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  1. On 7/26/2021 at 7:42 PM, Jon Cocco said:


    Well I don't mean to crash the party but I'm less impressed with this album, and I'm not going to hesitate to point out what I think is great (and not great) about it. I agree there's some great (excellent / superb) work, and I'd never call this a bad or average album. Almost any track will work on dance floors, though some are much stronger than others and I say keep to your winning horses. Let go of the routine and capitalize on your greatest marbles! That's what establishes super albums and I often intend my reviews to double as feedback, though like you all I'm sharing my honest, open thoughts. That said--

    1.  Apex begins with a digitized synth, and a plesent albeit simplistic in structure and arrangement Goa sound that is easily topped, thanks to a superior synth at 1:48 >>> my favourite part. So far, so good... that is until 2:55 where the track gets repetitive. An interlude soon arrives, igniting the second albeit repetitive synthetic part, and it's here that the music grows conventional, inspired. The music improves at 5:00 but just for a moment until the artist transitions the music one final time.. It's not the change I was hoping. I'd describe the next 3-4 minutes as a Full On Club Trance. Ahhhh!!!!! It's so TYPICAL sounding and completely takes me out of the song. Actually it's not until the FINAL MINUTE that a healthier balance of Goa and Trance return to the cool feel earlier in the fifth minute. This track could have been great, but it chooses to take an extremely LAXY, FORMULAIC approach. Apex starts promising before devolving into formulaic, typical-sounding Club Trance where it completely loses my interest.  C

    2.  Astral Traveler is a big improvement from before. This track has a heart and soul that I didn't see at first, and is my wife's favourite song on the album due to the terrific ending! The first third is a bit similar sounding (predictable/routine arrangement >>> could have been better). The development into ACT 2 is very nice thanks to ambient notes, Goa elements, catchier synths, and more. Also, ACT 3 is incredibly euphoric, warm, and uplifting in a positive way! Improved sound/melody work, FEELS (!!!), multiple key changes providing storytelling and substance is just part of it. Although it took an ACT to warm up where we were going (ACT 1 could have been stronger in that regard), the song beautiful, well done! I find this so much more enjoyable and engaging than Apex, and sadly, the one track that follows.  B+ / A-

    3.  Dreamland is typical and formulaic, routine sounding CLUB TRANCE (the fuck??!) with a touch of Goa so slight in the middle that I hardly cared for fear the last act would undue ACT 2 via Apex. The overall sound and direction here is so predictable, with a very been-there / done-that feel throughout. The song offers nothing new, as if the label requested a more commercial, by-the-numbers dance number. Just why??! This artist is so much more creative, intelligent, and talented than this! I can't help but feel the desperation to appeal to a wider audience, preferably not in a redundant way. People like fun, danceable tracks that don't sound like stereo typical Club Trance! I acknowledge the very catchy, little echoed beeping melody accent in the last minute. Where was that the whole time? Aside from that, Dreamland is generic, Full on Club Trance and the most commercial sounding track I've ever heard from Artifact303.  C-

    4.  Solar Warden has some very catchy sound/melody (Goa-Trance) work in ACT 2. Unfortunately, the overall structure and arrangement of ACT 3 reverts back to a less pure Goa sound a la Trance-friendly motions. I wish the artist committed and further developed the purer, melody-licious tunes of ACT 2 into ACT 3.  B-

    5. Unidentified stands out as a favorite to me. It has a smart, catchy tune that gets stuck in my head (so simple, works wonders!) and is wildly danceable. ACT 2 could have been stronger, more fun and memorable. It's not bad by any means, and I realize you don't want the lead to grow tiresome, but at least make ACT 2 more interesting and engaging (is my constructive feedback). The in-my-face main synth in the 4th into 5th minute felt routine, repetitive, and formulaic compared to everything else. Fortunately, the artist brings back the best part back with added growth and development in ACT 3, and I'm hooked all over again. Honestly ACT 2 could have been shorter (tighter in that sense) and ACT 3 with its wonderful growth and signature synth star return could have been meatier, a little longer, but what are you going to do? This is a strong Trancey dance number despite a weaker ACT 2. It's shows that-- however simple, one can make a fantastic track with the right sounds, mixing, and arrangement (ingredients). Well done!  A- A

    6. Summer Storm begins fresh, zippy and quite Goa-esque! It reminds me of one of Artifact303's best tracks-- Leviathan Dance after the second minute. That nighttime sound is so sleek and sexy. Then at around 3:30 the music sounds juvenile with its sound effects and beat. Get that out of there and replace it with something powerful! The part that soon follows is far catchier and the Goa rhythm develops into something more intense, rhythmic, and psychedelic. Cue climactic lead and this is doing things right despite the somewhat simplistic arrangement. I like the edgy Goa sound in ACT 3, as it incorporates some of the sleek, sexy feel from ACT 1.  At this point I'm confused because this album can't seem to make up its mind with whether it wants to sound contrived, repetitive, and afraid to take risks, or create and develop greatness onto of greatness.  B+

    7. Open Your Eyes is sleek. It covers less ground, with fewer ideas, ACT 1 grows too similar sounding to me despite it being fairly catchy in sound. A new technologic synth improves ACT 2 followed by more variety, though a more elegant/tasty synth could have complimented the more aggressive, rough synths, approach. The song climaxes towards the end with an energetic, strong synths, though again, I find the arrangement, sound selection and overall direction repetitive and lacking to what we've come to go-- WOW, that's catchy and different! This gets predictable towards the end (arrangement, complimentary elements-wise), but it'll certainly be effective on dance floors.  B

    8. Secret Space starts great. Early on is exciting and the ambient notes convey feels, helping to flesh out a story. Although the excitement / ACT 1 seems to run out of steam, the song is pushed up by a healthy ACT 2 that develops the music. I can't predict where the music is going unlike numerous prior tracks and I love that, even if the artist repeats some elements with greater rhythm and complimentary ingredients, e.g., a Pleiadian synth that skips and is soon accentuated by clear, piano-esque notes, playing a distinct melody that enhances the complexity of the whole. For the album's emphasis on Trance-friendly style, this is a strong track!  B+ / A-

    9. The Devine Plan is a fairly progressive, gentle, uplifting morning Trance number. The song is peaceful and the conscious aware samples attract me. Having said that, it's a bit formulaic, contrived sounding via sounds, arrangement, and overall direction. Still it's not bad but not as memorable as it could have been. ACT 3 is very nice, providing a warmer (euphoric) climax. The song's grown on me despite being fairly structurally/sound-wise predictable and risk-free like much of the album. I do appreciate the non-banger approach though after the previous four digits  B- / B

    10. Wisdom Bringers is pleasant, harmless. It has a nice sound, beat, a touch of ethnic/world influence. The artist could have closed things with a stronger downtempo track, or one more akin to the Goa style more prevalent in BACK TO SPACE, but he took a risk here to include this, as it is unexpected and different-- and hey, at least he didn't put it in the middle of the album a la debut! The song isn't bad. It's not that memorable either and sounds like it would maybe be better suited on a downtempo compilation. Decent, fairly good overall. I believe he can make stronger, more imaginative, fun/entertaining down (and mid) tempo ones too that better compliment the stylistic vision of the album. That said, it's nice (I enjoy it more without the voices to be honest) and appreciate the slight Psy/Goa touches in the second half.  B-


    An arguably solid album that is too formulaic (and/or Club Trancey-ish in sound, structure and arrangement at times while maintaining some strong Trance (and Goa influenced Trance) songs and elements, as well as a few super dance-floor bangers to boot. Though friendly for dance floors and almost entirely RISK-FREE, I miss the purer, punchier, less linear Goa approach that BACK TO SPACE had. I really loved the debut album despite some shortcomings-- its few weaker first half (Tracks 2, 3, 4). Similar to the debut, TO THE STARS improves in the second half, though its style, sound, and the way numerous songs are structured and composited (the overall direction) is definitely more mainstream friendly (and predictable sounding at times) for dance floors. There are things-- elements, melodies, moments- almost entire songs I really like/love here (praised above). There are Goa elements/Goa songs(!), and I simply wish the artist didn't limit his mind to more contrived structures, arrangements, and synths at times, as that reduces how expansive, imaginative, and well-- ground-breakingly CATCHY the album could have been while also being fun, danceable, and mainstream friendly! What we have is something good- sometimes great, and occasionally too rudimentary and routine (going through the motions) to my ears and mind. But there's greatness nonetheless including some of the best dance songs I've heard all yar. In the end, it's a bit of a mixed bag. I love strong songs and when I don't land on one, I get bored quick. But oh.. oh.. those moments and tracks I cannot deny. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

    HIGHLIGHTS:  2, 56, 8

    B / B+


    Damn who are you? John Cocko....just fuck of or i will find you and your transgender girlfriend :)

    dropping your shit from time to time...i disagree with all of your ratings. crazy shit my friend....i i would be Artifact 303 i would cut your head of

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  2. 1 hour ago, astralprojection said:

    you could just import them if you like. either use them as is in your own projects, or take the kick or the hihat or whatever and use that.. or dont use it at all.

    sure you could post midi files here of your melodies. ill be willing to attempt something with your melodies

    that sounds good! dude are you pissed or something?? i have 3 warnings on this site and also here are some nasty boys(maybe i am one of them idk...) but i am able to start again, fresh and pure. See if i would be that good, i would do music. i am not and i know it...everytime i posted something made by me i was ready for cretique. Its kind of funny to see jelous people. And here are a lot of them!

    best example are good known producers who are active here on this site like Imba and others. People just ignoring them...why? I have respect of artists and would kind of feel weird if they would write here with me because i am a "no one" but i am not jelous. its strong what they are doing and i love it :)

    if Artifact303 would mention me somewhere i would mastrubate for a week or something. or doing a track just for him <3



    why no one told me about that release???

    "Nastyness level is decreasing..."

  3. 23 hours ago, astralprojection said:

    Yeah. Sorry to disappoint. Use the sounds i gave or dont use them, either way.

    how can i use them? Sadly i just own FL Studio...what plug ins do you have?...what about if people send you just melodies/ideas on a piano roll or screenshot and you finish the track(use your great synths/mastering skills). it does not to be my stuff but if there is no one doing it...i meran comon we are lots of people loving it for years that music and understanding it! i think that it iss possible to do a cool track together :)

    Also i promissed Suntrip Rec that they are allowed to use it in their new compilation...Joske was asking me months ago. I think it was somewhere on Nibiru in my Dream....we hat a nice drink together with Britney Spears <3

  4. On 7/1/2021 at 2:12 AM, Psychedelic Superbeast said:



    0:23 Joske

    0:29 Percussion Loop

    0:31 Owner of Cronomi

    0:33 Astral Projection

    0:36 Me fighting against Mods and chasing them

    0:53 Mods

    1:08 Typical Psynews members

    1:15 Artifact303

    1:19 Me again

    1:27 Man with no name

    1:38 Me fighting for freedom and justice

    2:34 GOA TRANCE

    2:51 Tsotsi

    3:27 me again

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  5. On 6/13/2021 at 1:11 PM, psytones said:

    :D jah man coming up ive just been too busy pimpin', and hiking mountains with my dog. Speaking of your point, same goes for the Suntrip 50th release And the Aion name copyright info-dilemma. *my head is on it*. Anyway, way the go filling this review topic even more up with unrelated text to the music. When I do make the short review I hope you'll edit yours here and have it say (to the Admin) DELETE ME. I'll do the same. Ps. Notice how i removed my offtopic stuff from my originaø post? .. Btw. My heart hurts reading how much astralprotrction apologiezed for writing His honest opinion review of the album. He should not have to so strongly apologize for it .. Which reminds me of my saying, "tastes are like asses, they are divided and usually they stink". 

    no one asked astralP to apologize...stand behind your opinion! Again its his fault and not mine.

    Donate his apoligy and your pittyness to africa, children can at least eat it there. it was just a discussion and if yo loose against me it does not mean that i am the bad guy. 

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  6. On 6/8/2021 at 5:44 PM, RTP said:

    Cleaned up the trash. Sorry if anything meaningful went with it, but I didn't feel, that it would do the topic much good if I left it here...

    Thanks for pointing it out.

    This exactly :)


    So specially my posts were trash?

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  7. Guys i think that you see this thread a little wrong or so. "a psynews Track" does not precisely mean that we just do one awesome tune and it will stay forever as a hymn of psynews or so" xD. Lets see it as a project, a creative project where we crowd do a track together just for fun! Or maybe more than one :)

    Even if you think that my stuff is bad...at least i moved a finger. You just do promisses 

    We are the producer. Power to the People!


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  8. i know that i could do medioker average oldschool goa by myselfe. its not that i dont know that i am good....psynews is a part of my life and i share everything with you. i hope you old people will manage it to make at least one psynews track before you end up alone in a "seniorenheim" (Kindergarden for old mescaline addicted dancers)

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