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  1. hey there folks! :] after a short break im back with some dark stuff, so i would be really happy if you guys would take some time and listen to my new track, called Back Home. So here it is: http://soundcloud.com/ctogram/cto-gram-back-home and also everybody is highly welcome to join my facebook page :] http://www.facebook.com/pages/CTO-gram/106355789397028?ref=mf Peace, kiss ya
  2. Hi all =) wanna show you my and my friend new project Funky Glitches sounds kinda like funky trippy full on or something like that, dont really know =) so here you go: http://soundcloud.com/funkyglitches Peace
  3. Basilisk, good to hear you like it and im really glad you will put it on ektoplazm! Psybro, i hope you will enjoy it
  4. V.A. - UNDER THE MOSS - FREE net release mp3 / 320 pack wav pack
  5. thanks for listening and really thanks for a remark, i'll try to avoid such things in future
  6. hey thanks for good words! i'll try to do my best
  7. hi there, folks! wanna show my new track i made, this is my first goa track, so im very open minded to any kind of feedback and suggestions! and here is the link: DFS - Zero Degrees
  8. Really would like to hear some opinions about this one: Terrorform - Introdance (CTO gram rmx) any words (good or bad) are very very welcome...
  9. Nice track you got here intro sounds very interesting, for me everything seems fine, except the bassline, something wrong with it... maybe it's because of quality, but it could be stronger and a little bit softer, and one more thing, the vocal sample is a little bit loud... Good luck and keep working m8!
  10. yeah! thats a really good idea, as a big fan of you i cant wait till this release will be available! it will really interesting to watch your evolution. Thanks
  11. Very nicely layered remix i must say! i like intro very much, also transitions in all track are really good! good luck and keep it up m8!
  12. Could you uploadit in yousendit or sendspace, because i cant download from megaupload?
  13. So for lack of time and skills maybe, i think i have to consider this remix finished, besides that i'm also planing to make and Dead Birds In The Sky remix... and here goes the Atomic Corner rmx: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c46v95 opininions are welcome!
  14. Hey this is song is even more great that your previuos scratched cd! intro is very good, all track is filled with really good fx'es... maybe one thing, that is not so good is the bass, i would like a little bit stronger bassline. Overall very good track with quality, keep it up m8!
  15. that's a good one, really impressive technique
  16. Good fast track, something like cosmo? really nice horror elements at the beginning, i say its good shit
  17. Shiloh? well downloading, will see what you got here
  18. Very nice compilation for my ears, in my opinion your tracks are most greatest in this compilation, congrats mate and thank you for this relaxing moment
  19. Thanks for the comments guys, i cant wait till i 100% finish this track!
  20. something wrong happened with that link, try this one: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hlcg0l
  21. i would be really apreciated if you would check my remix its not finished, so really need some feedback http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=41280
  22. Very nice intro, nice fx'ed voice some nice melodies flying around, i just would like more hihats maybe, with less high frequencies! And overall really great harmonic track! Keep it up m8
  23. Thnks for a listen currently i am working on a synth lead... it will be on a final version
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