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  1. i definitly like this one... gr8 atmosphere, nice beats and so on.. the only thing i don´t really like in this track is probably the lead melody that comes in about 7:38 in the song =) cheers //Nick
  2. Hi there Well i´ve not been here much but i suppose this is a psytrance forum heheh well.. i finished this track this weekend and i would like to share it with you... thou this is just a preview of it and uuuhm.. why not give it a listen and tell me what you think of it will ya ?? Cheers //Nicke http://d50.yousendit.com/E/33URQ5V141H7R3P...iew%20128k).mp3
  3. hey man THIS IS THE SHIT! but i´m not to fond with the bass thou... otherwise it sounds really nice =)) what´s your gear when you´re producin' ? //Psykos
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