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  1. from 7-10 uk time i shall be "dropping" Beats and Bass, Trance, Ambient and Chill....new cd's from manasseh, Kuba and Slack Baba, Protoculture and Commercial Hippies. hopefully see you then. BO!
  2. it's probably Mars needs women by Doof.
  3. red five

    180degrees Brighton

    Sadly, probably the last one ever, so we have gathered regulars to our monthly sweatbox to say Ta-Ra a bit to 180Degrees. BUT IT'S A SATURDAY NIGHT WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! so our last one will be our first all nighter :ironic smiley: saturday 11th march :Main Room: Kristian (Chichime/Transient/Psygate) Red Five (Last Possible Solution/180Degrees) Deviant (Turned Toon / Wonk#ay) Grillo (180Degrees) :Bassment: Satta (Legion Of Dub) Ed Snug (Legion of Dub/Litmus) Symmetrik (180Degrees) more tbc 10- at least 6 BO! £5 before 11, £6 after cos the club is costin us loads Cheap Tuaca!!! Hopefully see ya there!
  4. from about 9am U.K. Time onwards. chill, dub, floaty progressive so nothing too hectic dress code: confused look big hair, cup of tea, slippers, pyjamas.
  5. tonight will be a refined, subdued affair, where i shall play Ambient, Chill, Indie and Dub and some psytrance this is because i will be chair bound for most of the day due to steroid injections into my left foot (to stop it falling off or something) so wont be able to stand up to mix proper like. so 7-10 uk time.
  6. HO YUS! from 9 a.m. u.k. i will be gracing with my presence playing chill, dub and other suitably bleary eyed music for a sunday morning. join me and my teddy bear known as "the baron" in my pyjamas and slippers and bring a packet of rizla and other such paraphenalia for a dub style bass extravangza. and that eat static track. does this count as spam...seeing as how we are a non profit organisation? if yes, then take this thread down mr moderator!
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