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  1. ID: DARKEP006 Artist: eniChkin Name: The Test Label: D-A-R-K Records Genre: Dark Psytrance - Experimental Date: December 2006 Format: FLAC Length: 33:46 Webshop: http://www.d-a-r-k.net http://www.dark-records.com Mastering artist: Digitalist (Thomas Franske) Cover art: ParaShakti Front: Back: EniChkin needs no introduction as I have already done a review of his debut release on first compilation of dark records but for those who are not aware of this musical-wizard ,eniChkin is from Russia also known as Sergei Nazarenko, this time he's back with an innovative & experimental EP release as "The Test". Genre: Psychedelic Category: Dark Psychedelic - Experimental Tracklist: ---------- 1. eniChkin - Over Dark ...(8:35) 2. eniChkin - Mendez Goat...(6:43) 3. eniChkin - Acid Ritual...(7:44) 4. eniChkin - Russian Lullaby...(7:28) 5. eniChkin - The Morning After...(3:16) Enichkin - Over Dark Enichkin is one artist who is one on my fav twisted psytrance artist since i heard him for the first time on Dark Records debut compilation Va Twisted Flavors. This is one artist who has pushed the envelope in dark-psy to an unimaginable extent. His production style is full of suprises, so lets check what he has in store for us with his latest experiments. Crazed-out mad women breaks out into laughter, followed by a kid crying in the dark silence of the night beginning with break-beaty percussions, this is a highly experimental track it looks like ...furthermore 01.01 onwards the track kicks off with some variable percussions which creates an IDM impression for this track too...obscure chopped-up beats n fungus leads 2:18 the chaos fades out into a silence with the kid crying back again with some twirly synth and there 2:34 starts the real twist dark rolling bassline with some floating synths and eerie sounding riffs building up an organic brain-dance, quirky odd synth sounds ending at 4:29 with just a snare smartly patterned adding to an incredible swirling lead, topped with the kids cryin sample repeated again breaking out into a cold tribalistic frenzy , murky evil sounds float by and more mad acid layers , this is a big leap ahead by Enichkin tryin to do a cross-over of IDM, breakbeat n Psy. Enichkin - Mendez Goat Spacey leads joined by some industrial ambience, Wicked rhtyms marchin along with phat rolling bassline, and restrained cerebral acid sounds and a spooky atmosphere backed with long screams and spacey leads tweaked to perfection. The whole track keeps going into a cold journey into deep dark caverns and a brief break-beat loop makes you feel experience the landing into the bottom of this deep dark dive and bursts out into the rolling basslien with more chaotic leads and a breathless voice breaks the rhythm back into a silence with drones towards the end. Enichkin - ACid Ritual Some vocoded voice sample with white ambient noize and some squelched beats, jagged synth lines, static washes, electrical shorts and other odd sounds and a chopped up bassline and kick keeps goin till 1:26 which opens up with a marching phat bassline and crazy leads whizzin and squeaking ,the electrical short-circuitry keeps coming from all directions, 2:53 the bassline gallops with some unexpected sounds ranging from banging percussions, jazz stabs and burps, this is like some unusual layers of sound mixed up to create some innovative rhythm which again breaks into more intense neural activity, gives a clear idea about the name of this track. Enichkin - Russian Lullaby This one marches with a phat wobbly bassline and kick which is frantically chopped for a break which is mixed with different melodic samples, creating a collage of moods from a funny, psychotic classic sound spectrum combined with nostalgic childhood themes and strange computer-generated acid lines, follows by pumping a sense of climax raising bpms grinding breaking into some more madness one could ever imagine and back the funny laugh of that crazy women from enichkins Over Dark track, the artists has experimented like mad and certainly given us a surprising dose of dementia through this Russian Lullaby. Enichkin - The Morning This one's an absolute IDM track , with some mad granular synthwork chopped and mixed together, 1:20 on breaks into that video game kinda melody and glitchy breaks makes this a surprisingly wicked track and a rhythmic convention of sorts. I find that kind of evolution beneath triviality on this one certainly some decorative evolution. My favs 4, 2, 3, 1 and 5
  2. ID: DARKEP008 Artist: Simian Name: The Mark Label: D-A-R-K Records Genre: Dark Psytrance Date: December 2006 Format: FLAC Length: 13:51 Webshop: http://www.d-a-r-k.net http://www.dark-records.com Mastering artist: Guilherme Koehler Cover art: ParaShakti and JED-A-R-K Front: Back: Simian is Guilherme Koehler from Portugal, formerly in the Lobotomy project. Genre: Psychedelic Category: Dark Psychedelic Tracklist: ---------- 1. Simian - The Mark...(6:36) 2. Simian - We Are Enemies...(7:15) Simian - The Mark This is a fresh talent from Portugal and this one begins with a spooky ambient sample with some prayers being said and there a cymbal sweeps in and phat rolling bassline and crunchy kick begins and this is some thing cutting edge like Kindzadza & Fungus FUnk old sounds amalgamated , killer acid synth rhythms start building up and straight at 2.20 a silence of just one bars and the tracks bursts out more stronger accompanied by a brain-slicer of synthwork and the track is really made to set a mark on our minds, really deserves this named The Mark. Some highly innovative and cutting-edge twisted psytrance heard, the massacre suddenly takes a break at 4:50 and more spooky soundscapes start flowing and some neat percussion elements thrown in which continues till 5:33 and again come in the wicked leads and more spooky textures of synths which continues till the end. Simian - We are the enemies We are Enemies hits with a more phatter rolling bassine heard from this artist,eerie textures keep flowing in the ambience, good percussions, some absolute dark atmosphere built on this one, and 1:16 the track picks up with acid synth mesh layering one over the other taking it more twisted journey, 2:10 onward some powerful industrial ambient soundscapes flowing in making it more shriller of a track , this is some kinda chaotic night-time bangers, the climax-progression keeps you wondering , Highly Unber synth-programming skills this guy has twist twirls, spiral warps , 5:31 the track begins getting more agressive as its facing the apocalypse till 6:23 and then the track coming on a low pitch with the voice samples, saying "it is out of the we are the enemies and ends with a nasty synth fade-out Once again both of the tracks on this EP are my fav's.
  3. ID: DARKEP007 Artist: Chemicalspoon Name: Rusty Spoon Label: D-A-R-K Records Genre: Dark Psytrance Date: December 2006 Format: FLAC Length: 23:38 Webshop: http://www.d-a-r-k.net http://www.dark-records.com Mastering artist: Chemicalspoon Cover art: ParaShakti and JED-A-R-K Front: Back: Chemicalspoon is a project of a Hungarian duo known as Pál Trencsényi and Tamás Bársony. Genre: Psychedelic Category: Dark Psychedelic Tracklist: --------- 1. Chemicalspoon - Salad Fingers...(7:38) 2. Chemicalspoon - Ganja...(8:00) 3. Chemicalspoon - Filtered Fruit Drink...(8:00) Reviews ------- Chemical Sp00n - Salad fingers Spooky atmosphere followed by some foot-steps and a creaky door opens up with a floating eerie synths which transcends into a phat bassline with a strange voice sample sayin "OH my goodness,... and then more synth layers and the voice continues ...I like rusty spoon against my salad fingers, percussion layers added and evil synth leads thrown up from different directions, making it a perfect eerie atmosphere, dark ambient soundscapes panning and acid squeals and belches making their rounds , More Acid synthwork keep cranking up building up a perfect night time stormer followed by distant screams and all the kinds of samples one would hear in a twisted tale layered with precision and timing, lots or surprising variants in synthwork one could ever imagine, this is like a dark doses on rusty sp00ns. Chemical Sp00n - Ganja Do It & the sample from the documentary Grass, evil synthwork twisted panning the phat rolling bassline goes on getting at you with spooky leads spiralling, the cold soundscapes meshed with the sawtooth synths ,keeps you going full galloping into a intense warp, quite impressive layers of synths done on this one, i would term this as another one of those night-time stompers. Chemical sp00n - Filtered fruit drink Wicked alienish effects begins sweeping slowly into a dark oblivion,this is one of those deep night-time tracks, impressive leads thrown in,liquid pouring sample during breaks, acidic rhytms begin twisting twirling through the darkness,this one's a deep dark diving track, taking you on a stranger journey, 6:52 onward there is this creatively fx'ed synth getting stronger developing a feeling of hypnotic phenomena as involving not only increasing or decreasing of the gate Fx's but also cranking harder on your neural pathways. My fav track 1, 3
  4. EP - Tutankhamon 9000 - Pharaos Phart(DARKEP005) 2006 ID: DARKEP005 Artist: Tutankhamon 9000 Name: Pharaos Phart Label: D-A-R-K Records Genre: Dark Psytrance Date: December 2006 Format: FLAC Length: 12:29 Webshop: http://www.d-a-r-k.net http://www.dark-records.com Mastering artist: Wille Waldemar Hermansson Cover art: Yves Thomassin aka JED-A-R-K Front: Back: Tutamkhamon 9000 is a duo formed by Wille Waldermar Hermansson (Astroschnautzer) and Jarno Elias Wallasvaara from Finland. Genre: Psychedelic Category: Dark Psychedelic Tracklist: --------- 1. Tutankhamon 9000 - Pharaos Phart...(6:28) 2. Tutankhamon 9000 - Kleptomanic Kleopatra...(6:01) Review ------ Tutankhamon 9000 - Pharaos Phart...(6:28) Pharaos Phart kick-starts with a rolling bassline and some killer acid squelches and scrambled leads and at 0.40 a voice samples goes saying "Why did you get in this business friend...with a pussy..what is this!! sounds funny euh !! and soon begins some real madness,so many layers of synths, twisting, spiralling and some more funny voice sample keep panning in between and the synthetic chaos keeps continuing, "Mad synth work" done by the egyptian king"Tutankhamon" i;d say. The rolling bassline continues till 2.38 topped with complex synthwork and suddenly breaks into this drunken voice that blabbers some funny dialogue and then we get back to a full-on bassline making you stomp much harder with more layers of synth madness and some more funny dialogues, i am really amazed to hear such smart and creative synthwork in ages also has a dash of old goa vibe to it. YOu bet old goa freaks would love this artist. Overall a dancefloor oriented tracks with lots of creative style and energy to it. Tutankhamon 9000 - Kleptomanic Kleopatra...(6:01) A funny sample begins saying "I don;t understand what i am doing here ..." following by some hi-hats and gradually more and more percussive layers and another samples saying "Leave me alone or I'll never forgive you" and Bang!!goes the track full-on style with wicked synths creating and awesome acid atmosphere very neat layering,I am not much of a full-on lover but this is some killer energizer of a track that one should definitely dig esp if he's and old school acid veteran and would like to get the dance-floor bouncing hard, funny voice samples keep coming up at the right breaks and then 3:11 onwards the track starts getting more chaotic with more and more layers added making it another complex bomber all the way till the end. Both are my favorite tracks , i was very curious about knowing about this artist esp coz of its project name "Tutankhamon 9000" and found that Wille is from Funland and this is his full-on side project, he is majorly into producing Suomi style and theres gonna be a full length album coming soon for his suomi project known as Astroschnautzer.
  5. Title: EP - Faxi Nadu - Intelligence (DARKEP003) 2006 Format: FLAC Label: Digital Audio Recording Kompany Cat. #: DARKEP003 Cover Art: Front Back Webshop: http://www.d-a-r-k.net http://www.dark-records.com All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Yaron Eshkar Booking, music and info: http://www.faxinadu.net Art by Hadar Lubaton: http://www.hadargfx.net Tracklist ---------- 1. Faxi Nadu - You Know Alex (7:04) 2. Faxi Nadu - Find The Guy (7:27) 3. Faxi Nadu - Fight The Future(edit)(5:32) 4. Faxi Nadu - Bolt From The Blue(edit)(8:57) Review: -------- 1. Faxi Nadu - You Know Alex It starts with someone abruptly tunning the radio ending up with a floating melody to begin with a deep bassline and some robotic vocoded voice sample making you sense some kinda artificial intelligence, some space communication 0:57 on adds more layers pouring in eerie sounds, bring in the nuke explosion which limits itself and a short screaming vocal begging for mercy, the pace is slow but the atmosphere is perfectly scary, the screams and short acid leads continue at their own timed pace, and then this addition of TS303 leads at 2:42 makes me smile but further on it goes spreading which did not make much sense to me. More screaming vocals keep comin and continue the dark journey that reminds me of Ghreg on EArth's dark atmosphere's accompanied by obscure layers of wicked samples. 2. Faxi Nadu - Find The Guy Starts with a female weeping with a full-onish bassline , and further on another vocal sample. The pace of the track defines what is to come with mysterious leads pouring from time to time, faxi pumps in old TS303 back again, and some acid sqelches too. The energy level is just above ground and the production in comparison to the previous songs remains a bit more minimal, as the effects tune in all the right spots with an emphasis on the groove. Faxi uses the acid textures smartly and with timely precision. This one has a classic goa touch to it warping you in frenzy. 3. Faxi Nadu - Fight The Future(edit) Fight The Future begins with a radio'ish voice samples to explode into a Phat rolling bassline accompanied with more voice sample"Where is he ... over here" and a killer kick that i like to dig, this ones had a sinister night time atmosphere with strange and trance inducing melodies that really makes u stare at the darkness , the track proceeds further with floating voice samples just everywhere used smartly IMO, 3:31 onwards the track picks up the pace galloping into the night with a distorted riff that seems to hover over the pulsations to be followed by even more snarling sounds and more cries of pain, hope the future would be unpainful.... 4. Faxi Nadu - Bolt From The Blue(edit) The last one starts with some interesting percussion full-on bass-line and less voice samples, you stomp all the way into dark and end up with the usual Faxi vocal formula and mad driving synth sounds layered intelligently, i personally did not like the melody at the end of this one but I would sum up this review sayin that FAxi Nadu is an intelligent producer well versed with his production skills both in theory and practise. Peace
  6. Title: EP - Crazy Ducks - Sweedie (DARKEP002) 2006 Format: FLAC Label: Digital Audio Recording Kompany Cat. #: DARKEP002 Cover Art: Front Back Webshop: http://www.d-a-r-k.net http://www.dark-records.com Mastering: Yaron Osinsky Cover Art: Yves Thomassin Tracklist ---------- 1. Crazy Ducks - Virgin Guts...(7:47) 2. Crazy Ducks - Sweedie...(8:09) Review: -------- The Crazy Ducks is a duo formed by Moran Ben Meir and Yaron Osinsky, both born and raised in Israel. 1. Crazy Ducks - Sweedie This one begins with a hefty bassline, evilish leads creating a twisted atmosphere which further elevates to putting you in a sudden unexpected haze teleporting you from a twisted to a uplifting atmosphere (this was kinda weird coz i asked my self at this point what the hell did i buy a dark or a Son kite kinda track and Dang !! there it drops you to a mental vocal sample which repeats in different pitches which goes "I see myself a kind of a cow-boy......or something like that accompanies by some organic farts , these are one of my fav's too, most found in Danish(Aarhus) psy-music. The track goes on giving you a mental groove sure to give u that wicked smile on your face and make u stomp like a mad bufoon. You keep groovin and jumpin in all that wicked mental textures this one;s sheer madness all the way. The ducks sure know their craziness !! 2. Crazy Ducks - Virgin Guts The beginning sounds a bit mysterious and then back to the Aarhus Organic Madness goin with a phatty rolllin bassline, more acid leads making the story much complex, squeeches, belches farts, this one's like a acid-stomper with precision breaks further bubbling your brain samples wanting for more of such madness the journey continues the same way till 4:57 with the swelling riff after the break… trashed with a Crungey Crunch building up more mystery and chaos with such complex textures of organic and acid caustic enough till the end of this one. My recommendation for ppl who dig Aarhus madness !! Peace
  7. Title: EP - Dark Summer - Ride The Snake(DARKEP001) 2006 Format: FLAC Label: Digital Audio Recording Kompany Cat. #: DARKEP001 Cover Art: Front Back Webshop: http://www.d-a-r-k.net http://www.dark-records.com Mastering: Digitalist Cover Art: Yves Thomassin Tracklist ---------- 1. Dark Summer - Clash of the worlds (Original mix)...(5:47) 2. Digitalist - Clash of the worlds (RMX)...7:14) 3. Dark Summer - Divine justifier...(7:18) Review: -------- 1. Dark Summer - Clash of the world The track starts with a vocal sample "You like Liquid......What did you find ? Nothing!! followed by some screeching leads and the usual dark summer phat rolling bassline followed by an Islamic Prayer "Allah-O-Akbar ...the first time i ever heard an islamic sound sample otherwise ,most tracks are full of Bom shankar and all the salutations to The Lordshiva, the track follows to build up adding layer after layer and after 1:59 you get to hear more morbid sounds a floating sound-scape which further tries to create a pre-climax i did say keeping up with the grind all way to 3:11 adding up my favorite classical acid leads which i have heard with dark summer debut track on VA TWisted flavors, the leads keep comin up with a melody on top of it creating the main climax making the track more chaotic further more till the end of this track. This ones definitely a Scorcher !! 2. Digitalist - Clash of the worlds (rmx) And now its time for Digitalist's version of Clash of the world. This one starts off straight without an intro, diving straight with acid belches , squeeches and a Uber Bassline for which i dig Thomas's track, Although this track was bought by me in digital format it sounds like i am hearing this track on a Vinyl, or maybe its the super-slick production of Digitalist. The track keeps further progressing with more and more twisted sounds perfectly creating a sinister atmosphere , it would make the listener expect of any unexpected surprises further down , so faint hearted fella's beware !!! the track keeps getting sinisterly complex to a extent where it sent shivers through my spine goes on building the climax till 4:52 after which gives a good break and stutter to explode with a floating alien sound and gets more psyched layers inter-woven till the end. This one's definitely a super-slick quality production. 3. Dark Summer - Divine justifier This one starts with an alienetic sound creating a perfect ghost-story narrative atmosphere progressing with more eeries sound samples that come out and disappear in oblivion, the bassline is phat and rolling 1:52 onward starts those acid riffs slicing through the darkness of this sinister story, bending exploding into newer layers of mad ass acid leads, just ripping and tearing each stance apart. My personally applause to dark summer for using those classical acid leads which really sum up my trip, the voice sample 4:11 onwards sound bit cheezy esp when you are on the verge of outbursting evil, but doesn;t bother much either coz the journey into the darkness keeps continuing 5:00 on theres a lead which should have been much intense , this sounds a bit muffled or i dunnno how i did put this but there's sure is chaos ( i had expected something more at this point) but eventually dark summer makes my night with those acid leads i always dig. Peace
  8. This is to announce that VA - Twisted Flavors CD from D-A-R-K Records is NOW AVAILABLE. You can get it at Beatspace or Saiko Sounds, please look below for the respective direct links: Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3029 Saiko Sounds: http://saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=6083
  9. Appleseed


    Mental Soup @ Ticino, Swiss Alps, September 15-17, 2006 (Switzerland) Alps [switzerland] / Open Air UPDATE Friday, 15 Sep 06 16:00h - Sunday, 17 Sep 06 18:00h Live 3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò Ocelot (DropOut Prod) USA Dark Summer (D-A-R-K Rec) SLO Digitalist (D-A-R-K Rec, Peak Rec, DropOut Prod, Insomnia Rec) CH Electrypnose (D-A-R-K rec, Peak Rec, Kabrathor Rec) CH Hishiryo (D-A-R-K Rec, Kabrathor Rec, Devil'sMind Rec) F Kundalini Project (D-A-R-K Rec, Wirikuta Rec, Shaman Tribe) I Malice In Wonderland (D-A-R-K Rec, ResonantEarth) A DJs 3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò Digitalist (D-A-R-K Rec, Peak Rec, DropOut Prod, Insomnia Rec) CH S-Mutans (Sectio Aurea, D-A-R-K Rec) CH Gargamel Vs Jaramogi (Malice In Wonderland, D-A-R-K Rec) A Matte (Utopia Rec, Electronic Brain) I Ocram (MoonDrops) CH Shenz (Kabrathor Rec) F Smile (Luna Group) CH Goa Face vs Mr Smoke (CreativeAnarchy) CH Pineal (Maitake Prod) I Labsense (MoonDrops) CH RV (CreativeAnarchy) CH Reloop (MoonDrops) CH Wax (Moondrops) CH ..........more soon Chill 3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò Strix (Sectio Aurea, D-A-R-K Rec) CH Shamal (Maitake Prod) I Psy Patrice (CreativeAnarchy) CH .......... Deco 3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò PsychedelicSys (String Research) CH Galaxy (Primate) Ticino Drops from the Moon (MoonDrops FluoTeam) CH ..........more art&video soon Location Ticino's mountains!!! soon all directions! )) Organizer D-A-R-K n MoonDrops families Infos Party to celebrate the first D-A-R-K Records release, V/A Twisted Flavors! Check @ www.Dark-Records.com More infos coming soon! Enjoy the summer now! Boom&Love to all! Email marina@sectioaurea.net Url www.dark-records.com
  10. VA – Twisted Flavors (Digital Release) Artist: Various Title: Twisted Flavors Format: FLAC Label: Digital Audio Recording Kompany Cat. #: DARK001 Date: 13 June 2006 Track listing: ------------- 01- Dark Summer - She Cooked!...(7:17) 02- Hishiryo - Psychotic Hardtime...(7:40) 03- Troglodytes - Wa-Wa Wa-Sa...(7:13) 04- Sectio Aurea - Laboratorio Lunare...(7:35) 05- Neo Vox - Freaky Notion...(6:56) 06- Electrypnose - Rumicube...(7:16) 07- Digitalist - Wild Horses...(7:06) 08- eniChkin Project - Tromaktika Upohthonio...(8:53) 09- Lab - Carnaval...(7:22) 10- DarkOhm - Horror Widow...(8:16) Review: ------ This is a review of the first release from a new music label D.A.R.K. (Digital Audio Record Kompany). http://shop.d-a-r-k.net/live/index.php The DARK Crew, have been involved in the electronic music scene for a long time. Having collaborated with many great artists and up-coming talents, their first album, VA Twisted Flavors is in a way a conceptual compilation. At first glance it is sold to you in music files as opposed to a cd. But, let me assure you the quality is equal to CD and the music is going to be better then any other on the market. VA Twisted Flavors is mastered by Electrypnose, who also has a track on the compilation, so you know its going to kick ass. For any one still skeptical about it, let me just point out that with any store bought cd you end up burning a copy anyways. With DARK you can get your music directly. Upon listening to the compilation, my first realization was of the sounds so twisted and intense beyond expectations. I was pleased and at the same time i couldnt play it loud enough! The music was played on my computer using no effects and on a pair of Klipsch THX 2.1 desktop speakers. These speakers put out, but the music was just that good, i wanted to be the music. 01. Dark Summer - She Cooked!...(7:17) (145 BPM) It all begins with Dark Summer aka Matija from Slovenia where his distinct phat rolling bassline and acid leads takes you on a stomping start laying the groundwork for an incredible experience. 02. Hishriyo - Psychotic Hardtime...(7.40) (148 BPM) Track 2 carries on in the same fashion as the first track. Mad layer upon layer of great surprising samples and sounds and structures. I was platueing and it seemed at every ledge i was being pushed off, further, not so much as falling but travelling, by some strange design known as Hishiryo. The vocal samples whatever they mean realy tripped me out. 03. TRoglodytes - Wa-Wa Wa-Wa Sa...(7:13) (148 BPM) Troglodytes consisting of Dave and Fadi the two cave mens from the deep forests of Sweden get a different turn as their track builds... strange furoicity, geometric visions in the sound. i remember turning up the bass on my sub. as the track comes to an end their's is a feeling of impending doom, known in psychiatric circles as anxiety! 04. Sectio Aurea - Laboratorio Lunare...(7:35) (149 BPM) Sectio Aurea are Chris & Marina from the Swiss Alps with their debut offering,this one i know is a bad ass tune. having listened to this compilation in my car when i first got it, burnt it and took a long drive.....relentless bass and the snap of the drum , hard to describe you just have to feel it for yourself. around 3.50 infection starts to set in with that great shredding sound of the virus synth. the track carries on then ends abruptly. 05. Neo Vox - Freaky Notion...(6:56) (150 BPM) Neo Vox are Felipe and Bruno from Sao Paolo with their debut Track which picks up where Sectio Aurea left off and shakes the room with this booming bassline fat drums and wicked snare...as the tracks builds into a sick as fuck sound experience this lead synth makes me feel, well as the name implies "freaky notion". there is this eerie sample throughout ....around 420 the track starts you on another weird as hell adventure, there is a bubbly thick sound but dont get me wrong nothing candy about this track its dark and mad. 06. Electrypnose - Rumicube...(7:16) (150 BPM) Track6 begins with a strange vocal that is like directing traffic in some cosmic weirdness. Things kick off in a bizzare flowing collision of samples, then the beat drops. The bass is incredibly thunderous with the drum it really feels like it goes through you then there were some great frequencies the sounds were really psychedelic and schizophenic in a great arrangement, The abstract weaving of sounds and frequencies that electrypnose does so well. the bass kills... 07. Digitalist - Wild Horses...(7:06) (150 BPM) Track 7 comes off ethereal and has that great virus sound at first it seems uplifting but things get really sinister as the track gets to business...nice sample from sin city, the night is hot as hell here. 2 minutes in and the drum is hypnotic and the lead is like some alien language tell me to turn the mutherfucker up. nice percussion after the breakdown, did i mention the bass is booming with so much depth, the contrast of the synths, it all comes together very effectively. 08. eniChkin Project - Tromaktika Upohthonio...(8:53) (150 BPM) This is the debut for Sergei from Moscow, track 8 begins with much anticipation,wierd and sinister a vocal of some laugher is like your being played with and after about a couple minutes of some trippy sounds comes one of the best vocal samples from a movie ive heard. i wont spoil it for you. you gotta check it out for yourself. it gets better, as the bass drops and well, damn you just gotta hear this track for yourself. Very rarely does a track come around with this kind of caliber reminiscent of Osom - Overgame. 09 Lab - Carnaval...(7:22) (152 BPM) Lab is a project by the Portuguese Mad scientist Renato, track 9 begins easily and lets you recover somewhat from the 'bomb', heavy basslines, the drum kinda sounded shrill and didnt jive with me but the synths took over and began ripping shit up.things get a bit redundant but again the synths are shredding and its easily overlooked. 10 DarkOhm - Horror Widow...(8:16) (149 BPM) The last track on the compilation starts off with a dark descent into what is... a nasty bass drops, drums thumping, sounds panning and swirling about. taking you down further into this sinister madness, eerie sampling that just stomps. My favorites Tracks 1,4,7,8 & 10 This was my first review BTW, feedbacks welcome !!
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