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  1. Try this one...is in full lenght on youtube in german and english version. One of my favorites...a very quiet and atmospheric movie.
  2. some of them are more Mindfuck then philosophical but thats what i get out of my head at the moment...try Ardrey Tarkovski, he made Films like Solaris and many more besides Stalker. Have Fun!
  3. i lost my job. Worked in a restaurant and they had to close it...
  4. Kind of reflects my feelings now at the moment...if someone is interested or feels the same, join me on this journey. JIS track is an absulute hidden Jem....found it on a Set of E-Mantra. So thanks for that Mantra...Shambahla and Beyond the Universe are my tracks of the Spring for sure. There are lots of flawless classics but also very very strong newer tracks like S Andromedae. You wont be dissapointed. Yes it was automixed and is more of an faded compilation. At the moment i am just overwhelmed by different feelings. Maybe it has something to do with astrology. Thank you Guys, for this Place. JIS - Beyond The Universe Artifact303 - Ancestors Celestial Intelligence - The Oncomming Storm Centavra Project - Journey to another Worlds (2017 Mix) Skarma - Thysselian Clementz - S Andromedae Chi AD - Astral Warior(Atlantis Remix) Artifact303 - Feelings Fiery Dawn - Alien Planet Mindsphere - Fly High Pleiadians - Alcyone(Morphic Resonance Remix) Nova Fractal - Mass Extinction Psy-H Project - Exhalation Of Mahavishnu Psy-H Project - Crystal Worlds Median Project - Fractals Median Project, Nostromosis - The Sword Of The Angel Mindsphere - Spectacular Purity Centavra Project - Shambhala
  5. I keep it short...sometimes we need the qualities of one of the fourth elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire. All of them have qualiuties that can support us in some situations. Lets collect music that activate one of the elements. I will start with some tracks...it dont have to be Goa or psytrance. You can btw trust me, the stuff i post is tested on myselfe. it works. Ofcourse it depends...if you are arab you wont take russian or viking aryan music. its more for people like me.i cant change the wind, dragons... Earth: Water: Air: Fire:
  6. i have some nice melodies and ideas but i cant finish a track :(( and i am not the only one with that problem i assume...maybe some amateur producers can meet there and do some Goa tracks together?
  7. Yeah thats blacklight art...you are absolutely right, the Covers should Glow in the dark!
  8. Hello, Goa and Dark Ambient Music are my absolute favorite styles of electronic music that i will always love. I have times when i stopp hearing Goa Trance for 1-2 weeks and this music it is calling me in my dreams again. Artifact 303 and other tracks are playing in my head without any reason in strange situation. Goa evolved to the soundtrack of my life i belive. Its every time a bliss to hear Goa after a break...a time out of music. Anyways, there are a lot of situations in life when Goa does not fit very well. For me Dark Ambient is the perfect counterpart to balance out the soul and calm down from workout or Dancing alone in the Forest to Goa. I just want to share my top Ambient Albums here for you to try out and ask you to share yours if you are interested in that kind of Music. Sometimes i am not sure if its is music...its something else. And very Powerfull... Basically all the Stuff of Reason d etre.
  9. Kommunist: "Why do you have 30cm cock? -That sucks, I have 20cm, you should have 20cm too!" Capitalist: "I have 30cm cock and you all bitches have 12...come over here and have some of mine!" Me: "Its ok Babe...if you have no own cock we can use my cock together!
  10. Producers should start a project with real instruments...Guittar, violin, keys. When the melody(the core of the Goa Track) sounds awesome in real instruments without effects then they can beginn with the synthesis and so on. Thats my view on that topic. Novadays i kind of dislike linear Goa...idk how to explain that. Median Project would be an example for that linear stuff even if i like him. I miss this coherrent, vibrating, wave like, groovy goa with a complex bassline. This very danceble rhythmic stuff...like that: thats a clear proof of musical talent. Mindsphere exactly knows what he is doing here! The producers should also concentrate themselve on ALL layers. The bass is not just a way to destroying Ears...its a part of the track and should get an own character, life and movement.
  11. if you use Virtual DJ you can also make it automix(intelligent automix funktion). I use it sometimes for long mixes too, but be aware that the beats have to be analyzed correctly of each track and other annoying stuff. in the end its work and does not matter if you crossfade it live or let it automix by themselfe. you have to invest time in both ;)) It would be very cool if you could share your List first here...maybe we all can discuss it and lead it to perfection Mixes/compilations are not only about the Tracks...its also about the Build up(Momentum, tension, speed...) the first track should be something special and carefully chosen. to get the goaheads in nostalgia and at the sajme time impress newcommers. i am really excited of your list bro! and thank you for doing that May Artifact303 guide your way young choosen One...belive your feelings and trust your Ancestors because our World is a mysterious Fantasy!
  12. I was listening through Beyond the Wormhole and noticed that the Track Heaven cant wait has a similar melody to one of mine self made ones xDD 0:27 0:30 Seems that we both have similar view of psychedelic harmonies :)) Love the album btw. it has this playfull toxicity in it that i miss novadays in Psychedelic Trance/Goadelic Trance. Reminds me a little of Glowing Flame Rec.
  13. i feel that Global Sect needs our support...i really really dig their style. (Music and Art) A serious and quality loaded Goa Label! Big hope for me...and maybe they can force Centavra Project to do an Album or at least some more tracks :)))))) Edit: i checked out Atlantis - Cosmic Waves on Youtube. Super Stuff! Another Album with this "Next Level of Goa" touch for me. Very crispy, futuristic and Alienated. Kind of Goa that uses Psytrance instruments but stays real to the roots at the same time. LOVE IT.
  14. Shambala is so beautiful i cant stop listening to it...i like Centavra very much, because his Goa is like mine would be if i could produce on a higher level. But i somehow missed Shambala, i dont know why. I hear that track in loop... So Deep and at the same time Glowing/Radiating and kind of Sad. The End part could be more memorable but thats criticism on a very high Level! I mean even the beginning part. never heard that kind of "style" in Goa (the part on 1:32...shivers....). The emptiness/precession and dominance of one intelligent melodic Lead is his secret here...i got fukin tears in my eyes when i heard it the first time. And ofcourse the middle part...that sounds like somebody is crying heavy tears in anger and sadness. Cant remember when that happen to me the last time, maybe by Artha - Monkeys.
  15. I got a Goa Head 2 from our City Library while i was studying there for school in 2006...at home i was blown away by Astral Projection Kabalah. This moment is very clear in my memory. I inserted the CD in my Sterio System and just standed and listened to this track and watching out of the Window.
  16. some Good ones from my collection...Dragon Tales & Witchcraft is maybe my favorite of all time. The Shamanisma VA has also an awesome CDs Artwork and inlay! And ofcourse a lot of Suntrip VAs...Ten Spins Around The Sun for example.
  17. very interesting thread, thank you! The new Album of Emantra is a mixture of sub genres...breaks and so on. The first who comes to my mind and did it almost since their start is Infected Mushroom. Its their lifestiyle to combine Goa with other genres or try out new stuff like dubstep, metal or punk All in all i feel that the Techno and Trance scene are influenced extremly by the psy scene the last years (in terms of the music...). But the Trancers and Technoheads and their producers are far to proud to admit it! More and more "Techno" sets sound like psytrance and normal Trance do it too. Goa is like a strong and wise cursed loner Beast that always has to watch his back and survive. A never ending cycle of dying and rising from the ashes while the enemies waiting in the bushes to swallow goa when its weak and steal its glowing powersource that they cant even handle. The only one DJ who holds his color is maybe Armin van Buuren with his ASOT podcast. He plays real Trance. Its kind of hurting to see how the genius-ness of Goa is exploited but at the same time not respected and called "mortal Kombat music".
  18. Sorry Cronomi... xD oh sh*t i forgot the Topic....GOOD Albums with cheesy Covers. The second and third one arent Good but look stupid and not even Psy related!
  19. Thats a 100% Proof that Psytrance invented Dark Souls... but yeah...you got the point Technosomy xD. I hope that you will post some more of these tresures...but the first one is sick. It makes me angry! What do you think about that cutie?
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