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  1. hi dear folks heres one of my new tracks, hope u enjoy. feel free to spread it if u like Travelers Rave From The Stars Candy Science 158bpm https://soundcloud.com/candyscience/travelers-rave-from-the-stars-in-progress
  2. greetings dear folks after a small break from uploads due to my work on my first EP, heres a new soundcloud upload of me. bit unconventionel, more prog then usually. hope u like it Progresteroid Candy Science Psytrance/Progressive 144bpm https://soundcloud.com/candyscience/progresteroid
  3. greetings here my newest track. hop you like it The Rider In The Glass Candy Science Austria Psytrance 150bpm
  4. hi everyone im glad to present you my newest work ^^ Event Horizon Candy Science Psytrance 150bpm Hope you like it
  5. greetings dear folks here ive got a new awesome track for you. hope you enjoy it Contact, A Long Way Ahead Candy Science Psytrance 150bpm https://soundcloud.com/candyscience/contact-its-almost-finished
  6. and here the final version The Moon Candy Science Psytrance 148bpm
  7. Check out the Preview to my new song. Moonshine Preview Candy Science Psytrance 146bpm The Finished Version will come soon
  8. The first Cooperation with Kollektor A big Thank-You to him for the awesome samples! Im rly happy with this track, some nice sounds in there Alphabetical Disorder Candy Science & Kollektor Psytrance 140bpm
  9. its again time for a new song ^^ aaaaaannnnnddd here it is: Morning Dew Candy Science Psytrance 152 bpm hope you enjoy it. would be nice to get some feedback on it greetings
  10. hi folks ive got a new track for you ^^ This time its a coproduction with Mhmkay again. i realy like the result; there r always some nice results when we work together Bit Traveling Candy Science Progressive Psytrance 130 bpm
  11. dont worry, just want to understand your point so maybe i can improve something the next time it was my intention on this song to work out the different layers. the souds are very trancey, so for my feeling they need some space.
  12. Hi there _edit:_ Tracklist Candy Science - Arbra (12.4.2013) Candy Science - Parallel (14.4.2013) Candy Science - Kara (15.4.2013) Candy Science & Mhmkay - Bit Traveling (25.4.2013) Candy Science - Morning Dew (30.4.2013) Candy Science & Kollektor - Alphabetical Disorder (9.5.2013) Candy Science - The Moon (25.5.2013) Candy Science - Contact, A Long Way Ahead (4.6.2013)
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