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    Poland, Warsaw
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    Music, art, bike, sk8board, eating, sleeping.

About Me

I am SatanicElectro an Goa Artist and Trance Producer and as well as being a webmaster living in Poland. I am crawling in a small world of Goa trance music and web design which seems to be more expandable than I ever thought. Many of my interests and ideas rotate through my mind during the day, including SEO and SEM, web design and goa psychedelic trance music as well.

After drumming in Hard core and Punk rock bands in the mid of 90's I started visiting goa parties with friends. I have recently refound these friends using the internet after searching for over 5 years.

My first Goa party was full of magic and smelt like a big mixture of patchouli and smoke from a bong followed up by visions and moving pictures caused by lysergic acid diethylamide and methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine.

Like I already said it happened few years ago.



Me on Twitter @satanicelectro.


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