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  1. Yhtiot - Universe Of Nothing 1. Peikon Synttärit (8:39) 2. Minä Unelmoin Sinusta (7:57) 3. The Lament Of Tujaarma Kuo (6:40) 4. Metsän Lapset (6:31) 5. Udmurtian Partyvan (6:14) 6. Native Speaker (6:30) 7. Universe Of Nothing (7:53) 8. Poroscaner (6:26) 9. Jurriset Pöllöt (5:32) 10. Death Signs (7:48) All tracks written by Konstantin Yhtiot at different places and in various conditions. Mastering by Max Laine @ Wolfborder Studios, Finland Produced by Feeless Records, Russia OUT NOW! @ equaldreams.com http://en.equaldreams.com/feeless http://en.e
  2. Photo from a place http://www.spaceofjoy.ru/gallery
  3. Ukraina [ukraine] / Festival / Black Sea - Crimea Saturday, 22 Jul 06 12:00h - Saturday, 29 Jul 06 12:00h Space of Joy community - Feeless S.S. - 6 Sun and Friends TRANCENDANCE Stage: Goa Gil (Avatar Rec.) Spetial Opening Preparty on 22.07 Projects: CPC - DeJaVu/ManicDragon (RUS – Moscow) Dari Sana - Good Friends (Indonesia) Dissociactive - Acidance (Rus - Moscow) I.K.S. Project - eFamily (UA - Lugansk) Itora Rut - Tripaganki (GERMANY) Khopat - Shiva Space Technology/Spectral rec ( Portugal) Korniwnebo - Sun Station (RUS – Spb) Nemesis Devine - Met
  4. THE BIG FULL MOON GATHERING! By the tradition generated in jungle of India and South America, on beaches of Goa and Thailand, in woods of Europe and Russia, in deserts of northern Africa and Israel, in the Full moon people gathered. They became related with the Nature and reunited with Space. By means of dance and music they received Positive Energy and were exempted from negative. The full moon shined their way at night and beams of the sun caused smiles on their persons in the afternoon … And music which penetrated them from fingers on foots up to hair, gave them unforge
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