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I am an explorer of the psytrance universe, constantly diving into the intricate worlds crafted so delicately by our community. Aiming for new horizons, I search and review albums across the Darkpsy, Psycore, Tribal, Ambient, Drum n Bass, Glitch, IDM, Full-On, Progressive, Twilight, and other considerably psychedelic genres. I am currently working hard on writing a psytrance book that aims to express the visions and ideals of producers, listeners, and artists in the psychedelic trance movement from 1994 - Now. Passionate for the innovative, interested in the unexpected, and addicted to the magical, I dive deep into the realms of music to further understand the meanings behind the synthesizers. My goal is to help others discover new worlds and take them on a journey.


Interested? You can read my reviews here.


Most, if not all, of the music I post is completely and totally free under CC licensing, offering MP3, WAV, and FLAC download options for all to enjoy. :)


Interested in having your album reviewed? Interested in being interviewed? Interested in chatting? Want some scrambled eggs?


Email: Nsumbles@gmail.com

Skype: FatKidWitAJetPak




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