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  1. If you feel like taking it a bit slower, and, perhaps, gazing at the stars, check out this new album, just released on Mystic Sound Records.
  2. Just a quick note to let you know that I'm finalizing Dubtrak's last remix album "reTRAKed" release on Boom One Records label and now is the time to grab its copy, while it's still available as a free download! In addition, get your copy of Dubtrak's 2011 album "Rapture", orginally released on Renegade Recordings, also available now for a limited time as a free download. Follow this link to find all Dubtrak's releases available on BandCamp: http://dubtrak.bandcamp.com Feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else! And for all you downtempo chillout groove lovers I've got hours and hours of pure bliss waiting on my MixCloud page: http://www.mixcloud.com/dubtrak/playlists/yoga-mixes-by-dubtrak/ Downloadable versions of these mixes are available on the Mixes for Yoga blog: http://yogamixes.blogspot.ca/ (alternatively you can subscribe to iTunes podcast and download it from there).
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