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  1. New music from Nebula Meltdown - Youniversity of Life EP! 4 brand-new psychedelic downtempo/psybient tracks available for your enjoyment via bandcamp exclusively! I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I had fun making them. There is a special ambient mix of my album's most succesful track "Alnitak Sunrise" as well! Happy listening! The amazing cover art is done by Ville Assinen from Remedy Entertainment! Tracklist: 1. Cradlesong of the Inner Child 10:25 2. Youniversity of Life 13:01 3. Concertoskopedelirium 09:03 4. Alnitak Sunrise (Ambient Mix) 10:56 https://nebulameltdown.bandcamp.com/album/youniversity-of-life-ep
  2. Hi and thanks for your comments.! I actually made Mindstream Continuum for the album, but Mars&Anoebis wanted it for Shaltu as well. It was the first track after which Alnitak Sunrise was made and they were originally going to be on the album in this order that they are there now. I planned them as the two last dance-tracks of the album. I made a new mix with subtle changes to it, (added more reverb etc) and the bassline was changed from software synth one into one from the Moog Little Phatty Analog Synthesizer like in many other tracks of the album. I never considered to leave it out as it was the track after which I knew there's an album coming out of the creative depths from where this music emerged. Regarding future albums, I'm sure there will be another one eventually and I can't yet tell you how it will be but I will do my best to keep it original and an adventure. And there's a remix of a classic early Flying Rhino release track coming up soon too.
  3. I found the new Shpongle album much more entertaining than the previous one, even though it had its highlights too for sure, with elements borrowed from the previous ones and blended in nicely to make a nice new aural soup. I thought also that in some point of tracks, especially in the 2nd track which I imagine works very well on the dancefloor, there was left a lot of room for live-instruments. And even though it had a lot of elements from the earlier albums, I noticed one big difference which made it sound so different and not so original as the first 3 ones and it was the fact that it soudned like he had moved to use much more software-based effects and multi-effects like Turnado for example instead of using hardware effects processors or analog delays etc he used to create the most wonderful effects on the first 2 albums and some on the 3rd too. So, maybe he has become more lazy in some way or just got bored of using the same old ones. To me those effects created a much more organic and natural sonic environment instead the digital software fx that are so precise and like slaves to the time-signature of the host program. I noticed some same vocal processing fx also used that Benji & Raja used on the Zap project of theirs. It's good music though, much more so than what the 4th album was and I like it a lot, especially from the 3rd track on towards the end.. My favourites might be 6. Epiphany of Mrs Kugla and 7. Tickling the Amygdala. Overall I liked it, where the first two tracks are the weakest and it keeps getting stronger until the end. I might write a more detailed analysis later on...
  4. Samples from Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles (SUNCD29) are out now! Have a listen if you like http://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD29/
  5. My newest creation, "Elemental Connector" has just been added to Nebula Meltdown myspace at http://www.myspace.com/nebulameltdown The track flows on 150bpm and keeps on going and changing shape from nightpsy to soaring pads & acidlines that drill your brain. Enjoy!
  6. 2 NEW SONGS AVAILABLE ON MYSPACE!! http://www.myspace.com/nebulameltdown "Fractal Ethics" -Begins as night time psychedelic trance with a deep rolling bassline & a pounding bassdrum, 150bpm & evolves through different soundscapes and changes to goa trance in the end. Trippy, psychologic & psychedelic. ------------------------ "The Sacrament" Psychedelic trance, with progressing & changing soundscapes. 150bpm. Constantly changing shape & progressing fluently and is almost 9 minutes long. Suitable for early night, morning or daytime. ) ENJOY! Comments are always welcome & appreciated. Thank you very much! ))
  7. Nebula Meltdown has been involved with music nearly all his life. He listened to a lot of classical music like Mozart, Vivaldi, Edvard Crieg, Chopin & Beethoven as a child and played also the piano for many years. He first found out about psychedelic trance back in 2000 at a friend's place where he heard Hallucinogen's music the first time. After that there was no turning back. At present day he is a 24 year-old guy from Helsinki, Finland who loves music in its many shapes and vibrations. He has also been experiencing with ambient with classical influences and progressive psytrance. He will make almost any kind of music he feels like making. In general, Nebula wants to make vivid soundscapes and psychologically tripping tunes that send the listener to explore the depths of his mind and the life-process. His sound sounds like old school goa trance and psychedelic trance mixed up in general. Different styles of music are slowly emerging together. He has been playing in numerous parties in Finland, as well as in Russia and in Germany, with artists like Lemurians, CPC, Samadhi, Intriga, Wizack Twizack, Miraculix, Texas Faggott and Kiwa to name some of them. When playing DJ-sets, his sets are usually a mix of different styles, which start building up the pressure and continue to build it up through the whole set. Sometimes his sets evolve from more progressive style to goa trance and even darker psytrance in the same set, giving a wide contrast of feelings and musical dimensions. Webpages with teasers & some complete songs: http://www.mikseri.net/nebulameltdown http://www.myspace.com/nebulameltdown ENJOY! More songs and teasers will be posted in the future.
  8. Excellent flowing psychedelia, or kaleidoscopedelia like the artist refers to it. The soundscapes are beautiful and a bit shpongle-ish and just keep on evolving perfectly. Very beautiful mindflow of musical perfection and with an excellent and crystal clear mix, this is something to keep in mind when looking for very good music for tender moments or nights that one have been awake and thinking and coming up with new thoughts, enjoying oneself and watching the first beams of sunrise in late summer with fog rising up in the fields. Go listen to it. Now. :clapping:
  9. Nebula

    Beast - Spawn / Trouble

    This is not even an issue. AMAZING STUFF!! As good a psychedelic / trance EP as you can find on this planet Earth.
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