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  1. Hey freaks. here´s some new traxs for ya www.download.com/dotom the first two ones on the page are the new ones there´s a bit of the usual weirdness and a lot of experimentation going on as usual coments much appreciated
  2. hey all. just promoting this new dotom track, called " a ritual is forever" its easy to listen just by going to www.download.com/dotom and then clickin in "a ritual is forever" do comment plz. dotom.
  3. hello all. i used to sign as DOTOM. now im doing this new project, ultradonkey. which is drum n bass, with a little psychedelic detailing and fx. so anywyas, its easy to listen to, u just go to www.download.com/ultradonkey then klik on matehuala please let me know your comments peace ultradonkey
  4. im glad you liked it. i usually promote the newer because theyre better produced, but maybe ishould rework the older ones?
  5. hey fellow freaks. ust letting all know ive come up with a new track. do tell me what u think of it, easy to listen clicking on www.download.com/dotom then clicking on make trade fair peace. .om
  6. hey ya´ll just posting a new track, called "eau rouge" link is http://www.dance-industries.com/view_artis...892&track=16995 do feel free to comment, as usual peace.
  7. hey. good work. only thing that bugs me about your track are some of the synth sounds which sound dated and amateurish. that and the fact that despite the huge amount of elements there isnt one that binds the whole piece together. i´d recommend being ruthless with your own stuff and leave out the parts that arent the absolute best, especially in tracks like these, where a not so good part destroys the rest of the good work . that aside your compression and the sounds of thebeat are great, especially the kick.
  8. hey. i recognise your nickname from download.com, too. the truth is i use reason, an old version of a mastering suite called t-racks and a freeware prog called audacity. it is true that having a lot of tools and plugins does help, but they wont make you a better producer. time, asking people and persistence will.
  9. thx 4 your comments! glad you liked it, it sure took a long time to get it right. say, isnt malmo where the koenigsegg factory is located?
  10. hello all! im putting up a new track, called look behind. i would call it melodic fullon, if i had to describe it. I´m looking forward to comments mostly on the production side of it, but every comment is welcome anyway, link is. http://www.dance-industries.com/view_artis...892&track=11851
  11. hey. never heard your stuff before,this is a nice track. it sounds like when you phone a fax machine, but with a beat. im not much of a soundscape trance fan but this one is really well done, congrats. i would want a bit more movement in them beats but that´s probably because im not german and you guys like them that way.anyways good work,
  12. oops www.download.com/dotom there you just click on "perspective fantasy"
  13. how bout a plead: push things forward. the world doesn´t need yet another gms-wannabe. a fact: the 303 is almost 30 years old. and a tip: you can simulate the pain caused by a gunshot in the stomach by eating rotten meat.
  14. DOTOM-high octane psytrance www.download.com/dotom greetings from mexico
  15. theyre using FM, sequencing its amount with an edgy line rather than a soft curve.
  16. hello all, just letting people know i have a new track up, called perspective fantasy. love to hear your comments peace dotom
  17. hey yall i got a new track up called Stereo Guiro for yall real easy to download @ www.download.com/paquitotuntun comments, opinions, all is welcome
  18. hello all, just letting you know i have a new track online @ www.download.com/dotom questions, remixes and all is welcome peace. .om
  19. I thank the lord for someone finally telling me that im lacking in the musicianship department. the reason is , despite my huge leaps in musical knowledge (when i started i couldnt make a 4/4 kikk beat) i have always known my harmonies to be lacking a bit. What i do musically is take a scale and just stick to it ,and the scale gives the mood of the track. sometimes though i just go ahead and invent my scale, or i n the case of this track, sunset waves , i just made up the melodic parts with no tonal structure. My question is : how could i start learning such things? I mean, without stop studying my current career and pursue a degree in musical composition or something. ive thought of learning an instrument but it will take months for me to actually have some coordination with my fingers and itll do nothing to my melody know-how. so, if you could just point me in the right direction i´d be ever so grateful peace .om hey well i dont see whats so wrong about texas faggott. i actually like what they do.
  20. gee. never before have i had any aspect of any track of mine as critisised as that annyoying melody! sure its only you in this forum but ive heard plenty of opinions about it, no one goes for it . anyways your tracks arent that bad, theyre lacking in rhythm & arrangement, sure, but at least they sound well produced with nice sounds and melodies. the beat is probably not to my taste but does sound like finnish taste, if texas faggott are any indicators of what you guys like up there. i still think it need some more work though.
  21. Everyone is forgetting Takeichiro Kurosaki, better known as Kuro. tracks like ghost and plastomer1 must made him stand right up there with all of them masters and has Hara Gobi been mentioned?
  22. hello all,i have a new track, called "Sunset Waves", available for downloading @ www.download.com/dotom comments, questions, remixes, all is welcome peace . om
  23. someone said he listened to Skazi´s "chainsaw" I did that once, too. And i stopped listening to psytrance for three years. i thought the genre was over that´s my opinion of them
  24. Thanks for your comments . I´m really thrilled to hear people play my tracks! Also, I want you to know i have posted yet another new track , called "the vitruvian man" you already know the page www.download.com/dotom ill be posting a new message for that one too peace .om
  25. hello all, i have some new tracks on www.download.com/dotom Maybe some of you have listened to previous releases like Turbocharge for the Brain and Danza de los Saikeros , so if you liked them go have a listen to the new ones, called Solar Sails & Hippy Hardcore comments , critique, remixes, all is welcome peace . OM
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