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  1. Good news for all Suomisaundi lovers! Nearly all of the original discography of Thixx'n'Dixx was recently made available (free downloads) at archive.org. Thixx'n'Dixx (2001-2002) was a popular website by Tim Thick, M. Mutation and Walter Dick, releasing and hosting free MP3 music, particularly Suomisaundi and related genres. So this is some real oldschool Suomisaundi! -> https://archive.org/details/thixxndixx This one picks up all the Suomisaundi from SoundCloud every morning. Almost 1800 tracks and counting. It should already be quite thorough, but suggestions for additions are w
  2. For that matter, does anyone have any idea of a track that is sort of a remix/mashup of multiple O.O.K. tracks? I've heard this track a couple of times in Israel but I have yet to discover the track title or artist. Haven't been able to find it. It's a killer track, a ton of OOK tracks sampled and mashed into a beautiful styge.
  3. tripping norsu is available here: http://omituisten.bandcamp.com/ not entirely sure about the sausage song... ook is still around somehow. played in israel, japan and finland in the recent years.
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