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  1. Sorry to say but i don't like it at all. The phazy thing on your kick messes everything up.

    No decent drive in your track, it's really boring.

    I like the last melody but everyting screws up that melody.

    Also mixdown is horrible. But never the less keep on going that is how you learn!



    Javi - I'm curious what made you think the mixdown was horrible. Sounds fine over here, including the "phazy thing."


    Overture & Psybro - Been Keeping at it for 5 years strong ;)!

  2. This was a track I had a small clip of. Unfortunately, the MP3 CD it was on was completely scratched up. My computer couldn't read the tracklist. Before it had been scratched up, the track that played introed with an ominous pad, some tribal tom drums (with echo/delay), and a piercing mid-octave acid lead with lots of pitch slides. It sounded like it was going to be a high energy track, but the clip ended just after the first drop some 3 minutes in...

    I hope somebody can at least name me some suggestions...


  3. Beyond the Subatomic and Solar Power (both by Space Tribe) are tunes I would count in that mix. I was hoping for it to be all amateur tunes, but no bites. I'm working on something that's on a shuffle rhythm right now...



  4. There isn't enough psytrance or goa that is done on a shuffle, instead of straight four. A little while ago I was hoping to do a mix of songs on a shuffled rhythm like this. Thought it would have been fun, but there weren't enough takers :(.

  5. Lurking Records is proud to announce its first two releases!


    Posted Image


    Posted Image



    Seawasp - Channeling The Yeti

    Seawasp (aka Terence Nathan) is out with his first release featuring Psytrance, D'n'B, and Old-School Goa Trance. He has crafted a trademark sound all his own fusing old school sounds and new school ideals. At times the music crawls down your spine, raising every hair in your body, and at others it sounds content or even playful. "Channeling the Yeti" was born by the chaos and confusion swirling around in his gelatinous grey matter. Samples:

    Seawasp at Lurking Records

    Purchase Channeling the Yeti


    Catalog #: LRCD002

    Country: Canada

    Genre: Psy Trance, Goa, DnB

    Release Date: May 22, 2010

    Running Time: 71:27

    Format: Compact Disc




    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    Gibbon Quantizer - Anomalon EP

    Gibbon Quantizer (aka Paul White) is an anomaly. Whether releasing a flurry of hard fast breaks, industrial beats or snarling acid 303s, he is a musical force to be reckoned with. This release is a rhythmic treat and features some of the finest in industrial clang bang Drum'n'Bass, as well as IDM, and Breaks. A man of very few words when it comes to a describing his own stuff, he much prefers to let the music to speak for itself. So why not? Check full (low bit-rate) samples here:

    Gibbon Quantizer at Lurking Records

    Purchase Anomalon EP


    Catalog #: LRCD001

    Country: Canada

    Genre: Electronic DnB

    Release Date: May 20, 2010

    Running Time: 38:20

    Format: Compact Disc EP

  6. Hi,

    This has taken a while! I'm just dealing with sample usage. The style of the tracks are psychedelic trance, as well as drum'n'bass and breaks. There are old school goa stompers, dark trancers, neurofunkers, and heavy breakers. A Liquorice Allsorts package of material. :)



    1. Channeling the Yeti

    2. Send in the Machines

    3. Umi

    4. Mad Man's Whistle

    5. Metatron's Cube

    6. Signal Scramble

    7. Still in Flux

    8. Yeti Again?


    You can download a sampler here.

    Each track is played for a few seconds, some longer than others. All very random, but you hear bits and pieces of each song, and where they go.

    Official release coming soon!




    For any other information, check either my blogspot blog, or my twisted sessions page.

  7. Been hard at work churning out some old-school stuff! I'm pretty sure the names really sum up what the tracks convey.

    Link: http://soundcloud.com/seawasp/


    "Barefoot through the forest" has a tribal groove with a nice fat reese for a bassline, ticking in at 140bpm. The kick from the 707 kit is what sealed the deal. The clap sample with delay also really added to it. As for Interdimensional Wormhole, the feel is very moving and flowing. This one ticks in at about 154bpm for you old-schoolers :D.




  8. Hiya!

    Long time no post!

    I cleaned up my twisted sessions page, deleted my back catalog. There are seven new tracks not posted anywhere, plus one old re-master. It feels like I'm tightening my sound and developing my own style... finally. Stuff goes from psy-trance to very psy influenced D'n'B and breaks.

    Lemme know if you like what you hear!

    Most recent track is "Line Printer Ribbon Broken." It's a heavy, tight, aggressive D'n'B tune where the silence is what has the most impact. There are a lot of dead silent intervals which add a lot of flavour to the track.






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