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  1. Hi man, =D im very happy for your first album, i know that must be an amazing album with real trance!!! Saludos from Chile my friend
  2. aaah sorry, i dont know what mean thread, better write in spanish haha
  3. i dont remember well, but the post say : the mother of all kicks, something like that Saludos from Chile
  4. Thanks Cybernetica, the first kick i download from other post jeje , is very good, i download now the rars. Yesterday i download a very good pack from the isratrance forum. Bye
  5. Where can i find good psytrance drumkits? I have very little good kicks, snares and hihats. I know the best way is make my own kicks etc etc, but i want have some good drumkits too. sorry my english Thanks!!
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