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  1. actually i cant remember what i wanted to say when i wrote that yesterday....doing music is waste of time. i better drink Kokain, sniff weed and smoke beer in my free time! "Give me likes on youtube i mean. but some day i swear i will release a track on Suntrip....some day i will. SUNTRIP you can hide but you cant run from us because you are like 50 years old :))" Love you Mr. Suntrip....you are Hot as the Sun my Son! never turn off, always stay On like the glowing hole in our blue sky what if we jump and fly, into that star portal and play mortal kombat. That was Bad.
  2. Well. i just want to mentione this guy here: the end part reminds od classics from the oldschool time like Land of Freedom. So much emotions....give him please some Heart energy! we had some sexy releases this year and global sect will suprise us with Fiery Dawn soon. I did the mixes for you too...vote for me too Blyad Give me likes on youtube i mean. but some day i swear i will release a track on Suntrip....some day i will. SUNTRIP you can hide but you cant run from us because you are like 50 years old :))
  3. Whats up? Thank me later... likes, shares and subs appreciated...do it for the music.
  4. they should stop using our psynews terms like: Goa, Suntrip, Mantra, Chakra, Astral, Prana....TRANCE. Dare party Insects! xD
  5. i am not joking this mix is paranormal. i created something ...special I dont want to talk further about it ....hear if you want and dont hear if you are not sure. Strange stuff happened to people who heared it
  6. to be honest. i like the whole album...they go through a wide spectrum of goa trance "perspectives" from atmospheric to tribal acid. I like Gate to Happieness, Satarbirth, Helion and this psychological dissonation....i dont remember name. Starbirth is my favorite. Its a Beast. Dark and raging...its a track that i used in my halloween mix together with darkpsy and twilight and it worked perfectly :)) 3:37:00
  7. Yeah i have the same opinion. I ordered it right after i heared the first track without knowing the others. In terms of Albums it is maybe my favorite from Suntrip together with Crossing Mind. The very best Releases from Suntrip are the VAs in my opinion
  8. Guys you are just AWESOME! can you please force Centavra Project to do music again? (or at least make a hyper mega Remix of his track Shambala? Its my favorite Neo Goa Tune :P) maybe a collab with other Russian/Ukrainian Producers like Median Project, Psy H or Neogenia? I feel that Neogenia needs to collab more...his recent track with OXI is a Newschool Bomb. I hear it in a loop...the energizer melodies are Dope. Astronobios is also a very talented Musican. Love Spider Web for its atmosphere and confidence/coherence well i posted this mix already on psynews but got no feedback so i just do it again in this thread because i think that i created a smal masterpice. Its not my mixing skills or the Video...its about the tracks it includes lots of Global Sect<3 Thanks and never forget: if you are hungy, go to the fridge...or something like that.
  9. Please come in the stream Guys and support Goa Trance <3
  10. i dont know why but my brain says "Modern Playfull Psytrance" ...maybe Ocelot? Sundance Records or Vibraspirit Compilations? Well, what kind of Psychedelic Trance Dance music was this?
  11. found this one some days ago...i like it specially + visuals.
  12. dude are you serious? I dont even want to write further but comon....i know all of xenomorphs tracks and Dying Sun is his best! For the rest of your comment i am speachless and hurt. You better say sorry or i will leave you!
  13. Maybe you will be the one....the one who cures my depressions and the Feeling of being stuck.
  14. its so hard to decide....what about bruce lee? is he stronger than Astral Projection?
  15. Dude please dont stop! i heared from somewere that Australians have the most Anal Sex in the world. They understand how NOT to reproduce or pay back deep Love to your friends. How can we support yo ? say it
  16. What version do you have the old or remastered? the first realese had a Penis expander as goody in CD case
  17. Do you guys know the backstory of that track? Sasha bought a Peeenos expander from China and did it one year!? Sasha had 12cm and after expander he got 12,5...he did that track as a thank you for the company in Japan. He is not Racist. you can feel the pain!
  18. i really have to say...that from one or more special perspectives it is funny as hell. I almost puked from my whiskey.... it is extrem funny if you had some grass or are depressed+ Alcohol. really sober its just name twistin......maybe This Hiayo Myasaku Guy from East Korea smokes pot and drinks beer while living by his unkle.....its just a fact.
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