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  1. Goasapiens presents: 16.06.2007. Kalemegdan :: Rov kod Vojnog Muzeja Xerox & Illumination Live! Xerox and Illumination BIO :: Xerox & Illumination are Moshe Keinan and Amir Dvir from Israel. Xerox released 4 albums: Xerox & Freeman - "Human Race" (1998), Xerox - "Freestyle" (1999), Maskalin - "Way of life" (2001) and Xerox - "Frequency drive" (2002). Illumination is Amir Dvir, a talented artist and sound technician of the first degree. He started making trance music under the name Luminus and released 3 albums: Luminus - "Journey into your dream" (1998), Luminus - "Hypnotica" (2000) and Luminus vs. Perplex - "Plexus" (2001). The due joined forces in 2002 and since then released tracks in leading compilations of labels such as T.I.P world, HOMmega, Spun and Crystal Matrix. Their joint venture albums – "Temporary insanity" (2004) and "XI" (2005) delivered Psychedelic trance fused with mettalic sounds and highly influenced from the techno & breakbeat genres. A new formula with a huge production of action packed epic music fitting both morning and night time moods. This new direction of the due was outstanding and it was not long before the biggest names in the scene Like Astrix, 1200mics, Etnica, Domestic & X-noiZe came knocking for remixes. In between the Brazil, Japan and European tours, XI are spending all their spare time in the studio working on a collaboration track with Astrix and on their new album which is schedueled to be released in 2007. The new album is considered another evolutionary step for XI as they seem to be close to perfection with their new innovative sound & style. Xerox and Illumination TOP10 :: * XI - BATTLESHIP (KRUNCH RMX) * XI - CREATURE OF THE NIGHT * DOMESTIC & X-NOIZE - RED HANDED (XI RMX) * ASTRIX - TAKE A SHOT * XI - NO WAY OUT * SANDMAN - NOSTERDAMUS RMX * XI - THE BEAST WITHIN * X-NOIZE & PIXEL - BEATS FROM BEYOND (GMS RMX) * BLACK & WHITE - BLADE (PTX RMX) * XI - GHOST IN THE MACHINE (WIZZY NOIZE RMX) Line Up :: Aquapipe // GoaSapiens Wizard // GoaSapiens XEROX AND ILLUMINATION LIVE! // HOMMEGA :: ISRAEL Wolland // GoaSapiens Flyer :: More info at :: www.goasapiens.com :: forum.goasapiens.com :: info@goasapiens.com :: kontakt@goasapiens.com
  2. Lost Buddha Interview by kim0 for soundmute.org/forum As one of lovers of Goa Sounds, i decided to make this chat with one of new artists that are making old sounds,Lost Buddha. Hope you'll like this. kim0: First,introduction time. Just tell more about you. Hehehe,ok. I am Filipe , i have 22 years old and im from Lisbon , Portugal , currently living on Northern Ireland. kim0: Do you have maybe some strange nick name from childhood times? I do. Hehehehe, my mum used to call me "Pipe", short name for Filipe, i use that nickname as a hiphop instrumental producer. kim0: How did you got idea for the project name and what does it means? About Lost Buddha , well i always felt like somekind of a "lost" person , just lost in the middle of the modern society , where i see myself so different because of the music i produce , the Goa Trance. Because of the modern times we are living , everybody is producing fullon or other styles of psychedelic trance music , and just because of the fact that I am so way different , on the way i think , the way i do things , I am lost in a "sea" of people , trying to find the right people , the ones just like me. kim0: We know that you know to make music. Now can you describe your music with words,to see how poetic are you? Hahahahahahhaha, no because im not a singer nor even a poet! But i can give you an idea of my music. I can say that my goal in my music is to give the positive feeling to all the people outhere , just because when we live the world outhere there is soooo many things that push us down , that then we need to "Refill" our spirits , and my music is like that , uplifting , joyous , happy , beautiful ... ... The entire recipe to keep your spirit up and healthy. kim0: Can you take us to your world. What do you dream about? I dream about a world , a paradise , where all the people are harmonized to each other , linked to each other. I always believed in real love too , and i think now i found my other "half of my soul" , Rossana , my girlfriend. Thats what my music reflects , it says who i am , what i want , and thats why i love so much the goa trance music , because it is everything good in life. kim0: Yeah,i must admit,you are a poet Well it looks that i am one afterall,hahaha. kim0: Now,lets talk about music. How did it all start and why? It started back in 96-97 when i was in school , i was crazy about electronic sounds , and i was specially insane by the TB-303 sound , the ACID (in that time i didnt know what was it called). Then a school mate of my class gave me a tape , i used to use a tape walkman in that time too (oh yea the good ol´times hehe) , then i started to listen to the tape and then i got sooo damn amazed by the melodies because they were arabic , egyptian , eastern melodies, and i was so in love with those melodies that i instantly fell in love with that music , i never got to know what was that genre of music , i even asked my school mate but he didnt know cause it was one of his brother´s tapes. Then after a lot of listenings the tape got wrecked and i never got to know what was that music genre till i met a friend of my brother´s in the year 2000 , he got this VA-Goa Head vol-12 , as soon as i listened to RA- Initiated , i got to know what was that music i had on tape and then boom , thats how i got to know it was called "Goa-Trance". I decided to make goa-trance cause i simply loved the harmony in the music and the eastern melodies . That was the enough to give me the feeling to start doing it by my way , cause sometimes i was listening to some goa tunes and i always tought : "if it would be me i would do this in the song , i would to that on the song .." etc.. kim0: You loved it at first listening. Indeed. kimo: And can u tell us who is ur Goa God,who influenced you the most? All of the artists. Cause everyone contributed to what i am now , I love Asia 2001 , Miranda , RA , Cyan , Cosmosis , Psygone , MFG , Space Tribe , Hallucinogen , Transwave ,Amanite FX , almost all of them really , i have no Goa God , just because all of them are the Goa Gods. kim0: So where do you find inspiration for melodies? Nowhere really , most of the people are always saying i sound like this artist , that artist ,but the thing is that all the melodies i do come from me , i have to admit i was heavly influenced by the old skool sound , but nowadays i barely listen to Goa music , most of the times i just sit on the computer and start composing . Then the music just starts building by itself! kim0: yeah,u dont have problems with that,for sure Yeah, I dont. Its good if sometimes people say i remind them MFG or any other group , thats one of the reasons i produce goa , its always good to feel some nostalgia. kim0: And what is the most beautiful moment on party for when you are playing? The most beautiful moment when I am playin on a party is when everyone are in harmony with me , are feeling what i am saying in the music , following my story and dancing like nobody´s watching! kim0: And when you are on the Dancefloor? When I am on the dance floor , 1st i have to like the music , i know that nowadays anyone can be put behind the decks , because its so easy to make music today so its not easy to put me dancing . I like to dance to music that i feel it is art , it is done with the heart and spirit not done for the money or even the public , a true artist have to know that music is not a toy , most of the so called "Artists" nowadays are only doing it for the money & fame, and not for the heart and soul and this is already happening in psytrance world . kim0: Yeah,i must admit that you are doing it from heart,i feel it. I also know that we artists (i speak for myself) have to get a reward cause while we´re doing music we sweat a lot, so there is no harm in getting paid for the music we do , but an artist cant get simply "blind" by the money and then follow fame and fortune. Or else you´ll lose the real spirit bit by bit and then when you´ll stop and you will realize you´ve simply .. .. lost it. kim0: What do u think,can Goa hit back? I always believed in the "Ressurection" , always believed on it since i started to produce goa . i always have been bashed by the portuguese fullon producers saying that : "its old , nobody likes that! " or "you´ll never be able to be released with that music." these are only a small percentage of the quotes i have in mind , but i always struggled for what i like , what i love ,i have to show what the movement needs , not what the public say i need , because i am the artist and i have the power. Goa can hit back indeed , i am sure that are so many people out there in the world that love the old style and the old sounds that brought so much to them , so yes i believe we can have our small corner and simply have fun and enjoy kim0: And what is a perfect place for goa party? I like to play anywhere , what it matters most is the people , because the people make the mood , if we´re all PLUR , then we will have an hell of a party! A perfect place for a goa party to me would be near on a beach , surrounded with beautiful trees , the moon and the stars shining , blue sky and the sun real bright in the morning , everybody chanting and to be as one , and specially leave our problems and "dirt" from this world outside , we´re on a gathering to forget all our problems and to be blessed , refill our spirits with strenght to fight on our survival out on this society , people that try to step on you , etc , all the day-by-day problems. In a simple way , go to a party to have fun and leave all the problems and fuck-a-roos outside. cause if we´re always constantly thinking about problems , we go mental kim0: And just tell us something about your plans for the future. Well my plans for the future are to be happy with Rossana , work on my 2nd album for Shivlink Records since my 1st album will be on Metapsychic Records (for free) , and this 1st album will have all my oldies since 2004 till 2007 , unreleased stuff that im sure that everyone will enjoy it . kim0: Something u wanna tell us all for the end of this great interview? Hehehehe, I enjoyed this interview so much that i was right thinking "is it already finished?!" Hehehehe , ok i would like to say thanks to everybody that has been on my side all this time , Joske @ Suntrip records for all the support and everything you´ve done for me , Vassilis & Martin for beeing my friends , supporting my work and Metapsychic Rec. all the time and Rossana for loving me for real. Thanks to the people outhere that love my music and vibes , dont lose the hope and faith on goa trance and i hope that everybody will enjoy "Untold Stories" on metapsychic records and then my official album on shivlink. Peace , and thank u very much Kimo for such lovely interview . kim0: Thank you for your time and helping us to know you better.Wish you all the best in your future and life. That was a Lost Buddha,or should we call him "Pipe",guy who makes Good vibes,keeping problems far away and spreading love all around. Interview by kim0 aka mAn_WiTh_No_Name.
  3. hehehe,here i am.. lol,jokin.. im just also a big fan.. well,i only heard his 2 tracks on VA_-_Future_Sound_Masters that was released this year,in january i think.. so maybe hes preparing some kick ass alb00m,i hope so..
  4. Need tracklist for G-Light "Tochka Udovolstvia". Help someone? Thanx.
  5. Classical Mushroom and all Hallucinogen's albums..Simon is a legend..
  6. I nominate Filteria - Heliopolis to best GOA in 2006 (and almost only)..
  7. DArk Nebula vs Psywalker - Unlimited Power Cry to that!!
  8. best drug: LSD best drink: Absinth best cigar: Skunk best cake: marijuana chocolate best food: mushrooms best melody: Etnica - Trip Tonight best DJ: Simon Posford best Live: Zorba,Haldolium,Hallucinogen best set: DJ Dede (aka Spectrum) best album: Classical Mushroom best Goa person: Goa Gil best style: GOA trance best melodies: Vibe Tribe (on Wise Cracks) best rmx: Filteria - Lunnar Civilisation best synth: Erez (IM) best technics: Astrix best fest: Full Moon Taste the Best!!
  9. or better this.. Electric Universe - The prayer need Lyrics..
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