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  1. Open Up Records is back with another stormy party on the 3rd of March... in the centre of Lisbon, in Jardim dos Montes Claros (Monsanto). Line Up: D-nox (Sprout, Baroque))-ger Murat Uncuoglu (Sumsonic, Fokused)-tur Seph (Open Up)-pt from 0.00 till 10.00 entrance: 15 euros= 1 drink See u there & Lets party!
  2. Sorry, but after all this bullshit i have to reply again... Chris D-nox is one of my good friends in life, so maybe i tell u a bit about this guy, Sherlock : on the human side of the question, i dont really think any of that story existed, simple!! Chris grew up ina humble environment in eastern germany (before the berlin wall fall, remember?) and is a really simple guy that just doesnt mistreat any worker... or anybody else, for that matter!! ... i could continue this subject for a long time, but i think u get the idea.... please check better on the source of that story because we all know how brasilians like this blablabla and anything is a good subject for a forum... come on!! From the artistic side of Chris, i can only say this : i wish more Djs and artists were giving so much of themselves to this scene as he is ...we would have a lot to win from this attitude. Hope u finally got the picture, sherlock, and start giving more constructive subjects to this forum... or get a girlfriend, maybe! Seph
  3. Hi everyone... it seems to me that all creative process stops when u start being conservative about nu things coming.... i´ve been in trance parties since 95, and where would we be now if the sound in those parties hadnt developed?? still listening to Sandman, ha?? aarrrrgghhh!!! as far as i´m concerned, D-nox & Beckers are really doing something nu, but it seems to me that many opinions here are really quite old and conservative. Please dont try to define what is psychedelic or groovy because those are personal definitions, diferent for everyone... And this guys are really rockin thousands of people around the globe, makin them feel nu things with music - and thats what counts!! The reason for their sucess is simple: They are making it from the heart !!!... and the day we stop accepting nu musical ideas for this scene, will be the day trance dies! Seph
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