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  1. Just make sure it's damn worth it when you get it!


    It is called rampant isn't it?


    Nobody will see you for a month!


    Your neighbours will hear you though :P

    Yes, Rampant Rabbit!


    I'm mailing them a cheque today.... I'll probably have to wait another 2-3 weeks to get my toy! <_<

    Funny thing, Matt's curious about it too... he wants to one day watch me "use" it.



  2. The weird thing is, I have 500+ titles in my collection, and I constantly keep buying more, but some days I feel like there's nothing of it I can listen to. I'm not narrow in my taste either, I go outside both electronica and rock, maybe I need to broaden my views even more? Or find an additional hobby?

    I don't have as many as you, but I understand where you're coming from.

    I get bored... maybe that's a harsh word, but I feel the need to listen to more

    then just Psy. I love my Alternative & Electronica... I still need that!


    However, Psy rules above all others & every time I get a package from

    Saiko Sounds I feel like a kid in a candy store!! :D

  3. aaw.... use alleycat as a standin meanwhile :rolleyes::lol:

    "Use" alleycat?? Never! He's too special & unique to be used. ;)


    Well.. you can allways find a real bunny, like this fella:


    Posted Image



    Damn Wabbit always gets away :angry:




    so reger has approved your cmt is it ?! :P

    As a matter of fact........... Posted Image



  4. :wub: No worries hun u deserved some cheering up :P


    :posford: nice to have u back here, wuuuhuu :clapping:


    Thats CDs sounds quite nice :) just listened to the samples! Exogenic has gone more proggy lately, but it sounds nice!

    It's wicked!!!! :D


    Thanks for the awesome support! You ROCK!! :wub:


    Are you loving it? I was very impressed (and surprised) by how good it was! Thank you soooooooo much :wub:

    I love this album. Been caning it a lot recently!

    :wub: Anytime!


    Love it!!! I'm so happy I was able to snag these for us b4 they went "out of stock". :lol:



    They turned this down? :lol:

    I'm not a big prog fan & I tend to stick to my Atmos & Son Kite but this one is pretty damn nice!

    As above, it is nice this CD!!!

    I don't know if they turned it down (probably because of the difference in style from

    Alternative Energysource), their loss... a huge loss imo!! :P


    To me this Cd isn't your typical proggy style, there's more funkiness, sweet grooves & let's

    not forget killargh baselines! :P


    8/10 in my book! :D



    These I bought from Jikkenteki (from his Discogs list):


    Symphonics - Live In Goa Posted Image


    (A collection of previously unreleased tracks by Symphonics, formerly a member of Phi,

    who was killed in a traffic accident in Goa in early 2006. This CD was put together at the

    request of his family and given out at a party in his memory on March 18th 2006 in Tokyo.)

    Only 400 copies were made! :D


    On Discogs ..... :)


    Posted Image


    (Earth Energy Resolution Cd's x2) The same Cd, except some of the Artists & tracks are different. :P


    Posted Image

    Posted Image


    Sorry for the poor pic quality. :P


    Of course I bought another copy of his TLWH for my friends. :D

  5. :( I am sad about it too... We need more enthusiasm here!


    Why was it u decided not to post here? Some remark from someone? Or just too much work? :P

    Well no matter what, I hope u will pick it some day when u feel like it, cus it was sure nice to see/read :D


    It was some remark from a troll :angry: :angry: :angry:

    Aw.... thank you!!! :wub:

    Both you & abasio are so sweet for cheering me up like this! :D

    You've made my day even brighter.... thank you! Posted Image


    Ok suckres.... I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :posford: :clapping: ................. :lol:


    Here's what I got today!!!


    Posted Image.... :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: !!!!





    F*CKIN' A MAN!!!!! :posford:


    I bet 13 Productions are kickin' their own asses for not releasing this fan-f*ckin'-tastic release!!

    Oh & BTW I highly recommend BUYING this Cd!!


    I'm a very, very happy camper! :D


    Here's their official website: Highpersonic.net

  6. fakenewssite111oneone.com


    Actually, I just tried to scare TC a bit :P

    :o........... YIKES ........... :ph34r:










    :rolleyes:.............. :lol:


    got your wabbit? :posford:

    Ca....n't ...... ty.... pe ...... so ...... goo...d ...... ri....g....ht ...... n.... ow,




    I'm ...... bu.... sy ...... fe....edi....ng ...... my...... puss ...... F*....CK! ...... I ...... m....ean ...... my ...... ca....t.








    Actually... No! It didn't arrive yet & I'm getting PISSED OFFFFFF!!!!!




  7. Ah well, good to stick by your guns!

    The main thing is that you are loving your CDs & the one who didn't like your enthusiasm probably doesn't enjoy his music!

    I feel sorry for the latter :drama:

    Me too. :(

    What's music w/out passion?? Nothing! ;)


    I could/should take up 2 full pages posting pics & links to all my Cd's I gotten since my last post here.


    "That'll learn 'em!" :lol:

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