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  1. sorry joske sorry global sect....that was weak of mine. actually i am straight and strong. the darkness that was done to me in my life belongs to the people who did it to me and not to you guys. i really feel sorry, but maybe see it as an example how not to be! Draw power from that to be a beautifull an loving Human
  2. Tsotsi you are Great! a man with the heart of a lion and a feeling for justice like a libra
  3. i dont know what you mean...what cowbells? of all that tracks my sounds most modern and even "psytrance" like. the production is better than late 90s goa. Dude what cowbells are you stoned?? your words are like a labyrinth in a hand of a blind black guy living in the ass of a deep sea shark
  4. now i realize why i love Secret Space that much...the intro reminds me of a melody arp i did one year ago. Arty i Love you! we are kind of vibing...call me! via Email
  5. i also would drop this one into the pool...its new beat but where are the borders?? 1989
  6. Sure! So you answered my questions at least for yourselfe...its very long ago that we had an great Album. Also there are just a few that can compete with Daze of our Lives and from the Stars. So why a 3.5/5 then? "Daze" is a synthetic chaos....why blaming "From the Stars" for sounding like software? or do you mean something else by that? Daze has some great tracks indeed. but as i like 2-3 of them, the others sound like typical "chaotic synthetic rainbow blizzards" we know from filteria. Not a big fan of those. there is just one single track on Artys Album that i dont like and its luckely the last one. The others are very varied and flexible...going through all sorts of moods and emotions while sounding highly professional and epic. If i would compare From the Stars to all music out there, for example Britney Spears, i would give him a 2/10 but we are in the Newschool cathegory or not?
  7. Well, i am not sharing your opinion on the 3.5/5 Please tell me the last Great Newschool Album...what was it? how much time passes since? Why you loved it? Was it truly better than From the Stars? For me its the best newschool Album until now. Ofcourse there are also a few top compilations from Suntrip/Global Sect. But these are Compilations! collected to present the cream de la creme of NeoGoa from different producer. From the Stars is an Album made by just one person and it beats almost all Newschool compilation outthere and for sure all albums. When i first heared it i would have given it a 8.5/10 but its getting better and better for me.
  8. "First he went Back To Space, and now he comes From The Stars. Feast on your feelings and get in touch with your innards as Artifact303 comes to help us feel joy again" that was absolutely GREAT! Everytime i hear this album in different life situations (did it maybe 20+ times already) it sends me on a journey into the past, but only to the beautiful and inspiring moments of life.It remembered me of magic moments or unintentional rituals i did when i was actually happy. Like watching the stars in the night, feel the sun in the day or taking a bath with 1.5L Tetra Pack of red wine. This Album gave Oxygen to my fading (long and quite thicc) white candle...i think i mentioned it already that i am a big fan of Arty303...his music gave me a lot! Secret Space is my favorite track on that Album and in the Top 3 of Artys releases for me. If i could, i would do Goa Trance like Secret Space. i Absolutely vibe with that tune and Artifacts Music! Peter, stay mysterious and mindblowing like an alien Artifact from the Stars.
  9. If you are talking about Newschool all in all then you are maybe right but i dont think that "From the Stars" is overloaded or too wild. I mean ofcourse there are some tracks on that album that feels like pure XTC like "Secret Space" but there are also more proggy and mellow tunes with chilled passages. I for myselfe dont like breaks in Goa Trance...also i dont like big risising effects. Dont get me wrong, i love climaxes and Goa Trance should be a 7 min long Climax with a climax or multiple... but i hate this small tricks producer use to build up fake tension. Tension, contrast, mood and energy level should be done by intelligent changing melodies and not the volume/effects.
  10. i mean arty303....3....its about the number 3. He always wanted to be three.... Astral P. are 2 guys and together with Arty they are 3! "Triquetra"...lets call them Triquetra!
  11. what about a colaboration between Astral Projection and Artifact? i know that i am kind of annoying with my love but there is no single producer/Band i was waiting for a new release besides this two. Well, i also waiting for a release on suntrip from our well known korean friend who sells pictures and DJ names for a reasonable price! the imagination of this collab melts my mind.....i mean Korean Guy and Suntrip. No, i dont. ofcourse "Astral Artifact"
  12. haha, yeah i am kind of posessed by that Album. It woke me up out of my Pandemic slumber i had since new year. after hearing it the first time, i started realisig how psychedelic his music is compared to other Goa producer. Goa was always "extatic energetic music" for me but never really psychedelic....even if it has som farting or diharrea sounds in the Background (psychedelic effects..............). Artifact is doing it through his melodies and intelligent build ups. I have almost the same opinion on favorite tracks. 1.Apex (a very fresh and complex melody, i like it very much...has lots of different moods and feelings in it) 2.Secret Space (......that track makes me run, drive, fly and dive. a pulsating energy bomb! perfect for our Zombie times) 3.Solar Warden 4.Dreamland I always feel an invisible subtile Ghost layer of Bliss in his tracks. There is something intense about them i cant really explain...some otherworldly Depth. Edit: Arty...are you my TWIN FLAME? xD
  13. A small Thanks from me....truly great Album Artifact, love it! Secret Space has maybe the coolest arp intro i have ever heard. A Driving and Etherial Track.
  14. Just one Day left until release! I am horny ass a Horn, ey! Here my top 3 Arty303 Tracks: 1. 2. 3. 4.
  15. i like both very much but the remaster is better i think (second one)
  16. one government one race one society one god....no love no life no freedom no diversity NO INDIVIDUALISM" one" backwards is "No" think about it "angels of ivory girl room"
  17. Ever being Coronized?...feeeeeling that we are hypnotised
  18. that Omnivox Track is actually sweet as Ass...sometimes music tracks slip through my Apex Predator Sensors like sahara dust through the hands of a Camel. Thanks! I am sure that Omnivox knows more than we think...he prepared us with his music for this magical times,
  19. check out 4:30 in the first track...i was drunken dancing in the dark in the flat of my parents when i was 7 years old, sweeeet energizzer!
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