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  1. review http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...c/88883/forum/9
  2. review http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...c/88442/forum/9
  3. nice art cd, who is the creator and where are from, have a page ?
  4. Chek this, looking great ¡¡: http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/.../84871/forum/41 Artist: Various Artists Title: Spindrive Vol.2 Label: Spintwist.Records Format: CD Release: Coming soon in May 2006 Catalog: ST1CD004 Tracklist: 1.)Odiseo-Sky 2.)Monotron-Robotic Dreams 3.)Emphacis-Satnight 4.)Visua-Spindrive 5.)Vaishiyas-Mystical 6.)Aerospace-Cosmix 7.)FM-Belive in my minds 8.)Symphonix-Rainy Days Info: Welcome to the 2nd chapter of the Spindrive series. After the good feedbacks of Spindrive Vol.1, it is time to present the 2nd edition featuring artists like : Visua & Odiseo from mexico, Monotron from brazil, Symphonix and Vaishiyas to list only a few. The second chapter of Spindrive series is include 8 progressive tracks, which produced on diffrerent studios around the globe and together creates an unique harmony with many danceable kicks. Actually, the concept of this compilation is a colorfull journey of rare progressive expreience, full of fresh beats and speical touch of the top proggy projects. The Cd will continue the style of the Spindrive series from groovy uplifting to stronger ones. Prepare for this next experience and dive into a new way of sounds.Compiled by Vaishiyas. More Info and Contact: http://www.Spintwist.de http://www.Vaishiyas.de for questions or bookings mail to Hannes spintwist@spintwist.de
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