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  1. 3 psy sites in ZA are: www.bomelakiesie.co.za www.3am.co.za www.kwik-kut.co.za Theres Tryptych and Protoculture headlining a 3 floor gig on the 30th of April check either of the above sites for info. Bom!
  2. MOTION POOL LIVE! Triptych (Turbo Trance Records, France) Slug (Nexus Media) DMMT (BPM, Alien Safari) Tone Deaf Junkies (Bulldozer Studios) Lost & Found (Beartrap) DJ's! Charles Michaud (Triptych, Turbo Trance Records) Protoculture (Nano Records) Lox (Vortex) Connecto (BPM) Sway (upstairs) Zee (Groovy Troopers) & special guests VIRAL LOUNGE An experimental lounge where delicious visuals and aural experiments combine to produce new synergies. Sample the latest electronica straight from the cutting edge. DJ's! Mike (Indidginus) Alex (Benguela,
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