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  1. @Ormion Is proto Goa... Goa Trance? "proto" music means that there was a sub genre before the genre sub was oficial. Battle of the future buddhas is not Forest...it is just bad made scandinavian industrial trance. Kasol appeared later if i am not wrong...way after the Dark Psychotrance music started. And even if Ka sol was at the same time like Darkpsy hes music never was forest. Its well made scandinavian Industrial trance. I am not care if his album was on suntrip! suntrip is not the father of goa. Derango is another thing...his music is indeed forest but derango had his earliest releases on parvati rec and parevati did Darkpsy before derango even appearedd there. Forest is out of Darkpsy. Forest is a sub sub gengre of Dark Psytrance.
  2. you have an awesome taste in Psychedelic trance...liegt wohl am deutsch sein ;P You titled quality late Goa trance with Psychedelic elements. Deviant Electronics is just awesome. I personally would say: 1.Catharsis 2.Brain washing is Childs Play 3.Green Room
  3. Four Carry Nuts is difficult...same difficult like "Dark Soho - Combustion" and "Xenomorph - Demagoguery Of The Obscurants" because these are albums with mixed up music. All of them have pure Industrial tracks on them while the rest is darkish Goa or Psy. Maybe psytech is the right place for FCN - MA. At the moment i work myselfe through the Parvati history and the post 2006 parvati sound was way different than the later stuff they realeased. The first compilation they released "first step" was scando psy and remembers of flying rhino, Transient, Koyote. After that (since 2003) they started to release very dark and agressive night music! Maybe it was Darkpsy but its not Forest! Since "Psy Stories 3 " the music changed into forest psy. More atmospheric hypnotic less brutal Psytrance. I think that forest had two parents(like every one of us...hopefully) the one is early darkpsy and the other one is Late Goa. The bassline groove in forest music is a Goa groove
  4. there are a lot of Various artists CDs from 1998-2000 wich have "Psychedelic Trance" or "Psychedelic..." in the name...and this CDs were focused on "Goadelic Trance"(Late Goa) I for example have never heard the term "neurotrance" :)...i think you should just do it your own way! It is too complicated and sensless to have an argument about this beautiful music. There are people who use GOA as the mother term for this music but also people like you and others who call this whole music PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE. You made an very good job and it looks very atmospheric with the pictures! But "Four Carry Nuts - Mechanical age" is wrong in the Darkpsy section...it is one of my favorite Albums and it is "late pre Psytrance Goa with some Industrial and Technoesque elements" but the Core is Goa. Just hear at least he first track... Tim Schuldt never did Darkpsy! he always did industrial influenced "Goadelic Trance"(Late Goa before old school Psytrance) . You should decide by the musical Core/elements and not by Atmosphere. Darkpsy is not scarry dark Goa with 155 Bpm!...to be honest, it has almost nothing to do with Goa. But "Mechanical Age" Has to do with it and just because it sounds a bit deep or twilight it does not mean that its Darkpsy or Death Metal. DARKPSY
  5. Wow awesome Project Lightforce! 2 Things...i dont think that "four carry nuts - Mechanical Age" is Darkpsy. It is something between Goa and Fullon. It has a darkish steampunk atmosphere but it is not Darkpsy! "Psykovsky - Ksolntsu" is Hi tech if i am not wrong... The transition from Classic Goa to Psytrance had a smal genre in between of them. A hybrid of Goa and Psy. I personally call this music Psychedelic Trance or Goadelic Trance(lots of VAs in the late 90s did it too...) But it is not Psytrance! It still has the Goa groove but sounds more twisted/darkish and psychedelic than Goa. And its too melodic/funky for Psytrance even if it has the "metallic" synths... Psychedelic Trance: Cydonia - In fear of a red planet, Four Carry Nuts, Sandman, Kox Box, Orichalcum&The Deviant, Alienated, Deviant electronics, MFG - the message....but its just my opinion:)
  6. Shakta sounds different in my opinion. But Shakta had a time when he produced under the name "Somaton" in the very late 90s and then his music was a mixture of Goa and Fullon Psytrance. Maybe MM is talking about Somaton? The synths and energy MM is creating is awesome! I will follow this dude but i think he should focus more on variation and complex Melody. Goa Trance is Goa trance because it entertain you from start to the end with different Melodies and energizer(climax) parts. "Pleiadians - Alcyone" for example has 2 main melodies in between of many more smaler...one in the middle of the track and the other in the end as the final climax.
  7. I have to admit that "Material Music" is a very talented Guy! But i never never heard of him before Sounds like E-mantra with a fullon rubber bass line. GREAT. very like the track you suggested me in the "Quality Fullon" thread...but this one is even better.
  8. WoW! thats an awesome slow mo Goa Track...i have to save it in my playlist. LIKE! But why Crazy?? its deep and magical. Perfect music for a Blood ritual in a cathedral at night... EDIT: haha ok i havent read the "and get away with it " line under your video...so i get you wrong. Anyway nice track! Yeah like i said most of the CRAZY stuff is early Psychedelic Trance or Scandinavian Psy. The fathers and mothers of todays forest Trance...wich is indeed CRAZY.
  9. The Question was "Oldschool GOA Trance"...but most of the people answered with early Psychedelic Trance/Goa hybrid tracks^^ So i will too Honestly i dont think that there is Crazy "real" Goa Trance out there. Goa is serious and spiritual...thats the idea and core of it. the madness starts at 4:30
  10. awesome thank you friend! cybernetica is criminally underrated...reminds me of the game dead space :))
  11. God Trance set made by the awesome and well known "ME"
  12. Ovnimoon ‎– Different Lifeforms Next Level Goadelic Trance .
  13. Hi i am searching for Tracks/Artists/Albums/Compilations with well made ((not cheesy!)) Fullon Psytrance. The more Deep and melodic side of Psytrance. I also like Quality Twilight/Forest and Dark stuff with an "energizer Melody" included. Also i really dig the South african style of fullon... It would be very nice if you guys can drop some names i dont know...old or recent Thanks I know Already: Eskimo Twisted System Artifact Phatmatix The Misted Muppet Trold (all the Glowing flame rec. Stuff) Braincell Ianuaria Azax Syndrom
  14. Artifact 303 - Feelings is an awesome track...i had a mix from an unknown Fullon psy DJ and "Feelings" was in the tracklist. Between U-Recken, Tropical Bleyage, Ovnimoon and Digicult. I searched this track for years and on some day suddenly i found it... My question is...What is Newschool/Neo Goa? Has suntrip started Neo Goa or is it the Goa made after 2000...or has it to do with production of music? For me Chi Ad is Neo Goa too...even if it is from the 90s and has nothing to do with suntrip. Even Some 90s tracks of Astral Projection sounds quite Newschool . I sometimes think about the definition and honestly i think only a few Newschool tracks can be called GOA...the rest is indeed Fullon Psytrance. Goa is more than just static psytrance ...it has groove, complex basslines , atmosphere, A Story, melodical coherence and quality... I think that the guys from Celestial Intelligence are nowadays the best producer of Goa with musical Quality. Thats maybe my favorite track:
  15. oooh yeah and check out Glowing Flame Records on discogs. AWESOME unique Psychedelic Trance...
  16. i have psykovsky ksolntsu 2x one used and one sealed...i can send you the used one as gift free. the sealed one i can sell or trade
  17. i am reading Aleister Crowley at the moment and hearing darker old school Goa...the true occult ceremonial music. And i noticed in this moment that there is NO perfect GOApsy album or compilation. We have to do our own Compilation for our selfes because we all are very different...me and you, we are more different than your or mine difference to the whole universe. We all should start doing own music in our free time to pay tribute. Then we will rise, love and connect...no hate, no fear no Gangster Rap. 2 weeks ago i made an audio CD compilation (from my physical collection) for my almost 60 years old father and he is thrilled xD
  18. If you like unique Psychedelic/ Goa Trance with some SPECIAL elements... This Albums followed their own Rules: -Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing is Childs play ((DE is a very talented producer and his first album is one of the best Futuristc/cyberdelic sounding oldschool Goa Trance Albums!!)) -Kox Box - Dragon tales ((Complex and very trippy melodic Psychedelic Goa....with many suprises included!!)) -Infected Mushrooms - BP Empire ((A beautiful journey. A perfect mix of Sadness and Happieness...Unique Psychedelic Album with an unique Limbo Atmosphere)) -Alienated - FF ((Complex, Twisted and dark Goa Trance with insane story telling)) -Orichalcum & The Deviant - Live ((Complex, Twisted and highly playful Goa Trance)) -Cydonia - In fear of a red planet (Very industrial and metalic/tribalistic sounding Goa. Unique Post apocalyptic atmosphere and musically perfect done!)) -Four Carry Nuts - Mechanical Age ((Industrial+Goa+Steampunk Sounding Album...)) -Sandman - Witchcraft ((Sandman is like the band "Tool" but in The Psychedelic Trance genre. Very unique twisted Dreamy atmosphere and musically very well done)) -Menis - Temporary Insanity ((darkish griddy goa trance)) -Semsis - Letting Go ((Techno+Goa+Cyberpunk)) -Trold - Time of Illusion ((proto forest psytrance...very playfull and mean but in some points deep and beautiful forest music)) -Dark Soho - Sun Spot/Combustion ((Dark, Sad, DEPRESSIVE mixture of Industrial and Psytrance...i warn you, some tracks are Dangerous for mentally weak people)) -The Misted Muppet - From The legend ((high energy Fullon with Middle Age/Fantasy elements!!! ...The melodies are Awesome and musically on a Infected Mushroom level. But its less Twisted and playfull then IM))
  19. i really try to like IFO but it does not work :/ Alcyone is the only very good track for me (of all Pleiadian work...) The remixes made by Morphic resonance are far better than the Original and MR even changed the build up to the BETTER side. So here is my small opinion: Fullon Psytrance: 1.Infected Mushroom - BP Empire 2.The Misted Muppet - From The Legend 3.Dark Soho - Combustion Goa Trance/Psychedelic: 1.Kox Box - Dragon Tales 2.Cydonia - In fear of a red Planet 3.Sandman - Witchcraft Newschool Goa: 1.Ethereal - Anima mundi 2.Celestial Intelligence - Perpetual Energy 3.Ra - 9th
  20. NOT IN ORDER ^^' Some of them have slight psychedelic or prog. House/Vocal features included Have Fun!
  21. thank you Tsotsi...there is a Hate on the Globe i can not understand. People are searching for problems instead of seaching for peace or Love. The type of people who will find a negativ part in everything...I am a lone one and i dont really need the feedback. My music is ok...and i want to be better! Also i will do more music and develope myselfe. Thank you realy but i have enough ouf this agressive comments. My name will stay Deadrah and i try to support the Goa scene. This people have such a high status here on the site but act like retardet children Fear = Hate Willpower= Love
  22. we russian people are agressive...specially against finnish;)
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