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  1. he stole fire from Hephaestus and gave it to humans which made Jupiter furious. :P

    Jupiter to punished him tied hip up on a mountain and send an eagle every day to eat his liver (<.. had the ability to regenerate) - devilish... isnt it? :P


    q: which psy artist has the biggest cd sales?

  2. Thankyou elena!! :D Do you know how much it costs (and time it takes) to get from Athens -> Rhodes via ferry?


    You're a star!!!!



    i think its about 12-14 hours if you take a regular ferry to rhodos

    and if you take the fast ferry (blue star) its about 6-8 hours but it will cost you, ill check the prices and let you know..... :)


    but if you take a plane, thats what I ll do, (aegian airlines) its about 30-40min and cost 46euros one way with taxes and 83 with return


    now, from marmaris there are buses to antalya and its about 7hours travell, so you cant avoid the bus :P


    edit: with blue star ferries its 42.50euros one way and 44.40 with return, i cant find prices with the regular ferries at the moment but i quess its about 20-30euros

  3. Hey, just had a phat lunch at my local turkish restaurant & got some good news :-) The workers & some customers the weather in Antalya will be like british summer "summer comes too early in Antalya", so we don't have to worry on that front. They also said it was really beautiful & sounded very enthusiastic speaking about it (the guy who worked there especially as he'd only been there once).


    They think it should take between 8-10hrs to travel on a bus from Istanbul, and should cost a maximum of £20. So I think getting the flight to Istanbul may be a good idea!



    from what i found the bus from istanbul to antalya is about 12hrs......

    take a look at



    now from greece/Rhodos the ferry takes you to Marmaris

    Every Tuesday: Departure from Marmaris 9.00- departure from Rhodes 14.00

    Every Friday: Departure from Marmaris 9.00- departure from Rhodes 14.00


    and from Chios there is a ferry every day at 8.30 but takes you to Cesme



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