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  1. After a while, a new track. https://soundcloud.com/kimoto0815/kimoto-no-tomorrow
  2. Greetings, my first collaboration track with Cyberspace is finished! Enjoy and keep it psychedelic!
  3. hej, i always try to do more on a track after the 1-2 day after starting one. i tell me over and over and in the end is mostly a bit tunig and then mixdown, before it got lost. suggestions?
  4. thx 4 feedback Hasheeshian, here some new sexy full-on ^^
  5. ´thanks tsotsi, here a new track
  6. Hey, My first Darkpsy or whatever style track is there ? ⚡170 Bpm ⚡
  7. <><><><><><╰დ╮ Hello ╭დ╯><<><><><><> >>>◉◉◉Hear my latest production◉◉◉<<< |||||^|<<<<<>>>>>?Ultron?<<<<<>>>>>|^||||| -----------------?ॐ Enjoy ॐ ?----------------
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