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  1. Κυριακη 31 Δεκεμβριου New Year's Eve Rave Χυτήριο Theatre - Σημείο Πολιτισμού Main Event: NYE warehouse RAVE (3 stages) Stage 3: Psy Underground (Psy Trance - Twilight - Darkpsy - Forest) Line Up: ---------------------live--------------------------- Ellwood Psy-Music (Disco Valley Records, GloOm Music) --------------------dj sets---------------------- - Fear Disorder ( Quadrivium Records, Underground Experience) - Dorito (Underground Experience) - Tangie (EarthDrop crew) - Bar (Underground Experience) - Seraburayka (Hypnotique Recordings) supported by Underground Experience Music Entry 8 ευρώ (presale) - 10 on spot Ιερά Οδός 44 Κεραμεικός ΜΕΤΡΟ: Κεραμεικός (3 λεπτά με τα πόδια) ΗΣΑΠ: Θησείο (15 λεπτα με τα πόδια)
  2. https://www.mixcloud.com/yiannis_kats/141217/ tracks from Mark Day & Noein, Arodjan, Confo, Arjuna & Farebi Jalebi, Hulter Til Bulter, Gu, Ankur & Elowinz, Spagetti Brain, Petran, Quixotics, Shakti Project.
  3. https://www.mixcloud.com/yiannis_kats/231117/ painting cover from Konstantin Yuon - new planet tracks from_ Biophotons, Atrus & Bar, Dopadocks, Mussy Moody, Braindrop, Spagetti Brain, Makumba & Suzi, Groove Digger, White Whizard, Psyriots, Far -Q, Spacehealer.
  4. We are continue the tale into the dark psychedelic trance sounds with an upcoming artist called Atrus as a storyteller, feel the nature and open your mind to listen... all tracks are written and produced by Nikos Kechagias except track 3 is w&p with Bar mastering by Pupsidelic Media cover design by Yiannis Kats https://undergroundexperiencemusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-gates-of-the-inexplicable
  5. all our releases and mix sets from friends are uploaded... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXNbiHRCAwiOG2G8ri4TtBw https://undergroundexperiencemusic.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/undergroundexperienceathens/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/undergroundexperienceAthens/
  6. Earth Drop team and Underground experience invites you to a Psytrance private night.The Pilots:LIVE ACT:- Neverwaz (Darknox records)https://soundcloud.com/baba-lou-1DJ SETS:- Weirdel (Goa records)https://soundcloud.com/weirdel - Rolling Dice (Natural High) - Yiannis Kats (Underground Εxperience / Discovalley rec) https://www.mixcloud.com/yiannis_kats/ - Tangie (Earth Drop) https://www.mixcloud.com/TangieE_D/ @ secret location in athens....
  7. https://www.mixcloud.com/yiannis_kats/91017/ tracks from_ Xhamanic Ritual & Sound Alchemist, Confo & Makumba, Karran, Egova, biophotons, Cracked Noses, Karmamind & Medhorinum, White wizard, Sonic Scizzor, Psykovsky & Cosmo mixed by Yiannis Kats (Underground Experience, Discovalley Records)
  8. "Atrus - The Gates of The Inexplicable" ep mastering by Pupsidelic Media - cover design by Yiannis Kats coming soon at https://undergroundexperiencemusic.bandcamp.com/
  9. Undergound Experience music is a mobile free party since 1994 based in Athens. Αfter many years of organizing partys we decided to release music from underground artists. "independence of art_for the revolution the revolution_for complete liberation of art" https://undergroundexperiencemusic.bandcamp.com/
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