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  1. https://fractalalchemy.bandcamp.com/album/resonant-mind Organic and ethnic yet futuristic Relaxing while tribal and uplifting Experimental and innovative yet focused and determined Suspensive yet meditative Flirting with chaos while retaining harmony.. A sonic voyage blending tradition with technology to project interleaving emotions and states of mind, for a dramatic but ultimately cathartic and liberating experience released March 22, 2021 Written and Produced by Fractal Alchemy Live instruments by: Asteris: Kemen├že (Politiki Lyra) Cretan Lyra Reed
  2. Digitnick - New Age Machines released: October 5, 2020 Normally i'm more into forest, dark and less melodic psy-trance, but some tracks on this release are standing out, so let's see.. New Age Machines: 7/10 Personally i don't always get the feeling for this track. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes not. It has strong fullon elements which is not really my thing, but also it has some goa elements which i quite like. I guess it's a good track for mixing at a fullon-party. Avaton: 9/10 This track really takes me on a journey. It has something oriental and mysti
  3. Hi all! The concept track Predatory Instincts by Fractal Alchemy Tribe has been released as a single-track EP on Bandcamp. Feedback on the mix and mastering is welcome.. Hope you enjoy it! http://fractalalchemy.bandcamp.com
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