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  1. dude , try to use firefox or something , everybody can download it.
  2. extazya - sillent hill (skitz 6) http://www.speedyshare.com/926719126.html what do you think? BooooooM YONI.
  3. where is the link to download the hall complitation dude ? its disapeerd
  4. It's released WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ! We are proud to tell you, yap it's released and compilation is out, available to download Just enjoy, download, listen, let's psy Peace*Love*Live COSMIC FLOWER - VA MARGUERITE 2006 [jitrocel] Cybernetika - Greed Faxi Nadu and Spka - The Others Mentris - der kleiner Trip Secret Side - Au dela du Reel Sparkunian - Idor nektar Spacer - Suclick Mindcrawlers - Elixir Nomis - Genie Extazya - Shamanas garden Swan X-1 - White magik StrezZ-Constantine Electromonk - Getting High big bacterials - psy_trauma chaotic synthetics -_freaky_mutant Eleusene - Hammered Specter - Trance Pulse Calamus at Mental Ballagan_-_Flower Of Life (RMX) Galaxia vs Seroquel - The Time Take All Away(dedicated to planet alfa) Tempestuous G & Electromonk - Lost In Space Chatnik - Terror on tv Nhjohyennro - XI Kodama Wat - Burn Cycle Gaffel aka Satanicelectro - Strike 5 Cronodevir - Goa India Pzyko - D-Ruvbakovitsj Double Miu - Beta 05 Unk! - Go To Hell Zeyon - Constructed Yawning Master - Mind Illusion Ancient - Sunrise Rudram - The Nature of Shiva Deus Ex Machina - Etnologic Filip Miler - E-motional Underflow Roberto Romero - Armagedon Solipsistic Master - 6 1 06 Celluloid Dmage - Stepgnome 13.9 Completelly 36 groovy punchy squilted twisted pumping tracks, through dark, morning stuff, back to dark and continue to melodic, energic music stuff Thanks to ALL artists,crew specially to Louis Daan Spacer Toxa ! Thanks to Andy ND for templates on web and Louis for upload Whole RAR archive will be available today Information and download at http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com find Music link This one we dedicate to Peace,Love,Live to Spacer's wife-to-be to ALL psytrance freaks Next informations will be updated on our website.. It's raining here in Prague, 20th August 2006, 0:01 Totally 4:22:50 great to download and listen to compo such is this one peace Cosmic Flower crew
  5. dude , you gonna promote in in other forums too ? like isra and all? and put it in promotion man on psynews !
  6. cool guys !! now publush it in all the forums !! BooooooooooM YOU DID A GREAT JOB
  7. very nice stuff bro !! keep up the good work , and keep us updated. BooooooooooooM ahi. yoni.
  8. here is an extend , zipped. http://www.speedyshare.com/443326345.html (skitz 2)
  9. thx man , and i dont used albino , and i gave little reverb on the heya , i will add more if it will be needed , and the sounds from the begining i think its from movie or something , cant remember dude. more comments please !
  10. hi guys , came with a new demo. link: http://www.speedyshare.com/172965617.html Comments please !! BOOOOOOOOOOm yoni.
  11. "global trip" , a good nam for the comp. hope it will be done in this weekend.
  12. "Instead of all the energy and effort directed at the war to end drugs, how about a little attention to drugs which would end war?" Albert Hofmann
  13. guys , its a complitation so lets be sirius , we need a good designer . and i think cosmic flower thinked about all , but first whats the name of the complitation?
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