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  1. you are certainly not the oldest guy here aldough i dont post much here because of my heavy partylife and quit entertaining social life but never the less i think that it is true that music keeps you young
  2. you make my day lars i was already two days depressed that i've missed the gnotr sure hope you can get them here
  3. http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/audio/vremover.htm this might work too for the job its freeware
  4. to prosect ;with your skills i would certainly take the beth try it out for some years if its a crappy live you can always go back and play receptionist o and do come and play in belgium soon will you succes
  5. anyone has an idea where to find info about party or festivals in japan my buddy is there for some while and needs some info thanx
  6. i could hook you up with tickets if you want
  7. yes gemini i'll be happy to take that rubber toy with me my ducks will surely appreciate it you can find me at rhakti at the entrance
  8. i will be there too lucky for all of you only on the second list
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