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  1. Digitalis - Destiny EP 1.Digitalis - Destiny (Original Mix) 2.Digitalis - Destiny (Broken Eye Remix) 3.Digitalis - Destiny (Paraskunk Remix) 4.Digitalis - Destiny (Pitch Drop Remix) Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.005 Format: FLAC Released: March 2015 Style: Breakbeat / Psybreaks / Tech-Funk Mastering: Merv Pepler @ Eat Static studio Artwork: Katarina aka Wild Bronco Destiny EP, from psybreaks pioneer Digitalis, is Pistolero Recordings' 5th release. Digitalis aka Seb Taylor, is also very known for his other quality projects like Shakta, Kaya Project, Hibernation and many more. This is his first breaks release after more than 5 years and 17 years after his classic psybreaks album “The Third State” released on legendary japanese label Matsuri Productions now Matsuri Digital. Original version is groovy breaks discodelia followed by massive tech-funk stomper from Broken Eye (UK), night-time psybreaks remix from Paraskunk (Canada) and 145 bpm massive psybreaks banger from Pitch Drop (Australia). Tracks are mastered by Merv Pepler at Eat Static studio and cover is designed by Katarina aka Wild Bronco. Soundcloud / Bandcamp
  2. Baodub - Subhit EP 1.Subhit (5:10) 2.Subhit (Frequency Less Remix) (6:45) Label: Pistolero Recordings - PISTOLERO.004 Format: FLAC Released: November 2014 Style: Dub / Psydub / Psytrance Mastered by Merv Pepler Artwork by Katarina Majic 4th release from Pistolero Recordings includes psychedelic electro dubness with deep vibes and serious beats from polish producer Baodub alongside with dubby psy-trance dancefloor oriented remix from Frequency Less (Spain) suitable for both party peaktime and morning psyness. Tracks are mastered by Merv Pepler at Eat Static (Lab UFO) studios. Bandcamp / Soundcloud
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