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  1. Hi, party people! I hope you'll check out my latest effort - Infinite Monkey, which is a psybreaky piece that I think turned out rather nicely. It's got elements of psytrance, breaks and Goa trance (the Goa part evolves from around the middle of the track towards the end). Infinite Monkey @ Soundcloud
  2. Hi! I just wanted to share my latest track, "Allsparked," which is sort of a remix of the "Scorponok" theme from the Transformers movie. You can hear the track on Soundcloud, and it can be downloaded in lossless Flac format. Best described as full-on melodic stomper? https://soundcloud.com/drumpets/allsparked Feel free to leave some comments - I always appreciate feedback! (To my fellow producers: I'd like to know how the low end sounds to you; I was comparing it to various professionally (presumably, anyway) mastered releases, and I honestly don't know what to think: some tracks have very little "oomph," but a very crisp bass that cuts through glass. I feel that my bassline maybe sounds a little muddy, but it's got more low end thump than some of the tracks I've compared it to.) Cheers, spork
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