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  1. You may be needed to call gravity this time Colorful 141BPM Psytrance, I hope you won't get hit too hard.. HQ Sound: youtu.be/jFaOTPiNHMM FREE DL: bit.ly/2kZMvAC www.facebook.com/radiofanaticmusic/ Enjoy!
  2. [media][/media] Hey guys, I'd like you to enjoy my new "High On The Spin Vol. 04" Prog & Full On Psytrance unique dj set. In this edition you can catch me freakin' out on the mix, that's what happening when the vibes are too damn strong. So if you're stuck under heavy rain, or if you just got an extra hour at work, while the A\C has stopped working at the office (as usual), You can always feel the plesant wind, and the warm sand under your feet - with High On The Spin Vol.04. Cheers! This is, High On The Spin Vol. 04: 139>142 BPM, 57:51 min. 01. Bungee Jump (Protonica Remix) - Captain Hook & Astrix 02. Ultimate Energy - Berg 03. Clear Test Signal (Vini Vici Remix) - Pixel vs. Space Cat 04. Tenla - Bizzare Contact vs. Bubble 05. Distigma - Mystical Complex vs. Dapanji 06. Giants Are Attacking - Bliss 07. Choppin' And Cutting - Masicate 08. Get On Top (Mystical Complex Remix) - Power Source 09. Fireball - Bionix 10. The Radio Fanatics - Radio Fanatic 11. The 5th - Painkiller
  3. If you've reached this far, I'm sure you do want to know what it's all about, so check me out https://soundcloud.com/radiofanatic https://www.facebook.com/radiofanatic1 My Flag track: My latest DJ Set: I'll be glad for your opinions of course, about this kind of music ect. Enjoy!!
  4. Full On Psycedelic Set, April 15'. [00:00] Deedrah - Reload (Skyfall Remix) [08:08] Captain Hook & Astrix - Bungee Jump (Original Mix) [14:17] Osher - A Little Peace [20:38] Indecent Noise - Witch Hunt (Original Mix) [27:13] Radio Fanatic - Black Lithium Remix (Final Mix) [32:29] Hydraglyph - Electric Feed [38:55] Biogenesis - Harmonic Science [47:32] Man With No Name - Vice Versa (Vertical Mode Remix) [54:40] Electrified & Argonnight - On Fast Record [01:00:32] Space Buddha - Land Of The Wolves Please do enjoy greatly.
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