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  1. After neglecting my Soundcloud page for about a year, here's finally something new :)
    This set is from last weekend, played in a legendary bar called Torvi in Lahti, Finland. Some goa and oldschool psytrance from the darker and more furious end of the spectrum.


    Shakta & Moonweed - Perfect Invisibility
    Ka-Sol - Matrix (Remix)
    ECT - Catapult
    Shakta - Misra Indica
    Four Carry Nuts - Lucy (Male Mix)
    Morphic Resonance - Unreal
    Toï Doï - Whale Way Express
    Morphic Resonance - Twisted Reality


  2. 29 minutes ago, Anoebis said:

    Actually, if you are guys are really so interested in this... The first new school goa track is the first goa-trance track completely made with pc! No external synths used. Any idea what that track would be? :p  

    Do trackers count in this case? Or are samples from synths considered "external synths"? We're talking mid-90s anyway here :)
    If not, maybe something made in early versions of Jeskola Buzz where no samples were used.

  3. I still absolutely refuse to accept "NeoGoa" (especially with that capitalisation) as a genre name. You can try to convince me otherwise but you'll fail. To me it's all Goa Trance. Period.

    And as for "the first newschool track", it's exactly as difficult to define as "the first goa trance track". There was a bit of fluctuation around the turn of the millennium. Off the top of my head, the Ra / Electron Wave / Dimension 5 trinity comes to mind, and also Tranceform Records with Blissful Moments / Ethereal / Ypsilon 5. Astral Projection's Amen isn't really oldschool either. Filteria was among them too but I don't hold him in nearly as high regard as most of the scene seems to.

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