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  1. Hey all! Hope you are doing well. Last night I finally finished, and put the cherry on top of, compiling my full discography from back when I started releasing tracks and albums. The tracks are all free to download; however, I would recommend starting with Hypnotica in the Keeping The Faith Collection--as it is both one of my favorites and a pretty cool/fun goa/psy track. Come one, come all, and enjoy :). https://www.psyberscenic.com/ Take it easy!
  2. Hi all! Hope you're doing well :). Finally able to start working on the merch side of things for my project "Psyberscenic" and am looking for a graphic designer who would like to tag along for at least the first t-shirt design. (I'm three albums behind so there's lots of work to get through). What I am looking for specifically, with this project, is a design for the front of the shirt as well as a "Psyberscenic" text-logo for the upper-neck part of the back side of the shirt. I have a design for the front that I crafted a while ago but it is not set in stone that that need be the fin
  3. Ye, I hear ya. I posted the unmastered track above. The one I posted was an attempt of mine to master the track on my own. If you want to take a listen to the unmastered version, that would be great; if not, I'll post the final version at some point once I have the money to get it completed. Thanks for taking a listen! Much appreciated .
  4. Haha, ye man. I made 7 of them xD--four years of my life . I actually forgot that I made a post in this thread to be honest. That version that I shared was an attempt at mine to master the track myself--before I kind of just came to the conclusion that I want somebody else to do that work lol. Here's the unmastered version: https://soundcloud.com/allthingsflow/hypnotica-premaster My headphones are quite old and the track is always sounding different to me each time I play it but that is what it is without the mastering. Haha! I'm super glad you like the album on Bandc
  5. Hey all! Just finished working on this track and was wondering if I could get some feedback on it. Specifically how it sounds on your setup. I mastered it on my monitors and I've had some issues with how it sounds on people's headphones. Thanks! Hope you have a great rest of your day!
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