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  1. Hey everybody I just posted a new track. I'll be happy to get some feedback on it. Its 160BPM aimed to be sort of dark trance but that's my first time making this kind so let me know what u think and what can I do to make a better one next time. enjoy https://soundcloud.com/vorpal-blade/caffeine
  2. Hey everybody, Here's a new track I just finished.. as my previous one, this one has a certain atmosphere to it and also pretty heavy bassline. Enjoy and let me know what you think- any comment would be appreciated https://soundcloud.com/vorpal-blade/rampage
  3. Why don't people always open downloads for their music.. It would be cool if you would. I always like to listen to good music in the car and there Soundcloud is not really an option. I always open mine for download, didn't really understand why others dont..
  4. Now I understand! Though it seems more ilke only goa. I'm aiming for also sort of a full-on style.
  5. Thank you very much ! And well, I'm still beginning maybe my next ones could be more insane Just starting a new track called Rampage so now I have to stand off to that name.lol btw if you've got some tracks you consider really insane and good I'd like to hear them- always better to expand my knowledge and hear some crazy stuff
  6. Yeah I suddenly had an urge for a Sax there.lol Glad you both liked it and thanks for your comments
  7. Hello everybody! I've just finished a new track. It's kind of fullon/Goa/dark I could really define cause it's faster and more insane than just full on but not quite like dark trance. Check it out and let me know what you think Any comment will be appreciated! https://soundcloud.com/vorpal-blade/myview/
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