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  1. thank you my friend i hear them after each other! i just want to say that i have extreme feelings with Mike Koglin Jono Grant Sequential...damn i get almost tears...havent heared it for years found on burned cd. I was 16 full of hope and guided by unrealistic but pleasurable dreams. all the girls i met and never got...all the beer all the pain. daaaaaaaang.....trance is a big part of my life. Its interesting that Goa/trance people are almost all the same type of person...
  2. sweet track thanks dude! i am more the depressed sad guy so i like music that resonates with my mood...yours is too happie haha...need more deep and sad trance
  3. youtube bandcamp...spotify is strange. why i have to pay for hearing music or watch commercial (its the same in the end)? Edit: i did Goa trance and psytrance mixes for years without reward. promoted artists and digged up old gems...
  4. my story is true but i also wanted to share my ancient wisdom...have fun with that tracks they are the best in their genre Edit: if you hear them you will fast get what i am talkin about....if you know similar stuf please give it to me baby :)))) specially more progressive stupp...oh yeah i forgot that one
  5. i girl asked me (friend of my sister) to gave her a stick with guud trance music so i did but i have kinda bad feeling because i have put maybe 60-70% psycedelic trance on it. I am not sure if she is really interested in that music or just has other shady plans like having sexytime with me but i am dissapointed with the stick. is there really good trance?maybe i gave her the best of the best and dont need to worry...
  6. ...also transgender. why they put fake women into beautiful roles. into relationships that are like out of a dream...everyone knows that women arent that sensual. maybe the whole hollyweed is just a deep male fantasy about love that escalate into rape, pedophilia and sick science. Edit: i have the feeling that the dude in the video is a Female to male Trans but its just me a Goa Trance lover...he has female eyes while she has male eyes.
  7. i think that there are almost no real women in the show buisness...music/hollywood. in the 60s and seventies they did that with natural women. Lots of bands were actually girls that got testosterone in the young ages. now they make girls out of boys. sick stuff...
  8. fullon is the sub genre...normally we call it " Psychodelic Psytrance" and also we love to pee on each other while this dirty music is playn....
  9. do stuff like this young talent then we will see. goa with fullon bassline...i heard your track they are sweet af but where is the bliss where is the pleasure? no energizer in the end...and if there is on it is bad. I can make you acids if you want. I am not a producer but my acids rock! dont fly to high there is always a slav that is 10 times better than you ans an asian somwhere in asia two is 11 times better...never forget marine! original Kate Bush acids...made by cate bush in glasgow 1988
  10. ....yes it is...but we all are still alone in this empty space, born to die.
  11. first goa track ever....love extremly the vocal part at 1:08 and ofcourse the whole track
  12. 11.9 11+9 = 13 13 = 1+4 = 5 5 = is the number of unstabeness the towers were unsteble like the 5 5 looks like a snake Snake is symbolism of wisdom WISDOM
  13. i think i will open a shop here in a thread with the best Kate Bush Memes in the world. ALL made by Lord Superbeast all rights reserved C
  14. Not sure if its Oldschool or Newschool goa...i mean its from 2012 and has many layers. The production and mastering are insanely good so i would say its maybe newschool?
  15. If you will delete the Psynews stuff from your dropbox after the track is ready...will you get your space back or is it lost/you have to pay again? I would suggest to work with low quality fragments like mp3 for the moment until we have a "prototype image" of the track. i think we can send them through discord to each other or the person who wants to build the track (Recussion Loop...). in discord you can send 10 MB or so
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