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  1. https://samanarecords.bandcamp.com/album/cranium-drill-gamma-harmonics-ep?fbclid=IwAR0hSmveXeDdqS4CyOLdSGYtHs7jXc1d_r70meaqlSLon7UjlSUQxobvOmo
  2. OUT NOW - samanarecords - Cranium drill : Gamma Harmonics (EP) - This Presentation is by Elad Maadim from Israel, who likes to express his creative Frequency by means of a Story, a Journey, where the listener can go with his or her flow taking music only as a guide and a means of meditation through rhythm and dance! Keeping this in mind, he presents this psychedelic EP with a familiar but unique flavor, experimental at times, too; but we leave it to the listener and the one who likes to venture Out of that Box every once in a while, to decide more of what this EP is all about, by being open to experiencing the - Gamma Harmonics! - Samana Records welcomes, Cranium Drill to the family and is happy and excited to present this EP. - Some Words from - The Music Producer - Greetings all psy listeners ! My name is Elad Maadim aka Cranium Drill. Music is always the source of angelic vibration I feel, balancing my energy; especially loud aggressive and overwhelming Musicians, Acts, DJ's and Performers from all over the world. My Taste in Music is influenced by Classic Rock ,Jazz ,Metal ,Punk, Pop Rock and Electronic Music (To Name a Few). I Started learning electronics in high school and fell in love with this concept of machines and circuits. It was always at the back of my mind ,listening to psychedelic trance for a long time in my life, right after my army duty, I met some really talented people to start working on a Software Program to learn the basics of music producing and from there on, my personal journey of self learning of music theory and all practical knowledge I needed in order to peruse my journey in Music Production. After working non stop for a few years already and finding my style and sound, I am proud to present this higher BPM, Intelligent and Fun new blasting beats, dwelling somewhere between time and space....I hope you enjoy this EP, I share with you with Love! - credits released December 21, 2020 W+P By Elad Maadim - Israel Artwork By: Swaroop Guhathakurta / SGDesigns Official Website : www.sgdesigns.co.uk Releasing Label : Samana Records Mastering By : Sanathana / Swaroop Guhathakurta
  3. full gore and death atmosphere this album is something from hell....
  4. Fringe vs. Cranium Drill (CyberPunk) - Radio Transmission EP FREE DOWNLOAD ON CYBERBAY REC. 1.Fringe vs. Cranium Drill (CyberPunk) - Futuristic 160 09:10 2.Fringe vs. Cranium Drill (CyberPunk) - Desert Maze 175 09:14 3.Fringe vs. Cranium Drill (CyberPunk) - CyberFiber 180 07:25 4.Fringe vs. Cranium Drill (CyberPunk) - Radio Transmission 190 08:14
  5. 1.Superjay 08:40 2.Akashic Conversation 06:34 3.ELECTRONIC EVENUS - ( SHIVAS-CHOICE-REMIX with polyplex ) 08:00 4.Malicious and deliciouz 08:18 5.Warlock's destiny 06:58 6.NecroorceN 07:10 7.M.D&K 08:31 8.Green Beanz 07:27 9.Mental alchemist 07:29 10.Seeing the unseen 07:37 .https://craniumdrill.bandcamp.com/album/cranium-drill-brain-nectar all tracks are remastered and re-leveled enjoy !
  6. 1.Cranium Drill - The Fugu Dojo (Intro) 05:31 2.Cranium Drill, Medium Hell - Alien Wars 09:37 3.KillerEATnuTella - Demagog Demagorgen 08:24 4.Cranium Drill, Formant - Golden Corn 09:30 5.Formant - Punta Roja 06:00 6.Cranium Drill, Tokyoprime, Bassam & Polyplex - Doctor Burgers Brain Therapy 09:33 7.Hypnoize - Back To Point Zero 07:28 8.Bhassam - Catalyst 06:30 9.Ergoline - Puppet Theater 09:24 10.Beng - Fight In Sample 07:28
  7. updated some tunes on the cloud
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