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  1. what is there to add then to say: it's music, i like it, do you?
  2. This man is the simon posford of groovy psychedelic techno!!! He can make noise seem like the most beautifull sounds and creates dark pictures of computer generated landscapes in dimensions beyond our reach infected with flying objects that seem like jelly fish but or not, surrounded with mist that is alive and also the bringer of live in a incomprehensible scale, moon lit mountains of moving stone inscripted with egyptian signs (how the hell did that come there!?!), and radiating purple beams seering through the universe. Or mayby it's just another goddamn good album that diserves a straight 10 out of 10. Keep up the good work Tristan!!
  3. really wicked!!!! Fucked up sounds floating around in a full on sound scape drive by groovy beats. the beats are the only problem for me, they should have paid more attension to them if you ask me because they tend to be boring after a while. I especially like the strange ambient like noises at the end of the album really out of this world!! it would be great if they should release a new album with the use of today technologie!! 8/10
  4. OH...MY...GOD!!!!!!!!This kicks ass!!I can not understand why anyone that is into goa would not like this or can say it is outdated. This is the Ultimate Goa Experience!!! Hard, psychedelic, strange noises all the way, nice melodies. And all these sounds that seem to be falling away and then start coming back if you don't expect them to be there anymore!! For me this album is one of the reasons I listen to Goa, and i can only say buy this and try it out!! 10/10 UX RULES!!!!
  5. spacemonkey

    Ubar Tmar - True

    This man can not be born out of a normal human being, but was probably painted out as a manga warrior in shark blood and brought to live under a full moon in some kind of horrifying pagan ritual. OK sometimes it sounds like nintendo music, but then again mayby such a machine was used to provide the live-energy to awaken him. Fact is that this man can do things with sound that most people cannot, and that must be respeceted as a psychedelic music lover! I must agree that a sometimes even I think that if he would stick a bit more to the understandable I would enjoy the album much more, but for now it's a hell of a trip!! Just close your eyes and let the angry manga man work your brain!! 7.5/10 for the music 100/10 for the complete sickening non-understanding of where this man came from
  6. V/A - Immortality 4 Artist: Various Title: Immortality 4 Label: Cosmic Date: 1997 Track listing: CD 1 01. Gene Farris : My Oister 02. T Hee J Johanz : Mastergate Melody 03. Steve Rachmad : Citation Saga (Part 1) 04. Assadin : Grey Area 05. Alt Sate : Becausmic 06. The Advent : Armageden 07. CJ Bolland : Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand's Drum And Bass Mix) 08. Depeche Mode : Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Hard Mix) 09. The Orb : Toxigene (Way Out West Beg Bie Mix) 10. Humate : 3.1 11. Nina Anin : Dsyrina 12. Quazar : Q Bridge 13. Funk D'Void : Bad Coffee 14. Acid Lab : The Groove CD 2 01. Blacklight : Rave Hard 02. Sibilant : It's A Nappy 03. Acid Lab : Distorted Beauty (Short Skirt Mix) 04. Germinating Seeds Of Doda : Woew 05. P.Cok : Psychotic Diagnose 06. Organic Noise : Labyrinth Of Colours 07. Synchro : This Stuff Is Real 08. The Delta : As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling 09. Blacklight : Radar 10. Synchro : Power On 11. Syrinx : Monkey Business 12. Germinating Seeds Of Doda : Vaseline 13. P.Cok : Geteyo 14. Growling Mad Synchro : Velociraptor Review: Disc 1 just isn't goa, it isn't even real Psy. I must say i most of the time really like other styles but i just can't bring myself to listening this first disc properly without skipping most of it. Of course there are some nice songs but it just doesn,t get me. Disc two on the other is such an contradiction to the first one that it makes one wonder if there isn't an sort of mistake being made here. This second disc is dark trippy blasting Psy all the way. (There are some diappointments on it though like "Woew" and "Radar")When i am the mood this one just keeps amazing you. There are so many wicked nosies and tiny little bleeps and squeels in here and the freaky little samples just keep on coming: "What fun we have, dancing, fucking, not knowing that we're not what was intended." "Glimpses of distorted beauty..............but how much shorter can a skirt get?" "As a Child i used to walk on the ceiling, i butterfly down the walls". Disc one an 3/10. Disc two if in the right mood 9/10
  7. V/A - Immortality 3 Artist: Various Title: Immortality 3 Label: Cosmic Date: 1996 Track listing: CD 1 01. Nico : Arise 02. Metal Spark : Kickstart 03. Sibilant : Screercher Creature 04. The Advent : Future City 05. 4IQ : The Blade 06. RND Technologies And Adam Beyer : Sprit 07. Sourmash : The Spirit 08. Digital Destroyer : Motor City 09. LSG : Hidden Suns Of Venus 10. Filtercode : 1,2,3 (Revolution Mix) 11. Total Eclipse : Tecknophobia 12. Morphem : Montage 13. Synchro : Isra-Alien (Acid Mix) 14. A Message From The Bridge : Back To Work CD 2 01. Nervasystem : Venusian Illusion 02. The Rose : Godzilla Original 03. Lynx : Structure (Manual Mix) 04. Cwithe : Injection 05. Spectral : Celtic Alchemy (Nothing Is True Mix) 06. Microworld : Booby Trap (Commander Tom Mix) 07. Holy Ghost : Manchurian Candi 08. Process And Tristan : KV23 09. Polyploid : Akousmata 10. Shakta And Ping Pong : Starbug 11. Germinating Seeds Of Doda : Psychododa 12. Blacklight : Yaahy! 13. Halal Sachs : Constantinople (Nomadic Mix) 14. Soulful Distortion : Dope Track Review: To me this comp. is a true masterpiece, but that is very judgemental cause it's the comp. that inrtoduced me to trance.(at the time being i didn't know Goa existed i was interested in something new and weird and stumbeled upon this.) It blew my mind right out!!! The tracks are all very diverce and both discs tend to start of relaxing (though with an hyper undergroundlayer) and really kick of at the fourth/fifth song. There is room here for good kicking songs sometimes full on sometimes just really psychedelic and always properly interupted with smooth breaks and even some breakbeatpsy. IT's is all mixed in quite nice by DJ Yaco and i just cannot name any favorites cause it's all been done in such a smooth way that it's an whole, tightly fit together and psychedelic all the way. The pumping basses and twirling sounds just keep on vibrating and sending you into the kind of deepthought reality that real Psy is supposed to do!!! I rate it an very subjective 9.5/10. "we will not go silently into the night!!!"
  8. spacemonkey

    V/A - Chill Out 3

    I am not really into ambient but this comp. is really great. Nice relaxing tunes, easy beats and it really brings sayed brings the kind of atmosphere you emagine on sunrise in India in a diserted ancient temple.
  9. give it time let it rest in and let it grab you, but if you'r only interested in the same ol'sound, dont buy it 7/10
  10. spacemonkey

    MFG - The Message

    i bought listened to it and found it nice nothing more. Listened to a couple of more times and found it standard so i let it rest for a while. Then i listened to it and the sheer briliance of it struck me. It might not be too original but it sounds so damn great. All the sounds are just right in time, which makes it sound hypnotic indeed(Renyones) give it a try let it come to you and love it. 8/10
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