (good friend of the Bohmeier Label) so i dont know wich ones are avalible in english.
  7. check out robert anton wilson and Frederick E. Dodson
  8. Goa Treance is emotional music....i love the first Triquetra album. It was truly music from the heart for the heart. here i see the same vibe deep stuff...one mind two hearts. There is simple no good new goa anymore and it makes me depressive. progressive/psytrance/fullon is just fun, goa is music for the soul. to cry in the shower
  9. actually i look very good and i have a dick bick...also i am smart and very good in rolerblades an badminton. If here are women what i doubt pls give me a chance. i am like this a little bit
  10. you guys dont even understand how much i love human of every race and also how much i love women...my energy is too much for one person so i have to spread it to people who have no energy. i am my life alone and not because i am ugly an asshole or my penis is smal...its because no one can handle my love that i want to give. my channel was love that had no aim...i will delete it soon so if you liked some of my mixes download it. i want to reset my life and get a women who changed me, a women that i will never meet again. i met the purpose of my life but i cant be with her because i am a pussy. my hate against coro is based on hate becaust it took everything from me. even if you all think that i am a drunkin small lill troll then you are absolutely wrong. i am maybe the most serious person here on psynews. i am drunkin and i have a small penis but i am a night elf
  11. you were always nice to me dude and your post here are treasures full of gold. Thanks! I never saw myselfe like a Troll...maybe more of an Night elf asassin with some points in manipulative wizardry and a skill to find good music
  12. like the Belorussian president said...do sports, be positive and drink wodka and corona wont catch you! belive him, he is a dictator. All the people who defend this global process will be called clowns in some months. and by the way...the last good compilation was global sect radio. love the first track the rest is ok. just opinion of a wizard.
  13. i will tell you a story... that i learned while i lived in the dark forests of the wide lands of germany. through my reflection of life and anasysis that i did under several bridges me and ma goblin friends created some MECHANISMS. the hob goblin lord invited me to a tea and i came with my ratmen friends to honor him. he was a lovely king of the sewer and we could talk. over there in the dark forest...the creatures want some freedom and happyness! so he asked me one of th only least wizards to spot the witches wo destroys their rubbish container and trash bags from lootin their mighty goods. i told them that i am a witch hunter and a wizard of white and dark....there are 3 types of witches. 1. the born Witches: 80% of them are regular women, they manipulate reality, your emotions and themselfes with spells without knowing it. i repead it for you my Goblin Lord....they dont know what they do but it forms realitylike they want. in the end they are lill bit nasty but not really dangerous.^Very sexy wome...that one whoses pee you want to drink. 2. the made Witches: sons or daughters of born witches(the sons of born witches are devils and not witcher)more powerfull and wicked then born witches. manipulated and molested by their mothers. almost the same but more brutal than the born ones. 3. Wizards/self made Witches: people that were humans until 25-30 years. after that point they startet to hunt witches to analyse them and learn from them. they take every mechanism over and learn it from the born/made witch. this people are either the most powerfull white magicans or the most evil witches that ever existed. Its the highest form of wizardry.
  14. in one year you will read this and facepalm
  15. my ban here is a part of a deep magical manifestation my friends...just do it i am not angry about it. maybe you will feel darkness around you after that but at you will know that i was a wizard
  16. i mean i am a Libra...i cant hide the truth. so it seems that there are small fuggut agents in whole europe that are chillin in social places to fish for honest people. damn i alwasy thought we are souls...
  17. i just have to tell it here...i was yesterday in a pub alone and met some guys with one girl. i just said out of fun: there is no corona virus... one of them told it to security and i had to go because i said this. this is madness...this is sparta.
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