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  1. Am I the only one that picked up radi is a pimp? The topic says girls, the posts say none, radi says ill get the girls. Depthz I can tell you were fiending on that Hannah Montana. I'm in the USA. Just about every pop song has a dance or house beat. I can honestly say 1 out of 3 cars are now thumping electronic music. You can go to just about any club here and pick up some fine female ass. Chances are not in your favor she will like goa but she might like some form of electronic. All good relationships have the ability to share interests. So the hope is alive but in the end you'll have a clean well manicured firm body beauty with the potential to like goa. If you need to up your swag that's a whole new topic.

  2. Hey radi!! I remember you when I was on here years ago. I have to say your use of the English language now is perfect. Better than mine and I'm American!! Second thing I remember is how much you love ap. I'm with you here. I think the track humans will play for robots morning mix was good. Reminded me of a dancing galaxy styled track but definitely new. It had a polished sound but not over the top. Fine sounding is how I would put it. Some new elements but in the end it was ap. ultimately it's either going to be a new old style which is fine. Or it will be a chopped up version of the old but the energy will be so high settling is not a big deal however the novelty will wear off quickly. At this point I just want any info on the progress. If you know more please feel free to update me.

  3. Ironsun you know what I like you. You know why you took the time to read it but you felt it. I know this because you responded with a statement I felt. I agree its the opposite but you know what this music is decaying. Your positive attitude is something everyone needs.. Lift em up. I ask you listen to this story.. Re read your comment and we will have connected.


    The student approaches the master and says I found the truth. So the master says you have.. ? So the master asks the student to take a walk to a pond. The master then almost drowns the student then tells him when you seek the truth like you seek the air to breathe then come back to me. I seek goa like I seek air.. Where are you?

  4. Thanks for the share shpongled. Still feel it has a long way to go. Now I respect what you say about everyone being different.. Fact. Now you see only some of us can be champions. I know and understand a championship mentality so I can say this, but if you see an up and coming fighter who wants to make fighting his career then you throw him some breadcrumbs. You see he's good but just doesn't have what it takes. Now mind you training fighters is how I make my money to eat. So we take this average fighter, give him an honest chance and in the end he is not championship material. Someone who is determined does not settle for average. They will train harder until they have a better chance at the fight game. Ultimately they are no champion. In my gym there is no if we win we get ice cream if we lose we get ice cream. My name and my reputation is on my studs. In the end no one remembers second place and I will always demand more until we have achieved our standard of fighting.

  5. @shpongled - I respect what you have to say. Be a brother and enlighten me. What do we have to lose? You show me something new and I might like it. Either way the fact you tried makes you a brother no matter what.


    My main objection is neo goa basically is one loop with a splash here and a sprinkle there. I understand evolution but the bottom line is neo goa is boring. I can listen to some oldschool tracks where I can hear a blatant improvement can be made. bottom line is old school still adds enough to make the track always evolving. Deeper in the patterns and more variation to keep your interest and the mind wandering.

  6. As we all know there are multiple ways to view things. Now you read that and chose to call it trolling for obvious reasons. Then we have the other point of view of passion. Thats how i wrote that.. with pure passion. Now this you can understand. There are some of us who love goa. I do and it's all I listen to. When your listening to goa all of the time there comes a point when you have nothing new and nothing fresh to listen to. So you go back to the collection find something and give it a spin. In the end it's not enough.. We need more. So we have this neo goa which is supposed to fill the lack of goa for those of us in my spot. I know I'm not alone when I say this but I have higher expectations for neo goa. I don't sugarcoat things I speak my mind. It's no where near the level it should be. Go get an oldschool disc then listen to neo goa. You will obviously notice the difference. Fix it

  7. Neo goa is uninspired lack of talent garbage. I won't lower my standard to even listen to a sample. If someone ever caught me listening to neo goa I could only hope they would beat me down on the spot. I would really like to know the ages of these neo goa artists and what equipment they have. Furthermore have they listened to all of the classics and the evolution of the sounds.


    I'm going to buy a new computer. In two weeks look out for my neo goa album.

  8. A six plant hydroponic set is not hard to use. I have bad headaches, ADHD, glaucoma, can't eat. So medicinally I can have six plants. I'm not condoning anything illegal but growing plants is as easy as reading the directions to some microwaveable fries. Keep it safe in your own house. Don't distribute just enjoy.

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