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  1. WAIT WHAT? Artifact303 made an Album...my Panties very very excited!
  2. random crap from like 15 years ago
  3. My Female Ex Girlfriend...did it in 10 min or less attemt to be a Mangaka when i was 14 or so I was 12 or something and a big DB fan...and GOLDEN BOY xD
  4. i love the focus on Beer and Workout tools...when i was 14 i worked out while drinking beer instead of water
  5. seems that me and all people i know are "suprime Ultra Aryans" with immunity to that horrific Virus... Blood from the Goa Gods! also called Psykovsky Genes
  6. so how do you feel after the Vaccation? Do you got in your Arm or Butt cheek? Does it hurt more then injecting heroine?
  7. Mods please describe me your point of view on Art, freedom and Psychedelia? How do you define the term "Psychedelic"? Its kind of Rude to delete my Picture while i am trying to hold this site alife and spend time to be interersting or inspireing for the people here. I feel like i am trying to re animate an rotten body of a fat old Hag. Psynews needs new mods or additional mods...otherwise i see Darkness for your ancient catholic Website. The Arch will sink...with the Controlling ones, Old and the Proud.
  8. it was an awesome psychedelic picture. There was a family on it Mother Child and Father...the father was kissing the Child. If you are a pervert, the bald head of the Father looks like ann Ass. That was the Pic....sorry for your sexuality guys. I just see a family on that picture.
  9. dang March Simpson is kinda hot if yo are dead ass dreunk....almost dying
  10. i mean this site is not just about psy music...i think we have to use every psychodelic sources and open our mind...a big ass family <3 MOD EDIT: Dude. That's inappropriate.
  11. i am very excited about Median Project...i think that he is turning better and better ( in my experience). his latest and best track i belive....he is in the top of Newschool now!
  12. ..sorry for spamming but i want to change my top a little bit. 1. Mindsphere 2. UX 3. Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut 4. Atlantis - Cosmic Waves 5. Gamma Draconis 6. Triquetra
  13. Love it! Please do a "Extatic Planet 2" its not my home. of a friend...his name is Aurelis De Starforce (his parents bought a DJ name from our Korean Friend) I recomend Koren Guy!
  14. Thanks haha...sometimes i dont even know how i mean something xD. too many voices arguing in my head When you think you have understand the world and the nature of human kind you turn into a 70 years old war veteran who hates everything... Thanks for the suggestion, hear it right now. i think it will replace "Artifact 303 - Feelings"
  15. Dont count it for the Vote! Mindsphere ‎- Mental Triplex (a very good Album...have used like 2 or 3 Tracks in one of my mixes...heared the Album in the Train when i viseted my female Girlfriend...have nice memories with that Album) Triquetra - Human Control ( triquetra are awesome! i have never met them in real life but i just heared cool stuff about them. Extatic Planet was maybe the first real Oldschool Album in the 201Xs) Global Sect (Everything) (Global Sect just rocks!) Gamma Draconis ( actually too oldschool for me...but i can understand why people like it. Best track for me is Xenomorph - dying sun) UX - Audissey (...hearing it right now...) well sorry for my hard comment: "no one Won...everything was Trash besides the Global sect releases" I am sometimes a little unstable...its a course and a blessing in some special life situations, i want to correct my sentence into "Actually the whole World is Trash besides Psykovsky"
  16. dont Worry...its the last of my Cuties Picture Glowing Flame is my favorite Psytrance Lable! (Not goa, real Psytrance) Grab tis CDs on Discogs for some bucks. No joke...top Wicked, Twisted real Psytrance on them! Thats my benchmark to psytrance. Almost all tracks sound like very late dark goa (Alienated) a Megamix that includes 80% of Glowing Flame Records(Misted Muppet and Infected mushrooms...and some others)....its very sag that Glowing Flame does not exist anymore. The founder has a new lable called "Forestdelic" i like it but its not the same anbymore. that was btw my first contact with Glowing Flame, never heard stuff like that before....so cold, metallic and magical. I remember it was right before halloween(foggy Autumn wheather) when i was working on my Magic The Gathering Vampire Deck. The Artwork on the Cd came into my recomendations and i clicked on it.... Misted muppet i found randomly through this track: but it was an older other upload....seems that his channel got delited. name was "Anthrax" or something
  17. Imagine a world where Women are doing all the Male work and we guys just hanging around in Beautifull Summer Gardens...talking about Life ,Art, Music and modern ProgPsy. Drinking Wine mixed with water while talking about Platon and Sokrates...Alistair Crowley and Brad Pitt in the movie "Interview with the Vampire". Rope skipping all together in swim suits to Justin Biber music.
  18. O.O....THANKS...bought it after 30 sec!
  19. Finest Cuties 2....review will come - Crossing Mind is my favorite Release by Suntrip Records...this french Guy is a true Musician! In his Albums, specially this one he is playing around with all the aspects of music. This Album is representing Night Trance in a slightly different way others do thiat kind of music. Its a Vision of a calm and melancholic night full of melodies and twists. - Moksha are great! maybe the finest psychedelic techno i have ever heard. Very well produced and full of small details. - People Walk Funny is a bomb of a compilation. Best track for me is Artifact 303 - levitation Device. - For Carry Nuts...while the Artwork looks looks insane the Music is very atmospheric and well done! Tim Schuldt was/is a very big Name in Psy Trance. It has indeed this industrial steampunkish dark touch in it. - Colors of Shiva are must have Oldschool Goa Compilations. No filler tracks on them and maybe the best Digipacks i own(in Design and Music on it) - Goa Head , My favorite Goa Head CD....also almost no fillers and this coherrent darkish atmosphere while still being Goa Trance. - Burn out has his own Spirit. Its a very wenn compiled mix with that rare kind of early progressive psytrance/Techno. This release was very popular in russia. - Lick it is Fullon but a different one. Also you hear Cydonia out of Dino Psaras releases because he was a former member of Cydonia...I love cydonia so i live Lick it! - Psy Visions 3, Koyote records had their own style. This compilation is very strong! tracks like Virtuart - Time Cruncher are flawless Goa classics
  20. "Psykovsky. There was a rumour about him doing 200 000 mic or smth at a Festival and becoming a plant in the earth (ground) for 2-3 days. His friends watered him, don't worry. Before this episode delux he made cheesy trax. After, psychedelic wow." Exactly! that was the point when i broke up with him...on that festival i was heavy drugged (Beer, Vodka, Vodka Red Bull, White Russian, Zigarettes, Beer) and i watered him in a wrong way. I mean how could i know that? Its a shame that people can not forgive anymore in our modern world. He shouted on me very bad words in an unknown ancient language with that pocahontas wig on head and it hurted me very much. He was very Pissed...
  21. imagine Psykovsky slaping himselfe to buy his own album for 100 bucks just to proove that he is a "Loving God"
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