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  1. what is so funny about my description of my favorite Cds? please change your "confused" smiley to a "Trophy/Like" or i will call the Police! or is it because you guys think i want to sell them? no thats my favorites!!! Chi AD = 20 Euro (NM) Psykovsky = 559 Euro (NM) [...BECAUSE MASTERMIND...] if you slap him in the face and record it then 99 Euro friendship kommunist Prize!
  2. -There was a time when i was a BIG Chi AD fan....loved Infinitism until i realized the repetitive melodies. They just arent good enough to repeat them over 5 minutes. But i still like the cyberpunkish atmosphere. -Airborn has a special Story, i bought it on Discogs for like 25 bucks and the seller from england gradetd the CD very awful. He said NM- but it it is like VG++ or something....i wrote some things to him and almost got banned from Discogs. Well, everyone knows that its not very prodictive for your physical and mental health to fool around with slavs or Italians. This VA is kind of strange because i love the half of tracks very much and the other half is bad and dont even fit there. It includes some of my top 10 Oldschool Goa Tracks of all time. Also i am Libra in Zodiac, Love the Name "Air Born" - IM - BP Empire is in my opinion the best Album of Mushrooms. Thats what i wrote under a Mushroom video when i did a top 5 IM Albums: 1.BP Empire (...i will keep it short because i feel so much for it. Partially it is very personal but i want to stay objective with my top. This album is very very Deep/atmospheric and Emotional while it is floating between Light and Darkness...Sadness and Happieness. Just Dim your lights and hear it completly when you are in Bed...i am sure that it can cure depressions. I get tears in my eyes when i hear the FIRST and the LAST track. The tracks between this 2 masterpieces are like a walk through a foggy maze or an endless limbo... a dreamy journey into the depth of the mind) - Misted Muppet is a very creative Project. Love the medival Fantasy atmosphere....the driving Acids are also awesome and some newcomer wannabe Psy producers have to listen this album. -Pleiadians IFO. -In my opinion the best Psykovsky Album. Problem is that Psykocsky is a unpleasant Person in real life...after i got in touch with him i sold his other Albums. Dude, you are nothing special. -Sandman is a unique experience. True music for Halloween, Ritual and Witchcraft. There is no Goa that is more "D-arkane" that this Album. its UNIQUE. -Deviant Electronics is a true Musican. Unique Cyberpunk Album that is perfect from start to the end and also gets better end better until the end. It reminds me of cyberpunk Anime and Videogames...like Deus Ex or Ghost in the shell/Akira. - Kox Box...funny cold scandinavian trip. Very Psychedelic. - Catcher is an own World. Everything about this Compilation sucks you into a Futuristic Noir Vision...Top, Technoesque Psytrance! - FF is maybe the most underrated and worst mastered album in whole Psytrance. If you give it a try you will realise how dense, complex and detailed the tracks are. awesome melodies that dont fight for the lead position but instead hiding somwhere in your head. - Fear of a red planet is consideret as a classic but at the same time not appriciated i feel...guys girls and Trannies, its perfect...its perfect from the start to finish! even if you hear the original version(not remastered) it sounds better and more clear than the Mastermind Psykovsky. - Vegetarians is a cool Album, bought it because of Deeply Disturbed. My favorite track by IM. its not music anymore its a new World you are walking through
  3. no one Won...everything was Trash besides the Global sect releases
  4. Thats mine i think. Edit: ofcourse that "add your living Place" was a Joke...i just want to know what your precious CDs/Vinyls are (either precious for you personally or all in all) I did a mix of expensive stuff and my all time favorites! I honestly never would rob my friends.......................
  5. lets do an isolation Rave Party when we hit the "202X Page Mark" in this Topic xD (when the actuall year fits to the page site number...explanation for people with authism)
  6. its a funny story with my first fullon experience...do you remember Bear Share? At that time i was searching for regular trance Mixes for download and on one special day i downloaded a Psytrance megamix with lots of Astrix, Mushroom, Vibe Tribe and U-recken from that "Program". I was just blown away from that music. Luckily the Big Names were in the title so i could search for them. Goa came much later for me...i found a Pulse and Goa Head 2 CDs in our town Library for rent while i was learning for exams. I was fascinated by the artworks of the CDs and never expected something like Psytrance. Astral Projection Kabbalah was my first goa track i have heared and i can remember that moment like it was yesterday...(i think i told this story already but iam chillin right now, so why not?) ;))
  7. if this two are considered as melodic fullon the yes! this tracks were my first contact to "fullon" oh yeah that one too...i would call it "Melodic cyber Night Fullon"
  8. Mixes i did like 8 Years ago or so...now cut together in a Megamix! Check it out My DJ skills werent the best at that time since this mixes were my first trys, but i think i did a good job back then.
  9. Hello NHJO, My adopted Son from Vietnam whants to be a hot DJ like his own father for a while now, he is turning 36 in two days and he asked me if you can give him a DJ name as a birthday Gift. he is very hyperactive the last days and raving around in his room 7/24 haha. Use it maybe as an opportunity to ballance your carma after watching Hentai Films for years. Thanks and never Give up! Your DJ: Willian De Nebula
  10. Then lets Do it Manually...if our politics could do it in the Past, we will manage it too...we hear Goa Trance! Btw. i Miss the posts of funny DJ Names by this korean Mastermind. Where are you Darling? Dont Give up and follow your Dreams you ruthless Angel of Darkness Edit: And what about Compilations? or means "Albums" also Compilations? Maybe we can also do a Poll for the Best single Tracks in different genres?
  11. What about a Poll for a new Mod who is under 66 Years old? I am out, of that election! i know that you all love me from the deepest Rift of your Soul but i have no time for that....Beer, Borderlands 3, My Warhammer Cllection, Deep Meditation and my adopted son from Vietnam are stealing my Time. i would suggest Recussion Loop or Astral Projection or Tsotsi for the position of a young Peoneer Psyneewsler. Just belive me, i have a red dot on my forehead.
  12. Well...i think i have written it in October 2020 and suggested in a thread to do a best of 2020. See, Psynews Mods are not young Lads anymore, they have Family and grand children already. What about some additional younger Mods here? Please dont Ban me for my opinion or i will hunt you in your Nightmares, be mercifull with your mind and my sexy body <3
  13. While IFO is rated as the best Oldschool Goa Album ever, i think it is just Good...i would have given it a solid (B Grade) but because of its coherence and continus quality its for me a A- Strongest Track for me is Alcyone for sure
  14. thank you, my Vegeta be with you my friend! Small Present: thats me
  15. Hi, Guys Girls, Pokemon and LGBT I once found an awesome Oldschool Goa Trance Mix on youtube....but i cant find it anymore. The Picture was a colored Hexagram (Israel style) on a Black Background. If someone knows that Mix please give me the link. Second thing i cant find is a thread here on psynews about Goa/Psytrance in Videogames and Movies. Mods please help! Maybe i should change or do better tags for it so it can be found more easiely. Thanks
  16. "Astrix - Deep jungle Walk" managed it to grow that big, because the uploader had already a big channel at that time. Everybody knows Pikatchu and the modern youth are dirty lil hippies with instagram accounts and THC in their Blood(read that sentence in Norm Mc Donald style ...). Psytrance is not an underground style any more. I live in a village and hear often sort of progressive rubber bass bouncing out of driving cars and like 14 years old forest Gumps hearing som sort of psy on their Nokia mobile phones. In the city we had two Clubs that did Goa/Psy Nights 2-3 times a year. After an incident last year one of the Clubs cancelled Goa Parties. That accident had something to do with under aged drugged clowns. I tried to open good music for the young generation but now i regret it. Maybe it is good as it is that my channel is that small and only noticed by grown up people that are searching preciseloy for special music. Its maybe better to see good Goa trance as a sort of holy grale and our community as a secret society. Are we the new Illuminati? is NHJO a Pokemon...? Greetings DJ Tristan Van Stroven
  17. oh ok! so you are the Mastermind behind the mysterious DJ Names xD
  18. thats very sad....but His Soul is conserved in all of his tracks for ever! Maybe he will be reborn somewhere in Asia in the Year 2001
  19. please stop talking about this shit or i will leave this forum...Goa is a source of energy artists offered to us by working together thousends of hours to create it. I am sure that their intentions are Light and Power. Pull the dildo out your asses and look forward, to the trees to the earth under you and to the sky. Nature is the Boss, She will protect us and kiss our butt while we are sleeping. Sir Suntrip will warm you all with his love i ASSume...........................
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