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  1. i just heared throu the stuff i posted an it sounds just sad....am i a sad guy? xenomorph can we meet in your dungeon and make dark wave pls
  2. duuuuuude while you just turn around names i invent new. i can buy you a flat in east korea....go home hahahehehuuh. idi nahui
  3. dude are you the one who asked me to make a review....o dang sorry.you did awesome job my friend!
  4. are you sure that you are from North Korea dude? better check your bike because it sometimes translates data from stone
  5. Ok....i offer awesome Names for Likes: -sunA goD -Extatic Kraken -Fungod -Dildo Wizard -Fate Kush/Fake Kush -Vodka Spirit -Choccolate Eye -Pink Dungeon -Muscle Slut -Dark Ring -Space waves of Dondicon -Flowerboy -Collective Mastrubation -Sir Madam -Pyramidophilia -G-Source Cryst -suriV anoroC -Colors out of Haze -Donkey Beholder -Babanasana -Levitating Tourist -Indian Scammer -Canyon Pooper -Father of brown -Ccrottegg -SniperMole -cuck my sock -Umaybegay -Punch me once again -Tantraturdo -Deep Butt Brown -Touch me when i am dreaming -Trapped with Mr. Cage -Wound of Joy -Cyclical Guest -Babana Katana -Full Metal Brahmin -Bindi Laser -Rollerblade Artist -Dance with Animals -Fish Lolly -Drunkin Mastermind
  6. Most Powerfull beings in the Universe: Kate Bush > Chuck Norris > Artifact303 > Zlatan Ibrahimovic > Martin Luther King > Suntrip Rec. > Hideo Kojima > 2Pac > The great Cthulhu destroyer of Worlds
  7. Shorter, better version with Visuals! In the previous one the Virtual DJ "Intelligent" automix did lots of crappy transitions.
  8. i was lil bit skeptical because of some artists but every track sounds promising. Love also the style of Xenomorphs track...why he never did Trance like that before? Was he trapped in a Goth dungeon for 25 years by his girlfriend? I am very excited and will order the physical CD (thinkin about getting it on vinyl too....even if i have no player xD). Please send me Stickers Suntrip...i will decorade my Door and my city with them I kinda feel that there will be a Gamma Draconis 2 in the near future. This release maybe gives some other oldschool producers inspiration to invest a final track in a GD Vol.2 Why i am that sure? because its a very good, emotional and kindling release.
  9. Show me your favorite playlists or sets for doing sports! (personal tested once would be great...and maybe a reason why specially this tracks ) I am working on a new one. taken the best tracks over from the old one and addin new BLOOOD to it. i Can post it if it is finished...but now show mw yours!
  10. Again thanks for the suggestions! there is a very small label that is very good in my opinion. Has his own style and brings quality.Kinda overlooked... love the strings in oblivion gave me orgasms for years while remembered Miro. this girl i sended the stick was i think 10 years ago with my family on hollydays in Croatia (best friend of my sister) so yeah it ended lil bit sad and when i came home i somehow found this track on the first day home. and it reminds me on this croatia trip also James Holden is a pure talent... this perverrt sexual erotic bassline...all the atmosphere. a deep dream. you have to hear the full track to understand the blis and this P E R V E R T bassline melody change at 5:06 that one is also very ....different ...and sexy af
  11. i like how the psynews site is evolving...it gets really psychodelic the last days! Big thanks to astral Sphinx, Psynoters and this Kate Bush loving Mastermind designed by Gods. https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aNgPjQw_460svvp9.webm
  12. the problem is that i have too much expectaion to myselfe....i have like 50 projects wen i did a nice melody and stoped working on that because it was not enough. i cant just do "something" i am searching for a classic sounding melody. I just want to make one single track that will be released somewhere. Just one. Alone together doesent matter....i really respect people that do albums. Autism over 9000 xD
  13. i have very big respect of suntrip...love almost every single release but since goa is dead what abou releasing my track? i will smack a nice one out of the stuff i sended you i will give it to you as a present...comon the stuff that is realeased today is just pitty. puuuuuuh really i feel sory ort the new releases.
  14. there is really really good Trance outthere...and goa does not shame to be the successor of trance. after i heard the tracks i posted and Astral Sphinx i think Goa even can learn from good progressive trance atists
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