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  1. Title: Passing Clouds Artist: Burn In Noise Label: Alchemy Recrods Cat. No. ALCD026 Release Date: April 21st Front Cover : Burn In Noise – Passing Clouds Already with one acclaimed album, ‘Broken MP3’, released on Brazilian label Vagalume Records, Gustavo Manfroni aka Burn In Noise has put the finishing touched to his storming second album, ‘Passing Clouds’. Signed to Alchemy Records in 2007, Burn in Noise has gained recognition as one of the top Brazilian live acts over the past few years. With performances at festivals across the globe, (e.g. Full Moon, Universo Paralello, Echo), and 22 releases on labels worldwide, Gustavo has honed his style into dancefloor perfection. The album features collaborations with Cosmosis, Headroom and DJ Thatha, and 6 individual tracks that will keep moving. With an individual style focusing on strong warm basslines and textured, psychedelic leads that demand your attention, it breaks away from the standard full-on, representing a new, fresh direction in dancefloor music. Not to be miss! Tracklist: 01 - Burn in Noise - Transparent 02 - Burn in Noise Vs Cosmosis - Ancient Knowledge 03 - Burn in Noise - Last Window 04 - Burn in Noise Vs Headroom - Frequency Salad 05 - Burn in Noise - Raca 06 - Burn in Noise Vs DJ Thatha - ERT 07 - Burn in Noise - Forces of the Future 08 - Burn in Noise - Ready to Rock 09 - Burn in Noise Vs DJ Thatha - Get High Links: www.myspace.com/burninnoise www.alchemyrecords.co.uk www.myspace.com/alchemyrecords
  2. Title: Floppy Drive Artist: Flip Flop Cat. No. ALCD025 Release Date: tbc Front cover: Alchemy records are proud to unleash Flip Flop's first long player on the world. John Beesemyer-Monkman and Chris Hanson are two young Londoners who have been cooking it up for a while now, testing the material on dancefloors across the globe then whipping it back into the studio for some added power and squelch. Its rare that artists introduce a genuinely new sound to the scene but a brief listen to Flip Flop will show you that they are trying something different and that its working. If you've been on a heaving festival dancefloor in the last year and have wondered what that exotic hybrid of psychedelic trance and deep atmospheric electronica is that shakes the system to its foundations, there's a fighting chance that these two are responsible. John and Chris have been friend's since they were kids and unlike a lot of artists they have really grown up with trance music since arguably its heyday of creativity in the late 90s. Their live sets at festivals like Glade and Universo Parallelo have repeatedly been seen as highlights by party goers and other artists alike. They have both been DJing for more than ten years, giving the man acute understanding of what it takes to push tracks beyond the superficial and into the realm of powerful and captivating dancefloor music. They don't merely churn it out and there's a lot of love and discipline in the studio which adds a welcome depth and confidence to their sound. So immersed in music and parties are these boys that you have probably shared a cup of sunrise chai or at least a smiling dance with them without even realizing it. Their warm personalities have made them easy guests for party people and much in demand as a live act, and this character shines out of the album. Floppy Drive crunches and clobbers its way through 70 minutes of bold and shuddering, groovy and hypnotic dance music. Flip Flop aren't locked in by the rules of the genre instead utilizing them to build stunning sound scape's, even at times creeping away from trance music with snatches of ambiance and technoid crossover which reward the listener without confusing the palette. Tuck in! Track Listing: 1. Oriental Voodoo 2. Floppy Drive 3. Sleaze Machine 4. Sonic Air 5. Jurassic Lark 6. Diamond in the Rough 7. Equinox 8. Changa Banga 9. Francosa Links: www.myspace.com/flipflopmusic www.alchemyrecords.co.uk www.myspace.com/alchemyrecords
  3. Title : Echo Artist : Various Cat. No : ALCD024 Release : 28th March 2008 Front Cover :: Following on from the successful first edition of Echo Festival in June 2007, Alchemy Records is proud to present its latest release: "Echo". Featured on the CD are some of the artists who graced the Main Stage with their superb performances, including Rinkadink, Tristan, Broken Toy, Flip Flop, Burn in Noise, M-Theory, Emok, Sonic Species & Hopi. Compiled by Hamish, co-organiser and one of the UK's leading talents behind the decks, it travels from Progressive to Full-on Psychedelic and back again, put together to take you through the musical landscape of Echo Festival. Enjoy the trip. Track Listing 1.Maelstrom & Liquid Soul: React w & p by Mikael Dahlgaard & Nicola Capobianco 2.Sketchy Pimps: Tongue in Cheek w & p by Chris Hanson & Henry Seligman 3.Sonic Species: Lost Transmission w & p by Alex Story & Joe Markendale 4. Fromemory: World Without Walls (Rinkadink rmx) w & p by Alex Story & Vana 5.M-Theory: Why Here w & p by Robert Nichols & Marcello Baccheschi 6.Flip Flop & Burn in Noise: A Besta w & p by Chris Hanson, John Monkman & Gustavo Manfroni 7.Tristan: The Gateway w & p by Tristan Cooke 8.Broken Toy: Beatmachine w & p by James Copeland 9. Darshan & Hopi: Freefall w & p by Grant Collins & Hopi Samples can be found here
  4. Ok here we go with the Progressive Room lineup... .:Furthur Project & Crystal Yamantaka presents:. 10 - 12 - Morph DJ (Liquid/Furthur Project) 12 - 1 - Ignorant Fairy *live* (Futhur Project) 1 - 2.45 - Kasey Taylor DJ (Vapour Records) 2.45 - 3.45 - Side A *live* (Mikrokosmos) 3.45 - 5 - Ace Ventura *live* (Iboga) 5 - 6 - Klopfgeister *live* (Iono) 6 - 7 - Hamish DJ (Alchemy/Furthur Project)
  5. OK. Here we go... .: DIGITAL DISCO:. 10 - 12 -- Disco Stu 12 - 12.55 -- Ace Ventura dj set 12.55 - 2 -- Ace Ventura *live* 2 - 3.30 -- Hazza 3.30 - 5 -- Hamish 5 - End -- Zen Mechanics .:ECHO LOUNGE:. 10 - 11.30 -- Si Baring 11.30 - 2.30 -- Trojan Records 2.30 - 4.30 -- Liquid D'James (+ saxophones) 4.30 - End -- Justin Chaos
  6. one day i'll get there ahead of you. one day... all set, get yourselves to london bridge on 20th, tis going to be special!!
  7. ECHO SYSTEM returns with a UK debut by one of the hottest progressive acts from the Iboga stable... Digital Disco Ace Ventura **Live** UK debut performance Israel / Iboga Records plus DJ's Zen Mechanics NL - Flow/Iboga/Neurobiotic DiscoStu UK - Indigitous Hamish UK - Alchemy Records/Crystal Yamantaka Hazza UK - Furthur Decor by Optical Illusions (Spain) www.myspace.com/stringart_psydeco Visuals by Spiral Projections & Steve Echo Lounge Trojan Records UK Liquid DJ'ems UK - Liquid Records Justin Chaos SP - Indica Si B UK - Twisted Immersive UV decor by Crystal Yamantaka & Kitty Friday 20th October @ SE1, London £10 B4 midnight and £15 after Tickets £10 + booking fee available from: AccessAllAreas.org - 02072678320 Star Tessa, Unit 552, Stables Market, Camden www.ticketmaster.co.uk www.indigitous.net www.crystalyamantaka.com
  8. we have jus confirmed another special guest for tomorrow - howard marks will be joining lee harris for his beat poet session, featuring a couple of new exclusive tracks! fantastic!
  9. less than a week to go :)
  10. CRYSTAL YAMANTAKA Full Moon Finale Friday 12th May Although this is not the end of the Yamantaka adventure, after two magical years at the West Indian Centre, Cash, Ash and I are moving on to pastures new. We therefore invite you to this special venue for our last regular event, with an extra spicy lineup! Musical conductors ROOM 1-Progressive and Psychedelic Trance SHANE GOBI (Alchemy Recs.) EDOARDO (Neurobiotic Recs.) CHRIS N' SAM 'NTAKA (Crystal Yamantaka) HAMISH (Crystal Yamantaka) 15k Crystal Sound provided by Fushion Sound ROOM 2-Ambient Chill-out and Dub KUBA (Liquid Sound Design) FRANK (Synapse - Amphibian) KHANDRAMA CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR (Crystal Yamantaka) 5k mellowed mackie sound Live VJ's TranceVisuals.com PistolPete Amazing Immersive Decor by Crystal Yamantaka (Lou Malcolm and Friends) Friendly Security ~ Tea Stall ~ Fluro Market ~ A bit o Gaz ~ Sweets ~ Treats ~ and plenty of surprises plus a free compilation for the first 50 people featuring tunes from as many artists as possible who have graced the stage at our parties 10p.m till late @ WEST INDIAN CENTRE 10 Laycock Place LEEDS LS7 £8 Need Info and directions? Call 07753338919 or 07989606618 or e-mail us at crystal_yamantaka@hotmail.com www.crystalyamantaka.com Peace and Love to all and we'll see you on the dance floor! Cash, Ash and Hamish
  11. also, for those thinking of getting to the club after 12 can i advise getting hold of a ticket - either from access all areas (0207 2678320) or from the seone website under the listings section (www.seonelondon.com). we are not going to ram the club in the interests of everyone having a fantastic bump-free night! (this does not mean we are liable for beer spillages if your staggering about... )
  12. hello, hamish here from echo system... thank you heva for posting this up, don't know what i'd do without you..! only a few days to go before freq hits london... in addition to what is told here we also have mat allaby playing for an hour and a half in the main room (yay) and in the dub club... TROJAN RECORDS!! (yes them themselves) plus justin chaos and crispin to back them up. here's the set times.. 10-11.30 hazza (furthur) 11.30-1.30 FREquence (iboga) 1.30-3 allaby (nano) 3-5 hamish b2b discostu (echo system) 5-6 **FREq** live 10-12 si baring (twisted) 12-2 justin chaos (indica) 2-4 trojan records 4-6 cosmo decor by optical illusions and crystal yamantaka. the damage is £10 before 12/£12 after and we even have managed to negotiate a drinks deal for the early birds, till 12 selected beers are £2.50. bargain!! see you all there!
  13. CRYSTAL YAMANTAKA Friday 17th February We're back at the West Indian Centre for another episode of fun, frolicking, grooves and general hilarities! Come and join us in our celebration of music, light and of course *love* Musical conductors ROOM 1-Progressive and Psychedelic Trance FLIPFLOP *live* (Crispy and Hemisync) HAMISH (Crystal Yamantaka) SPACEMAN SPIFF (Crystal Yamantaka) CHRIS 'N' SAM'NTAKA (Crystal Yamantaka) HAZZA (Furthur) 15k Crystal Sound provided by Fushion Sound ROOM 2-Ambient Chill-out and Dub MUDRA (IDSpiral) BEZ23 (Kulu) MORNING GLORIA (Adrenochrome) 5k mellowed mackie sound Live Visuals provided by TranceVisuals.com and PistolPete. Amazing Immersive Decor by Crystal Yamantaka (Lou Malcolm and Friends) Friendly Security ~ Tea Stall ~ Fluro Market ~ A bit o Gaz ~ Sweets ~ Treats ~ and plenty of surprises 9p.m till late @ WEST INDIAN CENTRE 10 Laycock Place LEEDS LS7 £6 before 11/£8 after Profits towards Animal Sponsorship Need Info and directions? Call 07753338919 or 07989606618 or e-mail us at crystal_yamantaka@hotmail.com Our website is still throwing obstacles at us, but will be ready soon @ www.crystalyamantaka.com Peace and Love to all and we'll see you on the dance floor! Cash, Ash and Hamish
  14. In association with Crystal Yamantaka and SubDub, FUrThUR proudly presents itself as a new night focused on the more mid-tempo side of things. As Progressive Trance is rapidly expanding into the minds and feet of not only the trance community, but also across the UK, we feel the time is right to start up one of the first progressive nights in the UK... ::FUTURe electronic bleeps and dubalicious beats bubbling out of the underground:: Room 1: FUrTHER in assoc. with Crystal yamantaka Progressive trance, house, electro and breakbeat CHRIS WOOD (Chris n' Sam'antaka) HAMISH (Crystal Yamantaka/ Furthur) HAZZA (Furthur) SPACEMAN SPIFF (Crystal Yamantaka) Vs. room 2: Sub Dub The Vanguard of Dub HIGH PRESSURE SOUND SYSTEM SIMON SCOTT (Tribe Records) Dubwize & Rootical drum 'n' bass selection WWW.IRATIONSTEPPAS.CO.UK WWW.CRYSTALYAMANTAKA.COM Thursday 23th February @ Stinkys Peephouse, 76 York street, Leeds (just next to the bus station) 10pm-4am Price: £6 Drinks promos Info + Directions: email crystal_yamantaka@hotmail.com or call 07989606618/07748967799 We hope in time to have this event occuring regularly, and at the weekend, involving progressive dj's and acts from across England and Europe. With your support this will be done!! So if your in the Leeds area come down on 26th for a night of delicious progressive and dub music. If you feel we can benefit from your musical talents then get in touch and send us a demo
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