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  1. Hello friends! We are happy to announce our catalog on Beatport's Sound to Sample. All about loops/samples/midi files/full projects - for House/Trance/Electro/HipHop/coming soon - Drum'n'Bass and more! Enjoy!!! soundstosample.com/producer/Function_Loops/102
  2. Hello friends! We have decided to give the first volume of the famous series for Psy-Trance lovers! Twisted Reaction Sample Pack Vol.1 for FREE! Get it here: psy-load.com.falkenstein.sui-inter.net/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage-ask.tpl&product_id=27&category_id=2&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1 Also check our Special X-mas Bundles: psy-load.com.falkenstein.sui-inter.net/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage-ask.tpl&product_id=32&category_id=2&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1 and this SPECIAL OF
  3. Make your Psy-Trance productions super-futuristic with the latest Psy sample collection from Twisted Reaction featuring over 400 mb of sounds! Inside you'll find basslines, percusion and loops as well as kicks, effects and synth lines including pads, arps, riffs, leads, melodies and everything you will need to make your tracks sound amazing! All the content in this superb download is royalty free & packed with cutting edge Psytrance sounds! Check it out! http://www.dancemidisamples.com/Twisted-Reaction-Psy-Trance-Sample-Pack-Vol-3.html Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!
  4. Function Loops have released Twisted Reaction's latest Psy-Trance track as a Cubase 5+ project. The Psy-Trance template uses a simple, easy to understand layout and uses only Cubase's plugin suite meaning that you can load and edit this project without 3rd party plugins. Learn how to EQ tracks and how to use effects such as reverb & delay along with filter and automation to create a complete track using ONLY Cubase. The project is provided royalty free meaning that you're free to re-arrange, remix and edit, use it as a learning tool or to kick-start your latest Psy-Trance production.:c
  5. HI FRIENDS! TWISTED REACTION'S Myspace updated: www.myspace.com/twistedreaction NEW RELEASES COMING ON PUSH REC: Tube - Dinosaur ( Twisted Reaction Rmx) BLAZED - One Day ( Twisted Reaction Rmx) Enjoy!
  6. hi there friends! BLAZED - One Day (I Have a Dream) TWISTED REACTION ELECTRO RMX from the album BLAZED - "SEE DEEP INSIDE" 2009 (Phantasm/Enzyme) link for the video: enjoy!!
  7. Hey there friends! We are happy to announce the debut album of BLAZED (Twisted Reaction and Zorflux) - "SEE DEEP INSIDE" is OUT NOW (Enzyme Rec/Phantasm Rec)!!! Phantasm's newest talent, Blazed come with a mind blowing debut album entitled, "See Deep Inside". The album features top notch remixed tracks like legendary floor stomper, Eskimo - Party Pooper and Cycle Sphere - Electrical Resistance, Serious sound with lots of groove and fat basslines. Psychedelic roots mixed with sound and technology of these days, bringing you allways a full message of joy...Get ready to blaze your sense
  8. Hello, Enzyme Records (Phantasm Rec Sub-label) now also rocking in Israel! Israeli Enzyme Office is finally open and beeing managed by Twisted Reaction. New myspace is also online: www.myspace.com/enzymeisrael Enjoy!! Enzyme Rec. Crew
  9. Hi there! New tracks coming soon on Pixan rec, Sigma rec , Recless Rythm, Spliff-Music, Geomagnetic.tv, Tokyo X-ray and more!
  10. Greetings everyone! Are you looking for quality electronic music? If you do - visit our online shop at: http://mad-mind.musicdock.net . We are a company concentrating on all styles of psytrance and downtempo. On our shop you can get tracks or compilations/artist albums from leading labels worldwide and from many artists such as: Earthling, Chromatone, Neuromotor, Naked Tourist, CPU, Scorb, Nomad, Pheonix Family, Electrypnose ,Wizard Lizard, Twisted ReAction, Mindstorm , Audiopathik, Energy Loop, Random and many more. We are updating our shop with new tracks and compilations each month and a
  11. Artist: Twisted Reaction Title: ACTION! Label: GEO - ISRAEL (Division of Geomagnetic.tv) Format: CD Release: June 23rd 2006 Catalog: geocd008 Tracklist: 1. Heaven (Vocal Edit) 7:58 145 bpm 2. Acid Theater 8:30 145 bpm 3. Twisted Illusions 7:21 145 bpm 4. Action! 8:04 145 bpm 5. Drugs (Remix) 7:07 146 bpm 6. Morning Sun 8:00 145 bpm 7. On the Drumz 6:59 145 bpm 8. Civilysergia (Album Version) 145bpm (feat. Mindstorm) 9. One Love 5:05 120 bpm (feat. Hero For A Day on Guitar) Mastering @ Chromatone Waveworks by: Random Info from: http
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