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  1. :{HEM034}: DEVOID - METAMORPHOSIS d(*_*)B.... OUT NOW Australia's Highly Evolved Music present there latest psytrance album release. Created for night time floors, Metamorphosis take inspiration from early Goa trance & Heavy Metal. Devoid uses Modular Synthesis to great effect. Exploring Mythical & Sci-Fi themes the 8 tracks each take on a life of their own. Each track unwinds with Intricate sound design & gritty mechanical effects which perfectly compliment the vast alien soundscapes while providing a psychedelic experience the listener wont soon forget. $15 CD's
  2. [HEM023] MINDHERTZ - "FOR OUTDOOR USE" <><> RELEASED SEP 25th 2015 <><> Highly Evolved Music Based in Melbourne, the last 10 years have scene Psy Trance producer "Mindhertz" deliver amazing LIVE sets of true 150bpm Psychedelic Trance right across he country. Having decided against officially release his music in the past. Until now, In person was the only way to witness his mindbending sounds. Over 4 tracks, this Ep signals a very special release + one that Highly Evolved Music are very proud to present. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=
  3. Hey Guys, Hope you've all been great. Just a quick heads up from the Highly Evolved crew on our latest release. Track List 1 Orb Weaver - Into the sun 2 Instant Alien - Armada 3 Psychoacoustic Vision - The Forest is Grey 4 Six Echo - Experience 5 Bellatrixx - Dark Duel 6 Algorithm - Alien Technology 7 Binaural - Chinzkrament 8 Aphorism - Ataraxia [sOUNDCLOUD] [/sOUNDCLOUD] "Mechanics of Nature" is a new 8 track compilation fusing the sounds of our finest established artists with some exciting new additions to our team. Comprised of all Australian
  4. HEM020 - Tokyo Connections by Ajurika, Viajero & Aphorism !!! OUT NOW -------> Sup guys hope your well. After a little while between drinks, Highly Evolved are back and stoked to bring you our first of a few releases coming in 2014. This time round we see a 10 track Compilation connecting Aussie and Japanese psychedelic flare, courtesy of Ajurika (Japan), Viajero (Aus) & Aphorism (Aus). Va - Tokyo Connections [2014] 01 - Ajurika - White Strawberry 02 - Ajurika - Responsibility 03 - Ajurika - Cygnus 04 - Viajero - Embrace 05 - Viajero - Divine Interventions
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