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  1. Anomalistic Records is proud to present: Extazya - Mental Cage Mental Cage is a collection of audibles from the birth of the idea to its alterations through translation by the vessel that is known as Yoni Dayan AKA Extazya. Each piece smoothly flows into the next as if constructed from a broadened perspective. Bubbles popping, and theres a tv its been left on. Where is that sound coming from? Its very casual and up for interpretation, but some of the creatures that peak out from behind the curtain are unimagined till they emerge. Wow what happened? Its as if the threads of a sea cucumber have been covered in a shimmering platinum that is shattering into crystal the moment it solidifies. You may ask yourself is it not that im inside of this cage unlocked or if this cage is not locked inside the outer crust of imagination. Others vessels who have come into interactive contact with extazya also have made their presences factual on the tracklist of this collection. Hagenith presents his version of Extazya - Fun Gun, and Liquidnoize takes on half the translation workload in collaboration with Extazya. Tracklist: 1) intro 2) acid on vacid 3) fun gun (hagenith remix) 4) to the mental cage 5) dead ideas 6) out of the mental cage 7) bad trip 8) v for vibrator 9) ExtAzya vs liquidnoize - conversational fungi WAV: http://www.unwashedrecords.com/music_downl...0Cage%20WAV.zip MP3 : http://www.unwashedrecords.com/music_downl...0cage%20mp3.rar Official release page : http://anomalisticrecords.com/extazya.html
  2. Virtuaz - enter the matrix [3 styles in one ep - chillout/glitch/triphop] virtuaz - the big apple virtuaz - drum n wah Virtuaz - enter the matrix http://www.blastmymusic.com/virtuaz http://www.arkade.com/artists/virtuaz-music.aspx http://www.soundstation.com/virtuaz.aspx http://www.worldmusicservice.com soon will be availbe as a cd on cdbaby.com offical website : http://www.myspace.com/virtuaz
  3. V.A. Beat On Wah - Compiled by Extazya Digital Mastering by DJ Loopper Release date: 1 March 2008 Psy progressive shot from Parampara records!!!! V.A. BEAT ON WAH - Compiled by Extazya. This is our 2nd V.A. and again we presenting to you some NEW TUNES from interesting and perspective artists!!!! From strange and deeply to jokely and funny progressive expiriences!!!! Believe in music! Keep the rhythm! Dance! And open new!!!! Peace and Boom!!!!! Parampara records team! Tracklist: 1)Extazya - Cosmic (Intro) (4:40) 2)Costa Sea - Deep Feelings (5:04) 3)Cabal - Hard Times (7:54) 4)Loopper - Ritual (7:54) 5)Requiem VS Hen - Speet Your Feet (6:53) 6)Monomile - Old Mile (6:42) 7)Loopper - Three Waves (8:13) 8)Pinkadelic - Grain Or Grey (6:03) 9)TechnoFear - Progy Poly (6:03) 10)Invisible Reality - Sexy Strings (Radio Edit) (8:09) 11)Extazya - Don't Hide Behind Your Beat (Outro) (7:29) Official release page: http://www.parampararecords.com Download: WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG VORBIS you can download from this page: http://www.archive.org/details/VA_-_Beat_o..._PRPRCD002-2008 Mirrors: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nprxy3 = part 1 http://www.sendspace.com/file/tb85tr = part 2
  4. Extra Cheese Music & SecretPsyde Records Present.... EXTRA SECRET SOUNDS An OutDoor Tribal Gathering EXTRVAGANZA!!! Tripple Cd launch: Extra Cheese's 1st V/A comp 'Bind Mender' Secret Psyde's 1st V/a comp 'Secrets of Delusion' and Secret Psyde's First Album release: EXTAZYA - Mental Cage All Cds will be avalible to purchase at this event! Featuring a Mash up of Local, Interstae and international Acts.. LIVE.... SYGMATIX - (Extra Cheese) Israel EXTAZYA - (SecretPsyde/AnotherPsyde/Parampara Recs) Israel Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Digressio Traviato - (Extra Cheese) Israel A- Holes (Extra Cheese) Brisbane/Israel Seratone (Lucid Visions) Newcastle Soundkraft INC. (Soundkraft records) Melb. DJS..... Morbidelic (Bhooteshwara recs) Israel Senoi (Extra Cheese,Adama Records) Brisbane Fractroll (Green Magic Recs) Cairns Vile Delusions (SecretPsyde/AnotherPsyde/MMD recs) Sydney Ahavamour (SecretPsyde/ AnotherPsyde Recs) Syd/Bris Alex (Up/ Sundance) Sydney Yobi (Lucid Visions) Newcastle Dolby Digital (AnotherPsyde Records) Vjs to be addvised!! 2 to be announced!! Sound: Huge!!!! Lights: Amazing!!! Decor: Magical!!!! Stalls: Everywhere!! Parking: PLenty!!!! First AID: FOR SURE!!!! Love and Happiness: Frequently!!!! Location: Aprox 2 Hrs from sydney in a beautifully lush outdoor scene!! COST: $TBA
  5. V/A WAVES - compiled by Costa Sea and Aksinia Leus Mastering by Dj Skylander Release date: 1 JANUARY 2008 tracklist 01. Paul Plastique - Agva Zakta (7:02) 02. Costa Sea - Dolphins (5:31) 03. Echo - Ambiena (8:48) 04. Izzumm - Good - Means Stuff Inside (6:19) 05. Spaceboy Tony - The Tomb Of Tutankhamun (5:40) 06. Roomnoise Project - Tree Of Life (Extazya rmx) (5:49) 07. Side Liner - Subconscious Games (Chronos rmx) (8:19) 08. Maiia - When The Wind Changes (7:22) 09. Cj Catalizer - Dream Land (4:00) 10. Synthetic Sun - Universal Surface (5:50) info This is first free release by Parampara records. Many new artists for your looking!=)))) Really interesting & beautiful music. We hope that this music will touch your hearts)))) We wish you good trip with this sounds!)))) Costa Sea and Aksinia Leus (Parampara Team) digital mastering by DJ Skylander download http://www.archive.org/details/VA_-_Waves-2008 http://parampara.4shared.com/ mirrors: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zy01w0 or http://uploaded.to/?id=6e603q - part 1 http://www.sendspace.com/file/vfwwvh or http://uploaded.to/?id=oivzj7 - part 2
  6. http://www.thedarkpsyde.com/Darkpsy_Artist...ws_Extazya.html
  7. with new domain this time : http://www.extazya.net :posford:
  8. EP - ExtAzya - Fractal Vision (DARKEP025)2007 ID: DARKEP025 Artist: ExtAzya Title: Fractal Vision Label: D-A-R-K Records Genre: Dark Ambient, Dark Fullon, Dark Psytrance Date: October 31, 2007 Format: FLAC (wav) Length: 28:26 Front Cover: http://www.dark-records.com/main/images/EP...-2007-Front.jpg Back Cover: http://www.dark-records.com/main/images/EP...)-2007-Back.jpg D-A-R-K Records is proud to present its twenty-fifth EP, by Dark Druids and ExtAzya. Yoni aka ExtAzya is a versatile producer who began creating music at the age of 13. With his two projects, ExtAzya in solo and Dark Druids, in which he is accompanied by DJ Eisenhardt (Dennis Eisenhardt), he delivers you heavy soundscapes and punching basslines. Tracklist: 01-Dark Druids - Jungle Execution...(7:29) 02-ExtAzya - Modulated Radio... (6:19) 03-Overhuman Project - Neuroconfusion(ExtAzya Remix)... (7:39) 04-ExtAzya - Rain Forest... (6:59) Track 01 written and procuced by Dennis Eisenhardt (aka DJ Eisenhardt) and Yoni Dayan (aka ExtAzya), aka Dark Druids. Track 02 to 04 written and produced by Yoni Dayan aka ExtAzya. Original Track 03 by Juan Fernando Murcia Franco aka Overhuman Project. Cover Artwork by: ParaShakti (Psykomunity, Venezuela) and JED-A-R-K. Buy it as a digital download (FLAC ---> WAV) http://shop.d-a-r-k.net/live/index.php?act...p;productId=169 Also available at: http://www.armadadownloads.com http://www.audiojelly.com http://www.beatsdigital.com http://www.cytopia.org http://www.dance-tunes.com http://www.judgemusic.net http://www.junodownload.com http://www.m8downloads.com http://www.psymp3.com More to be announced soon! Yves aka JED-A-R-K D-A-R-K Records http://www.d-a-r-k.net http://www.dark-records.com http://www.triplag.com Node3 Records http://www.node3-records.com
  9. I am looking for morning prog (progressive) artists To participate on a digital v/a that will be distributed as a FREE V/A comp over the net. Artist: Various Title: Beat n wah Format: Digital genere : progressive Compiled & Designed by: Extazya Cat No: CARCD-002 Release: TBA Label : Parampara records ALL the tracks should be Uploaded to "yousendit" and sent to this EMAIL : Extazya@nana.co.il ***The dead line is until the 25th november Http://www.extazya.com Http://www.myspace.com/extazyaa PARAMPARA RECORDS WEBSITE : TBA
  10. Free full track for download http://www.extazya.com/Extazya_-_Twisted_M...es_to_Jazzy.mp3 Http://www.extazya.com
  11. news/events/contact&booking http://www.extazya.com
  12. Extazya(dark records) & Pinkadelic 2007 october tour Europe. To all party organizers , its the time to book these 2 promising artists, who are already playing at the Happy festival live act. the 2 artists seek more booking at europe so feel free to book them between the dates of: October 2007 - January 2008 Extazya myspace : http://www.myspace.com/extazyaa Pinkadelic myspace : http://www.myspace.com/pinkadelica contact : Extazya msn : yonidayan@hotmail.co.il Pinkadelic msn : marcio_zimerman9@hotmail.com Extazya email : extazya@nana.co.il Pinkadelic email : marcio_zimerman9@hotmail.com Extazya (dark records , shaman films records , caffix records , anomalistic records ,psybertribe records Pinkadelic (independent Extazya - trance bookings for bookings please contact manuel pimenta : info@trancebookings.com
  13. Greetings! Peace and best wishes for an amazing summer of 2007. This year we have a fresh new festival coming our way! Introducing the Happy Festival , which will take place for 3 days and nights near the city of Denia in the province of Valencia, Spain. This exiting alternative cultural electronic music festival will sprout a spirit of joy, play and happiness. A place where international gathering of friends and kindred minded people can enjoy to a rich backdrop of a wide variety of activities. Happy festival is a creation of Spun Records & Katarsis with a long list of collaborating labels and groups like Solstice Music, madhatter & Hadra and many more. With the best new dance music from Ibiza and other parts of the cutting edge global dance culture to ensure a fabulous high energy experience. The line up is an endless list of traditional festival headliners and all time stars that will put a sunrise on your face and your body in motion. A wide variety of artists spread over 4 blasting sound systems of highest caliber to rock our souls to the bone with a total of 280,000 Watts of power that will give everyone the right kind of music and lots of it. From Happy trance to dark Psy or some ambient to chill everyone out, we will be saturated and blessed with quality & quantity of sublime live acts and DJ sets. You will be spoiled with fine decoration and superb visuals to enhance our euphoric states of pleasure. To make everyone very happy there will many attractions ranging from Theatre and Circus shows to arts and crafts markets. Also there will be Make-up classes led by professionals, juggling, nature cooking, Digitopuntura, Reiki sessions, Meditation, Diksha, Yoga events, body painting and other fantastic surprises. For kids and our inner children there will be a pool of balls, slides and a funny labyrinth to explore. Happy festival is complete with a secure beautiful environment, a day care center, medical staff, recycling program, free camping and free water. A rich food area with a diversity of gastronomic delights including vegetarian, energetic and macrobiotic is also catered for. In short there will be all the things to make you and your little ones truly happy! LIVE ג€¢ Aum Project (Muskaria) ג€¢ Bitkit (kairoo records) ג€¢ Bushman (spunrec) ג€¢ Brainfood Soundsystem ג€¢ Combination (full moon 2007) ג€¢ D.N.I (Moonsunrec/Katarsis) ג€¢ Dr.Hoffman ( SICK Records) ג€¢ ELEA (Space Tepee Music/Ibiza) ג€¢ Earthling (spunrec) ג€¢ Ephedrix (Dacru Recrods) ג€¢ Fraktophon (kairoo records) ג€¢ Father & Son (spunrec) ג€¢ G.M.S. (spunrec) ג€¢ Highlight tribe (TBC) ג€¢ Hypnochock (Sindar) ג€¢ I-Drop(Skykey/Dooflex rec) ג€¢ ITP ((Phonokol)) ג€¢ Lamila (kairoo records) ג€¢ Liftshift ג€¢ Lisergia (Ravespirit) ג€¢ Magnasonic (spunrec) ג€¢ Michele Adamson (spunrec) ג€¢ NoCTuRNa (PsyQu4RK Rec/Ibiza) ג€¢ Oblix Project (Dream Factory ) ג€¢ Phazur (psylence) ג€¢ Perplex (spunrec) ג€¢ Pinkadelic ג€¢ Poli (spunrec) ג€¢ Quantica (Furthur)(TBC) ג€¢ Sienis ג€¢ Shanti Matkin (spunrec) (TBC) ג€¢ Spyge H + Intigra ג€¢ Soma (spunrec) ג€¢ Soundaholix (spunrec) ג€¢ Syncopa (cytizin-zone records) ג€¢ Wicked hayo ( (Rackhti Dei, Tribal Gathering) ג€¢ Xtazyaa (xtazyaa) ג€¢ Zexadelik (Psykomaniak) ג€¢ Zorba (spunrec)..........and more happy friends DJ ג€¢ Akra (Kantala sound) ג€¢ Alexis (Tzolkin) ג€¢ Amour & Pablo (Ibiza) ג€¢ AroA vs Od_nan (Ravespirit) ג€¢ Bansi (spunrec)ג€¢ Bansi (spunrec) ג€¢ Back to Mars(Cytopia Rec) ג€¢ Binin (Space Tepee Music/Paris) ג€¢ Biofa (Namaste project) ג€¢ Bushman (spunrec) ג€¢ Celli (spunrec) ג€¢ Dimitri DKN (spunrec) ג€¢ Driss (hadra) ג€¢ Dustin (Ibidelyc) ג€¢ Firaga & norion (B2B) ג€¢ Fekes (Ibidelyc) ג€¢ Gabino (Katarsis) ג€¢ Govinda (spunrec)(TBC) ג€¢ Greg (Mandala Rec) ג€¢ Guille (DreamsFactory/Barcelona) ג€¢ Hands vs Nanuk (Muskaria) ג€¢ Hypnotizer (Space Tepee Music/Ibiza) ג€¢ In Lak'ech (Out of Time People) ג€¢ Jibaro (Phantasm records) ג€¢ Kairon (Kairoo Rec) ג€¢ Kaesar (Open Up Rec) ג€¢ Kick_e (No psy-lence) ג€¢ Kechu (spunrec) ג€¢ Levin (spunrec) ג€¢ Levka (Kantala sound) ג€¢ Mielech (katarsis) ג€¢ Neuromotor vs electrocult ג€¢ ..(mechanik-rec,medusa-rec) ג€¢ Numa (Katarsis) ג€¢ Nut (No psy-lence) ג€¢ Noldor (Trikomadelik) ג€¢ Nyimo (spunrec) ג€¢ Obit (Cosmic wizards) ג€¢ Phara (Le Tone s.s/ Open Up Rec) ג€¢ Pim (DreamFactory) ג€¢ PSYNAP6 (PsyQu4RK Rec/Ibiza) ג€¢ Psyleno (G.S.G ) ג€¢ Psy-totix(cosmic wizards) ג€¢ Poli (spunrec)ג€¢ Poli (spunrec) ג€¢ Ramses + electric lord(Madhatter)ג€¢ Ramses + electric lord(Madhatter) ג€¢ Respektolandia ג€¢ Riktam (spunrec) ג€¢ Rob (BooM! Records) ג€¢ Roddy Alien(G.S.G/Katarsis) ג€¢ RUHL(Sinergia) ג€¢ Seph (Open Up Rec) ג€¢ Shanti Matkin (spunrec) ג€¢ Shin Shan (Mida reocrds) ג€¢ Soma (spunrec) ג€¢ Spiritual Light (Katarsis/ibiza) ג€¢ Strophoria (Unio mystica) ג€¢ SWANN (Space Tepee Music/Ibiza) ג€¢ Trang (Dream Factory) ג€¢ Triptaman (Humanoids on process) ג€¢ Torry (spunrec) ג€¢ URI (psypacs/L.P.D.B ) ג€¢ Xp (spunrec) ג€¢ Yasser (spunrec)(TBC) ג€¢ Zuriland (Trikomadelik) ...and more happy friends VJ ג€¢ Inkaloko (Katarsis) ג€¢ CampAttack (NL) ג€¢ Taber (spunrec) ג€¢ Videoverdose (Katarsis) ג€¢ wayan blue (spunrec) ג€¢ Yaloves (Katarsis) Decoration ג€¢ DreamFactory & Bioman ג€¢ Bjֳ¶rn diffus ג€¢ Katarsis ג€¢ Zola (ibiza) Work shops ג€¢ Maquillaje ג€¢ Reiki ג€¢ Yoga ג€¢ Danza ג€¢ Chiatzu ג€¢ Reciclaje ג€¢ Meditacion ג€¢ Malabares ג€¢ Percusion y mas sorpresas Circus ג€¢ Circodelika ג€¢ Duo Malabares Theater ג€¢ pronto mas info performances ג€¢ Doramas Percusion ג€¢ Isaac Maine http://www.happyfestival.org Powered by Spun, Katarsis, Madhatter, Solstice,Hadra and many more.. *p.s - glad to be apart of this amazing festival
  14. A daydream is a fantasy that a person has while awake, often about spontaneous and fanciful thoughts not connected to the person's immediate situation. While daydreams may include fantasies about future scenarios or plans, reminiscences about past experiences, or vivid dream-like images, they are often connected with some type of emotion. Caffix Records proudly presents their debut CD entitled "Daydream". Based in México, Caffix Records mission is spreading positive, uplifting and also the darkest tunes around the globe. We invite you to daydream with us and to elevate your vibration while we get closer to a new change...2013 Daydreaming may take the form of a train of thought, leading the daydreamer away from being aware of his immediate surroundings, and concentrating more and more on these new directions of thought. To an observer, they may appear to be affecting a blank stare into the distance, and only a sudden stimulus will startle the daydreamer out of their reverie. V/A - Daydream (CARCD-001) 1.- Igunn - In Off Time [intro](136 bpm) 2.- Duendo Matka - Cambiando (143 bpm) 3.- Toxical - Weird Dreams (145 bpm) 4.- Creatrix - 2.C.B (145 bpm) 5.- Alien K vs Nahual Maya - El Kinto Sol (145 bpm) 6.- Vectro Electro - Fata Mandata (148 bpm) 7.- Extazya - Bad Trip (150 bpm) 8.- Shadai - Acid Test (150 bpm) 9.- Kundalini Project - Mind In Fire (150 bpm) 10.- Blisargon Demogorgon - Chilni Be Malku (154 bpm) Official promo sheet: http://www.caffix.org.mx/CR/promo_daydream2.html Artist: Various Title: Daydream Label: Caffix Records Format: CD Genre: Progressive Trance, Suomi Saundi, Full On Psytrance, Twilight Trance, Dark Psytrance Cat No: CARCD-001 Release: July 25th 2007 Masterize by: Leyenda Producciones Compiled & Designed by: Báalam P&C Caffix Records 2007 All rights of the owner and the produced work are reserved http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...orum/41/start/0
  15. bass used : mou tou full track will be soon realesed on my album (in contract with some label , will suprise you later) boom yoni.
  16. http://www.speedyshare.com/140461497.html opinion pls
  17. thx very much for your replay mate well , you right .. i am making this track with another artist from germany called dark druids and we got planty of new ideas .. and you were right about the bpm 146 is not enough. boom yoni.
  18. yo s-cube , your remix on talamasca if prefect BooooM YONI (extazya)
  19. back again with new skitz http://www.speedyshare.com/640352386.html booom yoni.
  20. cosmic flower i sent you and gaffel the biography cheers yoni.
  21. Artist...........: ExtAzya Title.............: Funky Junky (Artist Promo) Date.............: 24\11\1006 URL.............: http://www.shamanfilms.net/extazya.html Size..............: 17,8 MB Tracks..........: 01 Lenght.........: 07:46 min Quality.........: 320kbps / 48 kHz link 1 http://www.sendspace.com/file/4een0x link 2 (mirror) http://www.speedyshare.com/604452804.html http://www.planetnana.co.il/pnw/artists.html
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