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  1. Thx for your replies and advice, and sorry for my veeery late response to it! I read your answers, made a desicion and took off to the woods to build a festival Anyways, I DID go for the 2xQSC k12 as tops and bought only one kSub to go with it. Considering the distance of forest we had to carry all equipment through, we decided it was best to go for the most lightweight tops of sustainable quality and only one subwoofer this year. (A boatride of 20mins in an old wooden rowboat followed by 30 mins walking uphill in a rugged forest and wet swamplands with no trails , with the speakers attached to our backs by ducktape and carrying the subwoofer tied to a log between 2 people's shoulders...Yeah, crazyness on a roll.. ) The sound of the PA was not bad at all in these remote surroundings, really. And the party turned out to be somewhat of a fantastic experience for all involved!! We will go at it again in a year or so! Take a look, if interested: https://www.facebook.com/events/237354459747726/ https://www.goabase.net/skogtroll-2014/75530 <3
  2. I am organizing a psytrance party out in the woods and want to invest in a decent PA for this event. I have been doing some research on google and on different forums, but I feel I could really use some advice at this point. I did a rather small party (50-60 ppl) about a year ago also, for which I rented 2 Mackie SRM450. But no sub. Which eventually led to one speaker going to h.. in the push for more power... Lesson learned. This year I expect around 150 guests (200 max), which is the size of crowd I will be expecting for future events also. So the setting will be as follows: - A crowd of 200 people (300 max to be sure) - The event requires some walking distance on foot, making weight of equipment an important issue. - The only available power supply will be gas generators, so power consuption is definitely an important aspect as well. At this point I have two generators of 1000W each. - I have a nice budget, meaning I can afford to get some good gear, but ofc., there is a limit somewhere. _ This being a forest party pretty far north, the equipment need to be able to handle changing weather conditions and a worst case scenario of temperatures down to the freezing point. I have been looking at different systems around the net, and I thought I would go for 2 QSC k12 as tops, and the kSub to go with them, but some more research has put me in doubt that this is the right solution. Especially the sub has been getting some critique around the web, but I have also seen the speakers stated as lousy on the midrange sound along with them not really delivering the quality equivalent to their pricerange. The Mackies might be ok, but I have seen some comments around stating that they are likely to not last very long, which is really not a very appealing thought when ready to make an investment... Well, point is I am in the blue here... Advice is much appreciated!
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